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    “After her!”
    My blood turned cold when I heard those words. My head and heart were pounding in rhythm with my feet. I ran on and on. I felt like any second I would fall and collapse to the ground, I was so tired. But the fear of what was following me kept me going. I could tell they were gaining on me. I saw a tree with an empty hollow, I made a quick decision, and hid inside it. I held my breath as I heard feet run past. Even after I could hear them no more I sat there for hours, wondering if someone was standing right out there, ready to pounce on me as soon as I got out.
    It started to get dark and still I stayed there, rock still, not moving a muscle. I wasn’t sure if the rustling was someone walking or just the trees moving, and if the whistling was some person waiting for me, or just the wind, and I wasn’t even sure if the noise I kept hearing right outside the tree was a person ready to pounce or just a stray animal. And so, that was the thing that kept me there, the unknown.
    I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes it was light. Both of my feet were like pins and needles from being in that position so long, and all my muscles were cramped and sore. I decided to take the chance and peeked out of the hollow. There was no one, so I slowly crawled out, and got to my feet. I was surprised how pretty it looked now that it was morning. The tall grass was covered in the morning dew, and all along it there were little white flowers. Going from flower to flower were fat bumble bees and some monarch butterflies. All I could hear was some chirping birds and the gentle sound of the wind whistling through the trees. It was a wonderful thing after that horrible night.
    Though it was beautiful, it didn’t comfort me in the slightest. I dropped to my knees and collapsed to the ground, and for once, I wanted to, needed to, cry. Because of all the hurt, confusion, and pain the last few days. But I was so used to holding it in, and biting it back that I didn’t know how. So I just laid there, breathing hard, my insides were screaming, but on the outside I was silent.
    I don’t know how long I laid there, but it felt like hours. I sat up, with my stomach knotted up so much from biting back my emotions that I could scream. But I knew I really couldn’t, it was too dangerous for me. Way to dangerous, because as soon as I let it out, they’d be there, on top of me, ready to drag me away. Then they’d tie me up and—I cringed at the thought. No, I wasn’t going to do anything that would allow me to get caught, I’m not going back into that, not again. Not ever again. Though I don’t know about the unknown ahead, I do know that I’m never going back to the known of the past.
    Though I was exhausted I managed to get to my feet, and lean against the tree. I tried hard to ignore the sharp pains of hunger that were gnawing in my stomach, and instead try to think of the way that the men after me were going and which way I should go so I wouldn’t run into them again.
    The sun was far down, starting to get hidden by trees. So I knew even though I was so exhausted I needed to find a hidden place to sleep before it got dark otherwise I would have to walk all night. Which I knew with the way I felt, that I couldn’t do that. I had to find a safe place to sleep.
    I pushed myself off the tree, and shook my head and blinked as a wave of dizziness came over me. I groaned silently to myself as I started walking, my muscles hurting bad from constant running. My breath coming in and out raged, and my hands shaking from sheer exhaustion.
    After walking for about fifteen minutes, I found some trees and bushes that were grown in a small circle, and under their limbs was a little place to sleep. Seeing that the sun was going down, I quickly decide that it would have to do. I crawled underneath there, and though it was hard and scratchy, I was glad to see that I was hidden, because that’s what really mattered. I laid down on my back and watched through the cracks from the branches and leaves as the light faded from the sky. I soon noticed the stars, shinning like thousands of candles.
    After watching them for a few minutes, a pain started throbbing in me. I wished it hadn’t come, but it always does. Every night it does. Every time I see stars. It’s not the pain as in I was sore or the pain as in a wound or a bruise, but it’s that pain in your heart that says you’re homesick. Because I was homesick, homesick for a home, and comfort and safety. Homesick for the feeling of baking with mom, homesick of the feeling of reading dad, and hugging both of them. And most of all I was homesick for love.
    I curled up in a ball and hugged myself, trying to comfort, but it didn’t really help. It just added to the reality that I was alone, and I’d probably be forever. No more baking with mom, no more reading with dad, and no more having someone hugging you. Forever unloved. I could hold it in no longer, so I let silent tears slowly drip down my face.
    The pictures blurred and faded from my mind as I silently cried myself to sleep.
    I awoke with a jerk my heart pounding. What was it? I knew I heard a noise, there was something that scared me so much. I glanced around, it was pitch black. I held my breath, listening for anything, but all I could hear was my heart slamming. Then I heard a twig snapped. I sat up quickly, waiting for another noise to come. But it didn’t. Suddenly strong hands grabbed my shoulders from behind. I screamed. A rough hand clamped over my mouth, something hit my head hard, my vision blurred then it all went dark.

