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    Mischievous Thwapling

    Ok, so I basically picked questions at random and answered them.  This was all I could do for right now, but I’m going to try to answer most/all of them. Hope this isn’t too boring!!


    Where did you grow up?

    “In the palace, of course.”

    Who took care of you, if anyone? 

    “My parents. My father and mother guided me like no one else ever could. I wish they were still here… They would know what I should do about this mess. *pauses, sorrow flooding his eyes* Um, next question.”

    Were you ever loved as a child? If so, by whom? 

    “Yes, again, my parents.”

    Who do you admire? 

    “My father. There never was a stronger, or better king.”

    Is there anyone who you currently love? 

    *smiles* “Yes, my daughter, Azura.”

    Do you desire to protect anyone?  

    “Again, my daughter. I would throw my entire kingdom into the gutter for her.”

    Who annoys you?

    “My advisor, slightly.  He’s always getting dangerously close to the truth.”

    What do you do for fun?

    “I love riding with Azura. She’s turning out to be fantastic with horses.”

    What do you fear?  

    “Failing the society and them doing what they’re always threatening to do if I fail: kill Azura.  Even if I’m the king, no power on earth could stop them if they try to murder her.”

    What makes you angry?

    “Two things. First, the society.  They’ve already taken the lives of my parents, and my wife, and they’re threatening to kill Azura, too, if I don’t work with them. If my daughter’s life wasn’t at stake, I would kill them all and quit helping them.

    “Number two: myself.  If I wasn’t so weak, my wife would still be alive and my parents would’ve died in peace.  They saw that my father was strong, and they wouldn’t be able to break him. But me, they saw me for the weakling I am…*voice cracks* Next question.”

    What are you ashamed of doing?  

    “Helping the society. A better man would– well, I don’t know what the right thing to do is –but a better man would do something. Not just allow himself and his kingdom to be led to the slaughter like a sheep.”

    Do you hide anything from yourself? 

    *pauses* “Yes, I try to convince myself that the society’s lies are true, and that what we’re trying to do will be better for not just my kingdom, but all the kingdoms in all the worlds.  All of them, not just mine. Most of the time, I can make  myself believe it. That’s the only way I keep myself from utter despair. So I suppose I hid the truth from myself.”

    How are you admirable?

    “I suppose I tell myself I’m admirable because I’m doing everything in my power to protect what’s left of my family. *eyes blaze* Everything. I would do anything to keep Azura alive.”


    Sorry it’s pretty repetitive. For him, some of the questions overlapped.



    "I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell."



    I love that name, “Azura!” And that society thing sounds interesting! But what is your guy’s name? And it seems to me that he’s a puppet of the society. I feel sorry for him 🙁

    I light the arrow, pull the bow,
    Shoot that fire right through my soul.

    Mischievous Thwapling


    Thanks! But I can’t take credit for the name, I looked it up *sheepish smile*

    And thank you again, lol. I haven’t decided his name (my story is still in it’s extremely early development stages) but once I do I will definitely tell you!! And yeah, he is a puppet but as I keep answering you’ll see a side of him that’s more villainous and selfish. He is a victim, but he could at least try to stop the society in some ways. There are some things he hasn’t but could do… but he wants the power the society is offering. You’ll probably see that as I answer more questions. But I didn’t do the best job of showing that side when I was answering those questions. I kinda got wrapped up in that victim type roll and…. he he. I’ll try to do better lol. Sorry I’m rambling 🤣

    but again thank you so much!! 😊Please don’t hesitate to suggest or point out anything 😉

    "I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell."



    That was really good!

    At this point, I would think your villain was the heroin… or, at least a good guy.

    I can’t wait to find out more!


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer


    For Cash:

    17. What do you do for fun?

    “Fun? I read. I debate. I work puzzles and problem solve. I enjoy all those things immensely.”


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

    Mischievous Thwapling


    Thanks! And yeah, I really got swept away in that victim role, he he. And I like how human you’re making Cash, by the way.  I feel like in some books I’ve read the villains aren’t even remotely human.  They have no hobbies, fears, etc.  They just want to take over the world, and blah, blah. But you have Cash have cool interests, and I really like that.

    Um, sorry to do this to you guys, but would you mind if I switch bad guys? It’ll be for the same book I’m writing, I just made some MAJOR plot changes. Would that be ok if I switch them out?


    "I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell."



    Thank you, about Cash. (:

    Yes, you can change villains! This is to help you form what you need/want to form!


