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    10 days left until Avengers Infinity war comes out!!!!

    For those of you who know marvel we are coming to the BIG conclusion of the decade. I would like to get your thought on all the stuff going on.


    1) Where in the world is Hawkeye? What do you think he’s up to?

    2) How do you think is going to make it to the end of the first movie?

    3) who is your favorite character?

    4) Which character are you most scared to see die?

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    Zachary Holbrook

    Personally, I am excited to see any character die. Not because I particularly dislike any of them, but because for the past fifteen or so movies, Marvel has been doing the ‘hero sacrifices himself to save the world, oh wait, he serendipitously survived’ trope over, and over, and over again. So some variety would be nice, plus allowing some characters to die would definitely raise the stakes.

    Hawkeye is missing? I haven’t seen Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther so no spoilers if that was revealed in one of those movies. He is one character do not want to see leave the story yet, though, not at least until he gets a lot more character development. It would be great if his wife could reappear. Hawkeye, along with Wanda Maximoff and Vision, make up my favorite characters in terms of who I would like to see get more development.

    I’m hoping the ending will go something like this: Thanos attacks, the Avengers fight him, they lose, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man all die distracting Thanos so the others can retreat and live to fight another day. (Not that I have anything against those characters, except for the fact that they already have three movies each). The surviving Avengers split up and hide, and the next few movies focus on individual characters or small groups of characters trying to survive while Thanos is destroying the world. I’m not familiar with the comics so I’m not sure what exactly Thanos’s goals are or what would prevent him from immediately destroying the entire world.


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    I have lots of favourite characters: Steve, Wanda, Bucky, T’Challa, and Peter Parker are my top five 🙂 I’m not sure where Hawkeye is, but I have the feeling he will probably make some kind of appearance in the movie, since Thanos attacking is going to be a worldwide issue.

    I hate movies where the heroes die, but it seems defeating Thanos isn’t going to come without some sort of sacrifice. Steve’s death is probably what will hit me the hardest 🙁

    Btw, does anyone have any mixed feelings about the Guardians of the Galaxy crew joining the fight? In their own universe, they’re good enough, I guess, but next to the Avengers they just seem like a bunch of useless idiots. No offence to anyone who likes them 😉

    Lady Iliara

    Hmm, I’ve heard rumors that Hawkeye may make an appearance under a new alias.

    There’s a lot of characters, so I’ll tell my list of who might not make it: Captain America, Iron Man, Loki, Vision, Bruce Banner… *sobs*

    My favorite character is probably Thor.

    Hm. I think I’m most worried about Iron Man. Because Tony’s been through so much already…him or Steve.

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    @lady-iliara, I agree with you. Some deaths are going to be hard hitters. I know Tony is going to be one of the first to go. What will hit me hardest is definitely Steve’s death.

    @joyofemberly, I am kinda mixed about GofG (guardians of the Galaxy). I actually was not allowed to see that movie when it came out and have only seen bits and pieces since. I mean I think it will be neat but you know it is like the freshmen joining the seniors.


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    Kayla Joy

    Wow. That theory is crazy. I have mixed feelings about it. Yes, it would be kinda cool to have the xmen, and other characters like that have a role (and plausible since Disney got the rights to Fox’s media) but I kinda would like those to stay their own movie franchise.

    And also, Hawkeye coming back from the dead using the Time Stone… isn’t that something Doctor Strange did not want to do? He used it to save Wong, yes, but would he use it to bring more people back? I don’t know.

    This is all super crazy. I am going to hold off my judgment until I watch the movie.

    But there is one thing I will not tolerate. If Loki dies a meaningless death, after all his character development, if he gets thrown away like useless trash, so help me I will boycott Marvel movies.

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    Lady Iliara

    @kayla-joy I agree about Loki. He needs to have a redemptive death. It would be fitting to his character arc. And @inkling-for-christ that is a mind-blowing theory! It’s so crazy it might be true. I’m scared for this movie….

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    Sarah Baran

    @Kayla-Joy @Lady-Iliara The problem with killing Loki is that at this point, I doubt anyone would believe he’s actually dead… he’s already come back, what, twice now? Marvel shot themselves in the foot with that one. 😂

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    Lady Iliara

    I’m just gonna drop this here. Lord of the Rings trailer, Infinity War style. YEAHHHH!

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