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    I awoke to a noise of something creaking. I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see, I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I could feel that my ankles and wrist were tied. And I had some sort of fabric tied over my eyes and mouth.
    That creak, creak, noise came again, and I tensed. Was it someone next to me? I listened hard, and heard hoof beats. I slightly shifted, trying to feel around, but all I could feel were hard sides. I must have been in a box or something in a wagon.
    Which meant they were taking me somewhere. I stifled a gasp, where were they taking me? I started to dread the worst. Fear gripped me. I had to untie myself. I had to escape. No matter what, I just had to get away.
    With my tied wrist I pushed the fabric up as far as I could, which uncovered my mouth. I brought my wrist to my mouth, and used my teeth to gnaw on the ropes, trying to untie it. The fibers of the rope cut my lip, and was making my mouth burn, but I kept at it.
    I pulled on a loop with my teeth, and I felt the rope get looser around my wrist. It was working! In my excitement I sat, up but when I did a board squeaked.
    I froze.
    I heard a voice say, “Bill, I t’ink she’s awake, I ’eard a noise.”
    The other voice, which I guessed was Bill said, “Naw, she’s just moving in her sleep.”
    Again he said, “No, I know what I ’eard. She’s probably listinen’ to us right now.”
    Bill replied, “Well it’s not worth letting her see you. Just see if she’s conscious by kicking the box once or twice, if she yells you’ll know she is, and I’ll knock her back out. Otherwise, we know that she’s still out.”
    I bit my tongue hard, as I heard him move over to the box. I knew this was going to hurt.
    He kicked the box hard, and I slammed into the side of it, I hit my head hard, then slid to the ground, it took all my will power to keep myself from yelling out in pain.
    I still lay still, like I was unconscious, but he hadn’t moved away yet, he wasn’t satisfied that I was unconscious. He kicked it again, and again my head clashed with the wood. I felt blood trickling down the side of my head, but still I stayed silent.
    My heart was slamming so loud I was afraid he would hear it.
    I heard him move away, and then sit down by Bill, I didn’t hear any other words between them.
    I don’t know how long I sat there still, my heart slamming, and trying to keep my breathing quiet, but though it was only a few minutes it felt like hours.
    When I thought it had been long enough and I should try to escape again, I suddenly felt the wagon come to a sharp halt. I rocked forward and back, instead of bracing myself so it would sound like I was unconscious. There was noise like them jumping down, and then a few seconds later, I felt someone lift up the box.
    My heart was slamming so hard in my chest that it hurt, and I held my breath, so afraid of what would happen next. I felt him carry the box a few feet then sat the box down with a big thump that hurt when I slammed into the side. I gave a small cry of pain, then gave a silent gasp, hoping he didn’t hear.
    My hope instantly died, “She’s awake boss!” A younger sounding male voice said that I hadn’t heard before.
    “Get her out and do your business with her, you know.” I heard Bill say.
    “Yes sir!” He replied, giving a slight chuckle.
    There was silence for a few seconds, then I heard a noise like cutting, and saw a knife being dragged around the edge on the top of the box. I ducked so I didn’t get cut. I took a sharp breath, it was about to happen. What it was, I didn’t know. But I had a feeling it was something bad.
    He took off the lid, and I looked up. He looked to be in his young twenties. He had dark brown hair, a firm jaw, and dark blue eyes that pierced into mine. His eyes softened for a second, a look I hadn’t ever seen, his expression softening too, like he felt sorry for me. Then something flickered across his face, and his expression grew hard again, his eyes cold, and hard. A feeling of dread and terror started to rise up in me.
    He reached down and roughly pulled me out of the box. I tried to pull away, but it wasn’t much with my ankles, and wrist still being tied. He sat me down in a sitting position, and took a step back. Maybe he wasn’t going to hurt me after all.
    Before I could think or react he took a step forward and punched me hard in the face. I fell back from the impact of it, and screamed out in pain. My face and nose was throbbing so bad, and my nose started to bleed, tears sprang to my eyes.
    Looking down at me, he laughed, “Wimp!” He roughly grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder like I was a sack of feed. I didn’t fight to get away, I already got hit. I knew the less I struggled and fought, the less I’d get hurt. I’d still get hurt some, it was a given, I don’t know what it was. Was it with how I looked? Was it my short stature, my thin bony frame, or my thin orange red hair? The reason was unknown to me. Maybe that was it, I was so much of a nothing that anything seemed fine to do with me. I was unknown to them.


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    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.



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    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.



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