    Post Script: I REALLY like your new background! (:

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    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

    Mischievous Thwapling


    Yay, thank you! This has been really helpful, and I’m so glad you created it!

    And thanks!  I love your’s too. I’ve always had a soft spot for forests; they’re so beautiful, and your’s reminds me of an enchanted one or something similar to that 😀

    "I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell."



    I don’t mind at all if you switch baddies! I totally get the whole having to change stuff and all. And about the one you were doing before, yeah, it makes sense how he was a victim but could still do certain things to help. It adds more depth, definitely 😉


    That was a great question about hobbies; it really helps to add personality to characters! Like Thwapling said, villains that just want to take over the world have no meaning or life to them. A good villain can often make a not-so-good story better. I mean, if you have an interesting bad guy, sometimes you can feel bad for them or more angry or sympathize with them.

    Or all of the above.

    I just hope that I’ll be able to create a good bad guy…*sigh*

    I light the arrow, pull the bow,
    Shoot that fire right through my soul.


    @wingiby-iggiby Thanks. (: and=

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! (‘If you will to, and act on such.’ … a quote) (:


    18. What do you hate?

    “Hate?” *After a millisecond of no idea so many things and people rush to mind.* “My mother.” *Lips twitching as he tries hard to not show his fury* “Mr. Dune, or Wang, or whatever he really is. Jakes,.. And Carbon.”

    (Cash’s first (out of two) murders was Elias Carbon. Carbon had shot Clarence in the back.)

    “The doorbell when at home. Impudent judges. Gaudy district attorneys… Juries that won’t sway to my client’s side, even with all the facts and or emotion I put to them,..” *After a second’s mental fury, he calms,..then shrugs,* “I likely will think of more in a minute.”

    19. What do you fear?

    “Fear?” *inside his chest shivers, but he doesn’t show it* Really? I don’t even answer these questions when Ruby asks them… (Though he had with Clarence…) “Um,” *swallows hard, runs cold hands along his slacks.* (His hands are always cold.) “Jail. I, I do not want to go there.” *Goosebumps form on his arms, but are hidden by his jacket.* “And hell, for that matter. I live in fear that it really exists…and that I’ll never find a definite answer of how to avoid it.” *Looks down, chews the inside of his lower lip.*….

    *More thought* “Cathy. That she’ll learn what I am trying to do. The sadness and fear that will be in Ruby’s eyes when I reveal everything to her at its completion…” *His entire bottom lip has disappeared into his mouth. He shakes his head….then smirks at his own weakness.* “Who would have thought I feared so many things? I certainly wouldn’t have.” *takes a warm, truly grateful breath.* “My mind would never have asked this  question of myself.” *Looks up at me, eyes warm.* “Thank you.”

    (Cash is always open to correction and revelation. He wants to be better at whatever he sets his mind to do.)


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

    Mischievous Thwapling


    Thanks! And yeah, if you saw how many times I change my plot..*shakes head*

    And, like Gracie said, you WILL and can do it!! I’m always here and willing to help you with your baddie, so if you ever need any help, you know where to go 😉


    I like how you make Cash open to that. Usually, that’s not a trait villains have, so I think that’s really unique and cool.  Good job!! Tonight I’ll try to answer some questions with my villain (:

    "I threw stones at the stars, but the whole sky fell."


    20. What makes you angry?

    “Angry? Impudence…Or thoughs who are led by emotion instead of facts or logic. And then, further, those who impress those opppressive emotions on the unprotected ears of society. Yes, that is it. Oh, and disobedience. That I do not tolerate in any form.”

    21. What are you ashamed of doing?

    *Chest clenches* We really have to get into this now? (Mental, Grrr, but doesn’t show it.) “I know we’ve already made this clear, but? No one will be seeing this, right? It is indeed private? Good,” *settles into his chair* “then I shall proceed.

    Ahem, let us start at the beginning. Or,. actually, the teen years would be more beneficial to the conversation. I can not remember anything I’m ashamed of in childhood. Note: I did just make a specification; teens are no longer children. Nor should they be treated that way.

    Anyways…” *Shakes his head slightly* “I’m beating around the bush, aren’t I?” *Smiles wanly, but it disappears to his normal stoic face, then disgust* “I was a real jerk to Jason. The man who cared enough to take my mom to court to gain full rights over Cathy and I.” *Shakes his head slightly* “Yep; I was a real ##*#.”

