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    Quick question for everyone…

    I’m working on book 5 of my series, and I’ve been weaving a few different levels of conflict into one particular arc. Which has ended up in me creating 3 different villains. Of course, one of those villains is the über-villain who controls the other two. And I plan for one of the lesser villains to be secretly evil, and not reveal his true intentions until later. Still…

    Have I made too many villains? Or am I in the clear? If this is a problem, how would you recommend I solve this? Looking for ideas to spark my imagination.


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    @warrioroftherealm I mean, I don’t think it’s a big problem. I actually did the exact same thing in mine. 😛 I have one villain you see at first, but after he’s out of the way, two others show up–a “small” villain and an overarching one. So as long as the plot itself is not disjointed, I think it’s perfectly fine and probably all the more interesting for it.

    (However, this is just pulling from my experience with my story. I’m not a blank-slate reader of my story, so I can’t pull a non-biased view, but my critique friends have not pointed out a problem with that. So I’m guessing it didn’t cause any issues for them.)

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    I think that should work fine. I’ve actually done a similar thing in my book. My biggest, overarching villain is the lord who seizes the throne and then the lesser villains are the men who serve him, like my assassin who stalks my heroine.

    I think it would only become a problem when you try to develop and focus on all three of them to the same degree because then it can become confusing. You should probably focus on and develop only one of them and just mention the other two.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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