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    I grunted in pain when he roughly yanked me off his shoulder and sat me on the ground. The man reached into his pocket, pulling out a knife. I cringed, my heart slamming. Oh please, no, don’t do it!
    My mouth dropped open, eyes widening as he cut the ropes around my wrists and then the ones binding my ankles. Was he going to let me go?
    He grabbed my hand and jerked me to my feet. My face paled, past memories flooding into my mind with a sharp sting.
    I tried to pull away, but his grasp was firm, and strong. Dragging me to a huge tree in the middle of a field, he pushed my back against it, and started tying me to it. I tried to wiggle away, but he held me there firmly, while he kept tying me.
    The rope he pull against my chest was so tight that it was hard for me to breathe.
    After he was done, he smirked, as if satisfied. He raised his hand about to strike me, I cringed, bracing for the blow.
    Jumping in surprise, I heard a loud voice yell from behind me, “DANIEL JOSHUA JOHNSON! Don’t you dare hit that girl!”
    The young man, Daniel, glared at me, and put his hand down at his side.
    I could hear someone walking closer, and looked at him when he came into view.
    He was an older man, probably in his sixties, tall, strong looking man. His brown eyes had a hard look burning in them as he walked up to Daniel.
    Daniel started, “Grandpa, this is not something that you need to be messing in, I got this under control-”
    The man interrupted, almost shouting at him, “UNDER CONTROL?! Daniel, you call hitting a child, and a girl under control?!”
    “Well-” He stopped, then said quickly, “Yes, don’t you see, haven’t you seen the papers, don’t you know who this is?”
    “I don’t care who she is! This is no way to treat a lady. Go to the house, Grandma needs your help with chopping wood.”
    The man glared at him hard, “Don’t make me tell you again.”
    They both glared at each other for a few minutes, and I was sure they were going to start fighting. But finally Daniel looked down and started walking away without another word to him. But when he passed by me under his breath he said, “I’ll give you what you deserve later.”
    I shuddered, terrified of what I’d get later.
    I heard his footsteps fade away, and during that whole time the man was looking at me. I looked down biting my lip, not sure what he was going to do with me.
    He stepped closer, and pulled out his knife. My heart started to beat faster, sweat forming on my brow. What is he going to do to me?!
    He walked behind the tree and my eyes widened as I heard him cutting the rope, and could feel the ropes getting less tight. Finally I could pull free from them, and could breathe deeply.
    The man’s eyes softened. “I wish I could help you more, but Daniel would keep me from doing so. So, go child.”
    I looked up to him, frowning in puzzlement. Not really believing he would let me go, maybe he had just set up a trap.
    “Hurry child, you most go before someone sees you. The only gift I can give you is your freedom.”
    I nodded, then bolted across the clearing running as fast as I could to get to the shelter of the woods, never once looking back.
    I sighed in relief as soon as got into it, stopping for a moment to catch my breath. Then I headed on, deeper into the woods because I knew it wouldn’t be long before they found out that I had escaped.
    I heard a twig crack, and froze. My heart slamming in my chest, and my hands starting to shake. I saw them up ahead. Men, lots of men, with crossbows. My face palled knowing they were after me. Suddenly one of them looked back and yelled, “There she is!”
    I bolted to the left, hearing yelling and them running after me. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me, tripping over root and stones, but though the trees seemed to blur past me at a great speed, they seemed to be quickly catching up to me, as if I was only walking.
    My leg started to throb, my chest feeling tight, I couldn’t outrun them, I’d have to try something else. I saw a thick bush up ahead, I ran past it, then turned around and got inside of it, standing perfectly still hidden inside of it.
    An arrow struck a limb next to my head, and another near my shoulder. I grit my teeth to keep myself from crying out in fear. I didn’t hear them anymore and another arrow didn’t come.
    Maybe they had went past me with their search.
    But then it happened. An arrow tore through the tall grass around the bush, and sank deep into my flesh of my left ankle. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I screamed.


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    Sharp pain like thousands of needles in my flesh shot through my body, jarring it. I fell backwards out of the bush, with a hard fall on my back, jarring my body even more.
    The world around me seemed to go slow, the thud, thud of them running sounding like they were a slow giant, or panther, stalking me, about to pounce. Though I tried to scramble quickly to my feet it seemed to take an eternity to get up.
    Putting weight on my left leg made another surge of pain shoot up my leg, and another cry escaped my lips.
    Black splotches dotted my eyes as I tried to stay standing, I felt dizzy headed, and the woods were spinning around me.