    (Cash did not curse God. He used a crude word. He does not swear or curse for fear it will offend the Almighty he doesn’t know.) Anyways…back to him:

    “I suppose I’m ashamed of…cheating on tests in high-school. I did that intermittently, and was only caught once. I was able to talk myself into a retake, and thereby escaped a failing grade. Thank goodness, (not that ‘goodness’ is what helped me.) It was manipulation, and attention to my teacher’s state of life and mind.

    That might be it. I do feel sort of bad, sometimes, for not spending time with Ruby’s children. We have thirteen after all…and I don’t even remember most of their names?” *Winces* Why did I ever agree to having children? *Large sigh.* “We’re expecting another one in October. Another baby.” Ruby is a strong woman… *Smiles sardonically/sarcastically….* “At least I remember that.”


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

    Arindown (Gracie)

    @kimlikesart Thanks for inviting me! I’ve been a little slow, but I’m going to start with the first 10 questions.😄

    For Therolus, Wizard King of the Eastern Mountains, son of Surateel the Great (good to start with the full title).

    1. Where did you grow up?

    Here in the Eastern Mountains. In this castle. *vaguely waves hand toward surrounding stone walls*

    2. Who took care of you, if anyone?

    My mother (sometimes), servants, and nurses. My father was never home.

    3. Were you ever loved as a child? If so, by whom?

    Not by many people. My mother liked me, I believe.

    4. As a child did you ever love someone? If so, who?

    My father. I always respected him at least, and looked up to him.

    5. Who acted as mentor for you? Did you ever have one?

    My father and his brother were my mentors, as well as the friends and confidents he had. Not all of them spoke to me, but I watched, and learned.

    6. How many people have you ever trusted? What was the result of that trust? (Explain for each person.)

    I trusted my father, but he failed all of us. His blood was strong, but his will was weak. He didn’t have the strength to rise, and bring the wizard line to it’s rule.

    7. Who has hurt you? In what way were you hurt? How did you/are you dealing with it?

    Hurt wouldn’t be the word for what my father did. I shouldn’t have expected it from him.

    8. Is there anyone who you currently love?


    9. Is there anyone who you currently need? How do you feel about needing to rely on someone?

    No-one but myself.

    10. Do you have any friends?

    I did, years ago. Closest to me was a young Wizardess named Sadie. We did a lot together when we were young, but lost direct contact later. She apposed my views on wizardry.

    Thanks for the questions Gracie!

    Not all those who wander are lost.


    That was good @arindown ! Thanks for sharing. (:

    And you’re welcome.


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer


    For Cash:

    22. What line will you never cross?

    *Chest clenches* He looks away, racking his brain for an answer, Hurting Ruby? No, if she came between me and my goal..? *Cash’s mind twisted with guilt* Cathy? Would I hurt her, my own blood, to accomplish my mission? *Now Cash was scared, his breath coming quicker as his mind spoke for him,* You would. *Cash looks away completely. Fear and hatred of himself dance inside his soul.* You are a monster. If you have no standard, no line you have as too far, to great a means for the end…? Who are you now? What will you become? *He was scared,* “What are you?” He whispers allowed, eyes narrow, as he ponders himself.

    After a second’s more panic, his demeanor changes. He straightens, his jaw becomes hard, his eyes cool and calculated. His heart darkening in moments, and his chest becoming as stone. The reflective thoughts are gone.

    (He has the ability to flip off his conscience.) *shivers*

    23. Is there something in your life that irritates you daily?

    “Irritates me daily? Hmm… *brows lower.* A daily irritation? I, I cannot think of a certain thing. There are things that come about on different days, or circumstances, that annoy me. But nothing that happens every day.”

    24. What is something you will never forget?

    *Chest quickens again* “Where do you come up with these questions?”

    *Weak smile*

    *shakes his head, digging the pad of his thumb into the mid of his forehead. He has a headache.* “I, there are several things.” *Swallows, glances up at me.* “You already KNOW? Why must you make me say it?” *His eyes plead with me.*

    *Looks down a second, slightly ashamed. Then meets character’s hazel eyes* “Cash; Why did God ask Adam where he was in the garden? Why did God ask Cain where his brother was? It was not because He didn’t know. It was because Adam and Cain needed to face it themselves. Words have power.”

    *Cash looks away, shoulders slumping slightly. Then he straightens and nods.* “Okay.”

    (If someone really asked him all these questions in my book? I would loose my villain.)

