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    A.N. Parker

      Hi, Emberlings! Apologies, I haven’t been on in a while (and this is probably already a topic somewhere on the site, LOL). But I just wanted to make this topic for thoughts and comments on the Story Embers podcasts with Josiah DeGraaf, Daeus Lamb, Rolana Hatfield and Grace Livingston. 😀

      Let me start with my thoughts on the first episode listened to, “The Many Applications of ‘Show, Don’t Tell.’” I absolutely enjoyed it! Not only were the host and the commentators entertaining and informative, but they also gave me several tips and great ideas that confirmed my suspicions, ideas, theories, hypotheses… You get the picture. 😉

      Enough of my thoughts – I’d love to hear yours! Which episode should I listen to next? Which do you recommend most? Let’s hear ’em alllll!!! 😀 😆

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    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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