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    @kayla-skywriter Hmm…that’s interesting. Thanks, your profile picture is pretty, too 🙂

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    @kayla-skywriter No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike it. I’m just not into it. As in, I never took the time to study it or get into it more than taking the test. I’m an E/INFP. And a lot of the personality descriptions to apply to me, but one reason that I’ve never wanted to delve more deeply into it is that I don’t believe you can put people in boxes, which I’m sure you all know. You can definitely make studies and there are ‘usualies’ and this can be really useful in character studies and getting to know people, but it’s never certain. And I think some people who get super into this can sort of confine themselves, say that this is my personality and that’s what I have to be I guess since this is what I got on my test. I know people who get answers on the test and break the mold in all sorts of ways, myself included.

    This very rambling paragraph was just trying to explain this. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. I don’t know much about it. I don’t think it’s ever 100% accurate. I think people can take it too far. But I also think it’s very useful.

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    Interesting discussion topic! I too just joined and also noticed that everyone seems interested in Myers-Briggs. 🙂

    I have heard a bit about the temperaments or the four humors, though I don’t know much. From what I’ve heard this way of describing personalities started a while ago which makes it interesting. (I remember reading in Regency and Victorian era books about phlegmatic and sanguine characters, so cool to see that this is still around). The way you described the temperaments sounds exactly like the categories another temperament test that I did once, called DISC. Have you heard of it? So I wonder if DISC is based off these temperaments, the historic way of talking about personalities.

    Based off the above descriptions and my DISC profile I’d say I’m Phlegmatic-Melancholic.

    Kayla Skywriter

    @anne-of-lothlorien thank you for explaining. I agree that it can be taken too far. As with all things, categorizing human behaviors is a delicate and risky business that must be done with caution. It should never be done without remembering that all people are unique individuals created in the image of God, and thus cannot be fully understood. Thank you for providing a second viewpoint.

    I’ve never heard of DISC, I might look into that.

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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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