    *shakes his head, trying to form a good way to describe things. Bites lower lip, then pushing his thumb into his head again….Dropping his hand, he meets my eyes once more.* “My father…getting arrested.” *His face twists.* “I was only four. Yet I still remember at fifty?” *looks away, trying to hide the torment in his eyes* “Sentenced to life in prison. For a murder my mother framed him for. I know she did it. I know she tried to get him in trouble…” *His breath is shaky, but his voice is even* “I hate her. She deserves to be where she is now; Rotting in prison. May she go to hell and burn.”

    “Hey hey hey.”

    *Glares at me, nose curled* Another? Why did you have to make me so twisted? So vile and mean?

    Oof. *Heavy rock tied to my chest at this moment…wants to go off…*

    “How about” (His words I can’t share on SE due to this clause in the Guidelines: “reflect the light of Christ, not the darkness and bondage of not knowing Him”)

    too deep… to awful what she did, and let others do to him. Just know, it’s bad. Also in here is how he got the scars on his back…) I wanted to hug him as this happened. I wanted to wrap him in my arms. I wanted him to weep.  But he doesn’t cry anymore.

    No one weeps for him. No one cares. No one loves him. No one lets him know he is special…or the beloved creation of the King. So neither can I. (Again, if he was asked all these questions in the book, and I was in it?… He would not be a villain for long…)

    (Note: He is not on his mission because of what happened to him.)

    “Fourth image I shall never forget…” *still trying to catch his breath, and feels nauseous from the amount of pounding in his head….. His face turns wistful.* “The first time I saw Jason…” *Smiles, a sparkle in his eyes, and he chuckles* “I was so terrified?

    It was morning I recall… Time for mama to be up. I had heard the front door, and assumed the man had left she had spent the night with… I was wrong. It was her who had left.

    The closet door was not locked any more during the nights, I had learned by then not to open it.” *smile fades a bit* “I poked my head out into the moldy room. The bed was there, rumpled. But what scared me to death, was the man who came around the corner.” *Shakes his head, his lips turning up a bit* “My jaw sort of dropped. I, I remember jumping back, and slamming the door in front of me. I was so scared?” *Chuckling/

    shakes head* “He, he was kind. He didn’t hurt me. He, he said my mother had left and would be back in a bit. It was still a while after that before I managed to lift my head and look at him. Then, right when I had finally left the closet,..” *It was like a light had been switched. The light and hope in his eyes replaced by stoic distaste and fear.* “my mother entered…

    Fifth? Uh,….. When I first saw Cathy. She, she was so small? So, so red, and fragile?” *A careful twinkle in his eyes* Jason let me hold her, she, she was just as big as my forearms. A doll compared to Jason’s large hands… Yet she was his child, my mother’s daughter, my sister…” *Glum smile….mind searches for another time….*

    “School, eighth grade. Around the middle of the first semester; I met Clarence…” *He tries to hold back a smile at the irony of the situation.* “I was being bullied… Clarence was a big guy, and a tall kid. He stood up for me. But, almost every day after that there was no hierarchy between us. And when there was, I was on top…” *eyes sad*

    “Sixth? The moment Clarence agreed to join me. We were freshmen in college. He agreed to never marry just hours after he had decided to ask Liliah to marry him. He agreed to never betray me. He was loyal…he was kind and good.” *shakes head.* “He deserved much, much better than me.

    Seven. The first time I saw Ruby. We, (Clarence and I), were lost. Driving  through a bad part of the town where our college was.” (NEED TO FIGURE THAT OUT) “When we saw a girl, dressed in flimsy bright colors stumble from an apartment-building and press herself against a wall. She was trembling, scared, tears running down her painted face. A dying street-lamp our only way of seeing her. She was thin, her hair was long and curly; and bright red. Then a man came out.

    I stopped the car in less than a second, Clarence jerking fore and back from the sudden stop. But I was already unbuckled and jumping from the door.

    I charged. Then punched the man, when he raised his hand to hit her. Square on the jaw I did. (I hadn’t grown up on streets and gained nothing.) He sprawled backward, clearly drunk. Then Clarence was there.

    “Get her to the car.” I ordered and it was done. She gave marginal struggle as I waited for the man to rise. He didn’t. Just moaning a bit on the ground, moving his arms like a chicken as he lay on the ground.

    Clarence honked and I went back to the car. I pushed the pedal down, hard. And we raced off. And the rest is history…”

    *Grinning evilly for whoever happened to reach this far…*

    “Uh, eight I suppose…” *Chest tightens, the images awful, racing through his mind. He has never put them to words…*

    (I have to go.) (:


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer

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