Stuck at the end of my book…….anyone up for brainstorming?

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      Heya, guys!

      I’ve been plotting my current WIP for weeks now, and I’m almost completely finished. Except for this one part at the end I’m stuck with.

      Basically, the entire plot of the book is about an orphaned group of siblings (aged 21, 16, and 13) and their cousin are on a world wide search for the heritage of their family. (It’s similar to National Treasure and Indiana Jones in style, except with younger protagonists 😉 )

      The final act of the book is them finding the treasure/heritage’s location hidden deep in a cave. They are accompanied by three adults who joined in on their quest. But right before the enter the cave, they’re joined by the villain who holds the youngest sibling hostage until he finds the treasure for himself (he’s got a huge backstory and reason for wanting it, and if you want to hear it I’ll tell you XD)

      Anywho. They eventually find the treasure. And for a moment, everything is good. There is such adventure. Much wow.

      But that’s where I’m stuck!

      I’m really debating what will happen next. After all, the villain is with them. I mean, how will the good guys defeat him? And get away?

      The book has been really high powered all the way through. So it seems a dramatic, big ending (like the flood in the cave in National Treasure 2 or the whole temple collapsing in The Last Crusade) is really needed. If I read this as a reader, I’d be really disappointed if it wasn’t big and thrilling.

      But I don’t know what should happen!!! I’m not very good at plotting (miraculous I’ve made it this far), so coming up with “the stuff that happens” is my weak spot.

      Could I have some help brainstorming this final piece of the ending? (I’m not looking for tips though. Just actual ideas for what could happen. Tips generally don’t help me write better.) I really need some ideas to bounce off of.

      If I didn’t explain something good enough or you have a question about the plot, feel free to ask me too! 😀


      The Fledgling Artist

      @penny-wood I’m hanging around the forums anyways, so if I can be helpful I would love to try. 🙂
      Personally it’s difficult for me to give you any ideas since I don’t really know anything about your theme, setting, or characters. But I’ll do my best!

      "Where there are dreary streets come dance with me"



        @the-fledgling-artist Hey there! Thank you! That’s okay – I’m just really happy you want to help!

        Okay, I’ll try to explain the characters and setting and theme.

        First off, the characters. There’s a lot so I’ll try to go fast XD

        The MC is named Wyatt. He’s 16. He’s sweet, polite, and goofy to a fault. He usually cracks jokes at the worst times. He wants to find this treasure because he wants to find the last piece of his parents.

        His big brother, Matt ( 😀 ), is 21. He’s protective, strict, but also kind of sassy too. He likes to tease Wyatt some, but he would do anything to protect his siblings.

        Their 13 year old sister Beck, is very laid back, and can be a little gumpy. She’s also deaf.

        Their cousin Laurie is 16. She is loud, silly, and funny. She’s like a sister to the siblings.

        The three adults who join them are Elin (a young British woman who loves the kids), Hale (a grumpy historian who has OCD), and Nick (a disgruntled old archaeologist).

        The villain is not truly revealed until right before they get to the cave. He’s actually a close family friend, and he’s actually very funny, so it’s a shock when you find out he’s the villain. He and his son Nathan want the treasure to get revenge on Wyatt’s dad. The villain thinks that Wyatt’s dead dad was responsible for his wife’s death, so he’s getting revenge.

        Setting. It’s contemporary. It’s not fantasy, but it can be like National Treasure or maybe even a little like Indiana Jones. So it can be crazy and dramatic, but it cannot be fantasy.

        Theme……exactly what do you mean? I guess I’d say the theme is family.

        So. What do you think?


        The Fledgling Artist

        Okay, here are a few raindrops to get the brainstorm going. 😀

        1. (my favorite so far) What if they discover that the only way back out of the cave is to leave the treasure behind.
        2. Maybe there is some kind of creature in the cave they have to escape?
        3. They lose their source of light, and are lost in the dark cave
        4. one of the kids trips into a ditch and breaks their ankle or something
        5. actually the bad guy trips into the hole, and the kids have to help him because they don’t know the way out of the cave
        6. they can’t leave the cave because the forest surrounding the cave is on fire or something
        7. it’s storming outside and the cave is flooding

        (Sorry these took so long, I had to take a quick shower.)

        "Where there are dreary streets come dance with me"


        The Fledgling Artist

        @penny-wood I guess by theme I mean like, the questions or morals the story explores.

        Your characters sound cool!

        "Where there are dreary streets come dance with me"



          @the-fledgling-artist Ooohh, I LOVE these ideas!!! I took a screenshot of them for quick reference. These are starting to get the storm going……

          Also, oh yes. Okay now I know what you mean by theme. Well, it really looks at family. Your blood family, and then the family you adopt into yours. Also, revenge, letting go, and betrayal.

          And thank you! 😀

          Thanks so much for your ideas!! I love them!! 😀


          The Fledgling Artist

          @penny-wood Cool! Sounds exciting 😀
          I’m glad these were helpful! If you have any more questions I’ll do my best to help! ^-^

          "Where there are dreary streets come dance with me"



            @the-fledgling-artist Yes they were!! Thanks again!!! 😀



            @penny-wood Hi!

            Nice story! I just read all the posts and since your theme is family, I had a thought going off that and @the-fledgling-artist ‘s ideas, and thought I might share it.

            What if at the end, one of the siblings, does get injured and the other siblings suddenly have the choice to try to save the treasure from the bad guy, who sees his opportunity to snatch it away, or helping their injured sibling?

            Then it’s a choice showing what their priorities are – they don’t really care for the treasure that much… especially when their sibling is hurt. Aka: Family triumphs over money.

            Anyways, that’s one idea. 🙂


            The Fledgling Artist

            Ooh, I like Evelyn’s idea! That way the theme can tie into the ending.

            "Where there are dreary streets come dance with me"


            Parker Hankins

            @penny-wood, I really don’t have much advice for this right now, but I want to say that this book IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!! It sounds really cool, and it’s the genre of books I love!!

            Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.



              @evelyn Hi, Evelyn! Sorry for my late reply, but I love your idea!!! I think I’m going to combine your idea along with #7 and #1 from @the-fledgling-artist ideas. I think it’s going to end up cool! Thanks so much for your ideas! They really helped me!!! 😀



                @parker Hey there, Parker! Forgive my late reply! But THANK YOU!!! Your words really encouraged me!!! I really appreciate that! I also love books in that genre too 😀


                Parker Hankins

                @penny-wood, that’s all right! My pleasure! That’s awesome!!

                Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.



                @penny-wood Awesome! Glad to be of help! 🙂

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