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    @ericawordsmith Any news on it?

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    @ericawordsmith I might’ve seen this too late…is there any update? Did they vote on it?

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      @selah-chelyah @ashira @lin @jenwriter17

      Thank you guys so much!!!! I haven’t heard anything new yet, I’ve been watching closely to see what I can find, but I haven’t seen anything since I last tagged y’all about it. I’ll keep you posted as I keep an eye on what’s going on. 🙂

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      @ericawordsmith Okay!

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        @wordsmith @lin @ashira @selah-chelyah @evelyn @anne-of-lothlorien @jenwriter17 @steward-of-the-pen @eden-anderson and if I forgot anybody…

        Well, things have come to a close, and I’m sorry to say it was not the result that we had hoped for. Chairman Jeff Leach allowed for HB 896 to die, and we will have to wait for two years before they can try something like this again.

        I feel deeply sad about this, understanding that hundreds of thousands of fearfully and wonderfully made unborn children made in the image of God will be torn apart in their mother’s wombs in just my state. Let alone all of the U.S. and the rest of the world. I hope that you guys are able to keep up with what’s going on, but this fight over abortion is getting worse and worse all the time. In New York (I believe) children in the womb can be aborted up to the birth, and in other places, absolutely viable babies are aborted. It’s horrific to think that little premie babies are born and nurses and doctors fight for their lives, and at the same time there are doctors who will kill babies at the same age. I can’t understand how or why people can say that just a few inches of skin makes a life with a heartbeat, feeling, facial features, fingers and feet not a human. A heartbeat starts at 18 days. It is ridiculous what people are saying nowadays, they are just not willing to call a child in the mother’s womb a human. Some people have even discussed the idea of whether or not it is morally right to kill a baby after it has been born. I’m not sure if y’all heard the whole thing about that with the governor of Virginia I think it was, but it is chilling and disgusting.

        I quite honestly feel very grieved tonight when I read about HB 896 dying, I encourage y’all to read the article!! This is very interesting and gives a lot more info about it.

        How Did HB 896 Die?

        Still, even though this is depressing, I tell myself that God is still sovereign, and even though the world is in a silent bloodbath right now, God sees each and every child that dies, and he doesn’t forget about them. Here’s one of my absolute favorite Andrew Peterson songs, and one of my favorite songs in general, I think this is very appropriate and encouraging to think about. This is really comforting for me tonight…

        Andrew Peterson | Rise Up (Audio Video) – YouTube

        Lastly, thank you so much guys!! Knowing that y’all are praying about this is so encouraging to me!! Please keep on praying that this would end, just because HB 896 didn’t go through doesn’t mean that we should just stop praying now. I think it means we should be praying all the more!!

        Anyway, thank you again guys, this has really been weighing on me for a while now, and I hope and pray that in the end we will win this fight and people will understand the sanctity of human life. Y’all praying with me blesses my heart.

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          O.K. For some reason, the link wasn’t working and I couldn’t fix it, but here it is. 🙂

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          @ericawordsmith Oh, I’m so sad to hear that it didn’t pass. I’ll be praying that in two years, they will make another attempt that will be a success. I’m encouraged that your state had such a bill go to the legislature. In my state, the small minority of conservatives are trying to fight the Roe Act, which allows abortions for anyone at any stage of pregnancy up to birth. If a late term abortion is done and the baby is accidentally born alive, it allows the doctors to just let the baby die. Late term abortions can also be done in clinics instead of safer hospitals. And on top of all that, teenagers can get an abortion with no adult involved. It’s utterly horrific. I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around the evilness of all this.

          Thank you for the reminder that God sees and remembers all these little babies. He loves them just as He does us, and they had a purpose, even if it’s hard for us to see how they could when they’re not even given a chance to breathe the air of this broken world. I pray that by His grace we’ll meet all these children one day when all has been made right and evil is defeated forever.

          Beautiful song! Andrew Peterson’s “Is He Worthy?” is also very comforting and one of my favorite songs. There’s another one by one of my favorite bands, CityAlight, that has a similar theme. It’s so encouraging to listen to it after hearing about all the evil going on in the world.

          I’m not sure how to make it embedded in the post, but here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPpGphzScjA


          @ericawordsmith I’m so sorry to hear that, but like you said, I should just keep praying – and I will! It breaks my heart, but God will take care of the situation. <33

          Selah CJW


          Ah, grieving and praying with you. It is indeed deeply saddening to see how we’ve fallen away from the values we used to hold, as a nation.

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          Thank you so much for keeping us updated. We’ll keep this stuff in our prayers…

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            Thank you so much!! And that is horrific. I will be praying for your state as well!! What has me really upset is that they can’t decide when a baby is a life. Babies have been born and survived at 24 weeks, how can they debate that a child that WILL live is a life worth protecting? How can people insist that just because they have lived that much longer that their lives are worth more than a precious baby’s life? I believe that life starts at conception, and life is sacred. Somehow even though a baby has a heartbeat at 18 days it is not a life.

            Yes, that is so true!! I have always been really been touched when parents have had a miscarriage or have a child with severe disabilities, and they still insist that their child has/had a purpose. I don’t know what purpose the deaths of millions of children has, but I believe that what man meant for evil, God can use for good. I believe that even the ugliest things that happen, God can use for his glory, and in the end, all of this will end.

            Oh I love “Is He Worthy?”! His whole Resurrection Letters album is so good!! So much of his music is so encouraging to me, it’s been a huge ministry in my life. Thanks for the link!! 🙂

            @evelyn @selah-chelyah @wordsmith

            Thank you guys so much!! I’m so glad to know that other people are praying with me. <3

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            @ericawordsmith So sorry hear that it didn’t pass. Thanks for keeping us updated.

            “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

            Ariel Ashira

            @ericawordsmith Man.  That is really sad.  And sick.  Thinking about all the babies that have died and will died is terrible.  Thanks for keeping us updated, Erica.  I’ll be praying with you guys!

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            Oh no!! That’s so sad. I’ll continue praying, still! And for @steward-of-the-pen I’ll be praying for all the happenings in your state as well! And everywhere, really.

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            @ericawordsmith That is heartbreaking. I’ll keep praying…God was not surprised by this and I believe He weeps with us.

            Thanks for keeping us all updated. Really appreciate it! ❤️

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