    I felt a unfamiliar touch on my wrist. Shaking my head a little, and blinking a lot I managed to see clearer, and the woods were no longer spinning. My brain finally registered what the touch was. A hand.
    My heart slammed in my chest, I turned quickly and saw a big fat man with a ton of facial hair grinning down at me. I caught site of a shiny object over his head. Every muscle in my body tightened up. It was a knife ready to come down on me.
    I tried to jerk away, but it was no use against his tight grip on my wrist. More men were drawing near, he was going to kill me. I was done for. No! Stop, you can’t think like that or you will be! I screamed those thoughts in my head.
    I saw him about to bring down the knife, gripping it tighter. Gritting my teeth in pain I put my weight on my left leg, and kicked him hard in the shin with my right foot.
    “Hey!” He swore under his breath, and his grip lessened slightly on my wrists as he started descending the knife down towards me.
    Feeling his grip slacken and not knowing what else to do with a last spirt of strength I jerked away. With a bit of pain my wrist wrenched free from his grip, and I ran as fast as I could, not daring to look back.
    I winced with every step that it took as it was making my leg throb more and more, until it was almost unbearable. As I ran, I zigzagged in between the trees, limbs whacking me in the face and thorns of bushes scratching my arms or legs as I pushed through them.
    My heart slammed so loud it echoed in my head, making my head throb with the rest of my body. Up ahead was a sharp drop off. I gasp as I tried to stop, my feet sliding on the loose rocks, and making me fall near the edge. My heart seemed to be slamming louder the rocks echoing against the other rocks and splashing into the water at the bottom of the drop of the drop off. The fast moving water would have been death for me.
    I swallowed hard, my frame shaking as I scrambled to my feet, biting back a scream from the pain in my leg. I looked around quickly, panic rising up in my chest, they’d find me for sure if I hid, and I’d die for sure if I went off the drop off. The thudding of boots and yelling of men drew closer. I was going to die! Tears formed in my eyes blurring my vision even more.
    Taking a step away from the edge my foot scraped against a something hard and sharp. It was a large rock, suddenly I had an idea. But they were drawing nearer and nearer. As quickly as I could I picked up the large rock, and many little ones; I tossed them over the edge of a drop off, and quickly stepped to the side, and back behind a tree holding my breath. A second after I was behind the tree I heard them get to the drop off.
    “She’s went over the edge!” I heard the man say that had grabbed me, then I heard shouts and the noises of them scrambling, and jumping off the edge. “She must of went this way!” Someone else yell.
    I let out the breath I had been holding as I heard their voices and shouts get farther and farther away. I sank down against the tree, breathing hard, and shaking.
    A sob caught in my throat. “W-what have I-I done..? W-why are they t-trying to kill me?” I knew when I ran away that from him, he would be mad and send people after me, but I didn’t understand why they had weapons, and would go as far as injuring me, but even more were trying to kill me!
    Hot blood dripped from my ankle turning the orange and brown leaves on the ground to red. I couldn’t get up or go on with this in me, I had to get the arrow out, and I had to get it now before those men came back.
    I wrapped my fingers around the arrow, gritting my teeth hard, and started to pull. I jerked my hand away quickly, a pain sharp as fire shooting up my leg. I pressed both my hands over my mouth to soften my scream as wave of hot tears flooded down my face.
    My muscles tensed up when I heard a twig snap nearby.
    “Hello? Is anyone there?” A male voice said. His voice was different than the other voices I had heard, the question wasn’t forceful and demanding but soft and gentle. “I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to help. Please, can you tell me where you are?” Though his voice was different I didn’t dare say a word, I knew someone was just doing that to coax me out, so they could pounce as soon as I did.
    He drew nearer, and nearer to me, another sob catching in my throat but I held it back. I didn’t want to die! He was going to find me! Looking through the bush next to me I could see him, he stepped closer and closer. He was so close I could hear his breath. He was right next to me, though the only thing that kept him from seeing me was a bush.
    Through the bush I caught a glimpse of his eyes. They were blueish grey, almost silver. Like the color of the winter moon. His step was slow and soft, as he went past the bush. Now he was directly in front of me, but was looking the other way. I now saw how tall he was, and his broad shoulders and muscular arms. He carried no weapon, so would he plan to kill me with his own bare hands? He looked like he could. His light brown shaggy hair ruffled slightly in the wind. I heard a soft sigh escape his lips, and got another glimpse of his face, it seemed soft and gentle. He started to walk away his back turns to me.
    I could hold my breath no longer, and hold in the pain no longer, so I let my breath out with a small cry of pain.</p>

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