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    Hey guys!

    I adore hearing about other people’s characters that they’ve created. From villains, to heroes, to side characters, ect! I love hearing about how they were created and how they took their own shape, or even if they decided to snatch your story and run for the hills!

    Tell me about some of your favorites/the one’s you hold close to your hearts!

    Veraza Winterknight

    So… how much of an info dump do ya want? *coughs* Oh, and have a list of charries to pick from bc I can’t pick.










    The Fledgling Artist

    Psssst, Kari, tell us about Zane and Sedra. :’ )

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

    Veraza Winterknight

    XD Okey.

    Well. Zane is an important side character. He was gonna be the love interest, but now there’s no love interest at all. He also turned out to be a lot more fun to write than I expected, taking his character a different direction in the process. (even with the cheesy flirting I don’t know how to do) On the exterior, he’s this carefree guy who doesn’t care about anything. On the inside, he’s this broken child who’s afraid of caring about too many people and who just wants his father and brother back. (he’s also in the latest RPFL) Oh, and did I mention he has a crush on my MC even tho he’s 20?

    Sedra is a less important side character. She’s very sassy, has an accent I have no idea how to write, and has an annoy-annoy friendship with Zane. She has bright red hair(nondyed) and hates it when Zane calls her “fiery Sedra redhead.” She’s 16, but doesn’t care whether or not she’s “too young to get involved in a war.” And also extremely stubborn.

    The Fledgling Artist

    Wait, he has a crush on Eiri?? (Or is he from a different story?)

    *pats Sedra and Zane*
    Kari all your kids are so cute.

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

    Veraza Winterknight

    *nearly dies laughing* NO. Thank goodness. That would be catastrophic. He’s from a different story. He has a crush on Eina. No one has a crush on Eiri. although someone might on Kor

    Aww. Thank you!

    The Fledgling Artist

    *considers* …yk what I can’t say I blame the poor love bird. xD

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

    Veraza Winterknight

    XD Neither can I, honestly. the best part is the person with the crush is Eiri’s best friend


    Aw! They sound so super cute! ^_^ Especially Zane! I love it when characters become more fun and start to sort of charge their own path in stories, therefore changing it for the better. 🙂

    Veraza Winterknight

    Aw, thanks, Noodle-Mum! I like when that happens too! Zane isn’t the first charrie of mine to have it happen.

    R.M. Archer

    I have literally hundreds of characters, so I’m going to stick with those from the project I’m currently plotting. XD I’ll let y’all pick who to hear about, ’cause there are still kind of a lot, lol.








    Duyên (Zwee-en)

    Dai (Dah-ee)

    Speculative fiction author. Mythology nerd. Worldbuilding enthusiast. Singer. Fan of classic literature.

    Veraza Winterknight


    Ooh. *blindfolds self and spins around in a circle to randomly point to them* I pick… Sairsha, Chaska, and Raiden.

    R.M. Archer

    Sairsha… Well, I was going to say she’s one of my favorites, but in this story they’re almost all my favorites so that doesn’t really work. XD Sairsha is a calligrapher (like everyone on the list except Dai; they’re all in the same guild), which means she’s mostly a historian, but she’s also passionate about art and oral storytelling. She has paintings all over her room. She’s super sweet and compassionate, and she has a particular soft spot for orphans (probably because she lost her own parents when she was twelve); she’s frequently going to the local orphanage to tell stories and share her artwork. Sairsha and her parents were slaves when she was growing up, though they might have called themselves “servants” instead because they had developed a good relationship with the family they worked for after a few generations of working for them, but she was freed when her master family’s son brought her with him to the calligraphy guild (they became friends as they grew up together, and they found they both had an interest in the art). She’s been there ever since, creating a new family with her guildmates.

    Sairsha is kind of trying to become the MC of the book, since she has a stronger motivation and goal than the character who is the MC, but I keep pushing her back because her voice is too flowery for the tone I want with the story. It’s a lovely voice, and really cool to write, but just doesn’t work for this story. 😛

    Raiden is the master’s son who brought her to the guild with him. I don’t actually know a whole lot about him yet (he was kind of an afterthought when I realized I had a vital role missing), but I do know he cares a lot for his family and he wants to bring them honor and appreciation. I also know he’s very careful and precise with his job. Mostly I just know I need to do a lot of work on him before he’ll be effective in his role. XD

    Chaska is great. Chaska is a mother of twin boys (age five, I think?) who often come with her to the calligraphy guild because their dad works… somewhere else. Jade mines, probably, considering where they live. But Chaska is also kind of the mother of the entire guild, firm but nurturing, constantly keeping people out of trouble (probably half the guild is people with a penchant for getting into trouble. XD), etc. She’s one of those people who kind of acts impatient and annoyed all the time but it’s actually her way of showing her affection and she’s actually beaming with pride inside. XD

    Speculative fiction author. Mythology nerd. Worldbuilding enthusiast. Singer. Fan of classic literature.

    His Bard

    Well, I got hundreds of characters, individual consciousnesses living in my head constantly.

    But in the interest of not giving you enough reading to last till kingdom comes… XD
    …I will keep it down to some of my most major people…a few of my most, most major people…or maybe just one, given how deep this is probably gonna go…

    ~Ben Carmichael
    Ben is the American born son of a Scottish and Irish immigrant. His mom died when he was only four, and his dad was KIA in Afghanistan when he was eight. He was summarily adopted by his father’s best friend. As of current date, he is 21 years old, recently married, and stationed at a Special Forces base in Virginia.
    He is highly mechanically-inclined, always ready to join a fight for a worthy cause, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty, but he is also super social, emotionally sensitive, and can be downright sweet and adorable when he wants to be. The proof is that his sweetheart used to hate his guts once upon a time, and now she’s married to him.

    Way back when I first started noveling, Ben was the first character I ever created. And I originally based him on my imaginary twin brother. For whatever reason, I gave him two last names, which is what led to creating the storyline where he becomes orphaned and adopted.

    He definitely stole my story from me. It used to be a story about what my life would be like if I had a twin. Then it was a story about what my life might have been if I lived on a farm and had a twin. Then Ben kinda mutinied, took over the narration, and deleted me from the story that was originally about me. Now its all about him.

    Funny story, though, he eventually added me back later in the timeline…sort of…if a mentally unstable ex-black ops assassin with my last name can really be considered a version of me.

    Spoken words are forgotten. Written word lasts forever. Writers are the most powerful mortals to exist.

    Abigail Rebekah

    My characters haven’t done much yet as I only just recently started writing this book. Well, actually, it was a short story that I decided to turn into a novel… and hopefully, finish.

    Avelea is smart, determined, and very kindhearted. She struggles seeing other people hurt and stands up for what is right, even when it costs her friendships or those she loves the most. Seeing as she is a Jew, and my story is set during the holocaust, she experiences a lot of suffering and torment, but still fights on, trying to warn/save her other Jewish friends from being taken away by the Nazis. She does, however, find it hard to trust God always, especially when her family is dived by betrayals and secrets.

    Domenick seems very loveable and caring. He works hard and is known for helping others. He looks out for Avelea, and her little brother, Alvie. He also has a very strong opinion when it comes to what he thinks.  However, he may not be all that he seems to be.

    That’s it for now, as I am still working on bringing the others ‘to life’.

    P.S. Everyone who is part of this thread – I really like the sound of your characters 🙂

    ~ Laugh. Drink Coffee. Smile. And Write ~

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