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    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

      @evelyn well. . .it’s kinda hard to get a hold of one particular thing. . . It’s like ideas, thoughts emotions that I deal with in my life. And some stories from other people’s lives, but a lot of it is. . . really kinda difficult to talk about for me right now.

      I’ve never done a family tree.

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      Eden Anderson

      @evelyn Yay! I’m so glad it went well! 😍 And the Greek food turned out. I’m sure that was a relief. 😉

      I’ll have to look into making one…it would be really cool! 🙂

      Well hopefully I myself will be my claim to fame. * cue dramatic pose* 😉

      *eye-roll* 😄

      Wow, that’s so cool that you know that about your Great grandfather! Do the letters till exist?


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      Kayla Skywriter


        Hi, I don’t have any crazy stories about ancestors from other countries. In fact the only ancestor from another country I’ve even heard about was my great-great grandma who immigrated into the U.S. from Czechia, but I’ve never heard any stories about her. But, my life does still inspire me to write stories.

        There is one story I would like to share which isn’t exactly about me. It is the story of my best friend’s family. My best friend was born in Guatemala and was in an orphanage until his adopted parents got him. He’s lived with them since he was a baby, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t scarred from it all. He has a very difficult personality, and he is a bit of a compulsive liar at times. My Mom told me it is likely from the fact he didn’t have a mother when he was really little. He doesn’t have many friends, but I’ve stuck with him for five years.

        He also has an adopted older sister, their parents adopted her as a baby. They knew the birth mother. It’s actually amazing because while my best friend is obviously adopted, she looks so much like her adopted Mom that if they wanted to know one would ever know.

        But, the saddest part of this story is their little brothers. I’ve only known this family for six years, and my friend and his sister were adopted long before that, but while I knew them they tried to adopt again. The first kids they had come to there house were from the Ukraine. Three brothers, I can’t remember their names. The littler ones were sweet, but the oldest one had anger issues and wasn’t nice towards anyone even his brothers. The boys stayed for about a month and then went back to the orphanage. My friend’s family tried to adopt the two younger boys, and there was already a family perfect for the older boy. But, the court wouldn’t split them up, so as far as I know those boys are still trying to find a home.

        About a year later they tried again. This time they got a twelve year old girl and a six year old boy from Latvia. Diana and Vladik. They went on a camping trip with us, I don’t think anyone has ever eaten as many s’mores as Diana did. But, Diana was different. She was nice, but she had family, and a phone and clothes. I don’t think she was ever up for adoption. Vlad on the other hand was an orphan. He showed up at the airport with nothing more than some old shoes and the clothes on his back. But, he was the sweetest little thing. He couldn’t speak a word of English when he arrived, but he would play uno with us. He worshiped my friend’s father and was as polite as he could be. The most memorable thing was that he loved the Minions, all you had to say was Banana and his face would light up. But, summer ended, and they had to go back. Diana was fine, she got to see her Grandma again, but Vlad cried. The entire family loved him and wanted to adopt him. They tried to do it to, but the orphanage hadn’t filled out any of his papers, and wouldn’t let them adopt him. I don’t know what has become of him, but I know that his family here does still love him.

        I didn’t know it at the time, but this is the inspiration for my WIP.

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        @emberynus-the-dragonslayer Okay!

        @eden-anderson The actual copies? I don’t know if the actual copies exist but the typed (that is… typed by typewriter) copies that my Great Grandfather owned were passed down to my Great Uncle (I think) when he passed away with all the other really neat things. Photographs. Letters. Research. Wills. Certificates. There was a lot my Great Grandfather collected. I wouldn’t know my ancestry up to late 1600s if not for his research. So really I haven’t done a lot of grunt work on this. 😛

        Though recently I did ask my Dad to pull out what he has of that sort and looking through it for dates. And! During that we found some poetry in a notebook of my Dad’s grandmas! He said that her husband thought it was just poetry she would find and write down but the pages didn’t have the authors noted so I’m planning to try to hunt and figure out if that is true.

        On that note, I was looking back at what I said and O.o *facepalm* I meant to say late 17th century. 😛  My bad. @elisha-starquill

        Sadly I haven’t been able to get very far (probably because my ancestors were from France and there was the whole revolution thing going on) but what I have been able to find is pretty cool! They were originally from around Lyons, and at some point they immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada where my great-great-grandparents (or was it three greats? xD) lived in a community with Native Americans. And I found out that my grandfather’s first language was French, which might be a part of why I love that language so much.

        Wow that is sooo cool! There must be some way to figure out more… I would hope at least. I’m still new to all this so if you know a good way to go about researching, let me know!

        I want to compile all the stories I’ve heard and all of my own (real-life) stories and pass it down to my progeny. And order them to do the same in my will.

        I love it! That’s such a cool idea. My great grandfather began doing that once… writing stories about his childhood in Kentucky during the Great Depression. In fact I think my dad might have a copy of what he wrote up… I’ll have to look around….

        I have thought of it but never really written out a family tree. Normally I don’t know much about my character beyond their parents, grandparents, and maybe an Uncle or two. It might be something I do more in my worldbuilding project of my Anielian Dwarves though because I’ve been working on their history.

        Have you done it? If so what is it like? How far back did you go?

        @eden-anderson Have you ever made a family tree for a character?

        @kayla-skywriter Wow, that is a sad story… and that must have been really hard on the family. I have known many families who have adopted from all over but nothing as hard and long as that not working out. I use to not understand the difference between foster and adoption though, so maybe I didn’t understand what was going on in these families. Now my pastor and his family are just coming out of fostering this cutest little girl. They almost lost her one month, but now the paperwork is going through. (:


        Kayla Skywriter

          Yeah, it is really sad.

          How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for

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