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    I, David

    It’s okay, @ericawordsmith. I think everyone is just getting busier over time. 🙂 Great addition, too.

    "Lately, I've been- I've been thinking... I want you to be Happier... I want you to be Happier."



      @i-david Yes… I’m guessing everybody is dying under the fatal weight of school and whatever falls under etc.

      We’re trying to move right now… getting inspections done on Monday and that topped with everything else that is in the package of graduating sort of pushed the writing off until a random free fifteen minutes.

      But anyway, thanks! I’m definitely #stillin!!! I’m enjoying this. 🙂

      Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!


      Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)

      Just let me know when it’s my turn.

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      S.F. Dekreel

      @thewirelessblade  I think it’s your turn now. . .

      ENFP-T. Cartoonist, "half-writer", wolfish.


      Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)

      (Okay, let’s get creative. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha)

      “Adelaide! Ainsley! Run!” A voice right behind him yelled. Adelaide’s eyes shrunk back to normal and her brows furrowed.

      “Farhan! Let him go.” Adelaide grabbed the hand of the stranger. “He is the Last Hope.”

      “Oh. Oops, sorry.” David turned around to find, much to his surprise, a fox standing behind him. As if this day wasn’t crazy enough!

      The fox in question stood a foot smaller than David. He had red fur, was wearing almost entirely black, and was wearing gloves. “You’re okay, right?” Farhan asked.

      David just nodded.

      “Okay, good.” Farhan sighed a little. He held out his paw. “Farhan, though you already know that. And you?”

      David slowly took his paw and shook it lightly. “David.”

      “David. Right, I’ll try to remember that.” David let go of Farhan’s paw. “Sorry for the scare. I thought you were trying to hurt the others.” David just nodded again. What was gonna happen next?



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      #STILLIN xD I’m sorry it took this long!

      ‘It’s allright, Farhan. We might still be in need of your bravery. It wont be long,’ Adelaide sighed before she glanced at David. ‘May I ask you something, Bruce?’

      ‘Sure,’ David glared at the fox that send him an apologizing grin.

      ‘Are you carrying something with you?’

      David raised his eyebrows as he looked at the peculiar woman. Her silver eyes had a certain kind of worry he had only seen once before. Did she know who he really was? ‘I won’t answer your question till you answer mine.’


      She knew his real name! He took a step back. He should’ve known these people were not to be trusted. ‘How do you know me? Where am I really?’

      ‘I told you about the prophecy.’

      ‘Where am I?!’

      The ground shook with a mighty force. David would’ve thought it was his shouting that caused it, if it wasn’t for the way everyone around him reacted.

      ‘O dear, not again,’ the fox mumbled as he hid behind Adelaide.

      ‘Did you steal from the tsar?’ Adelaide’s voice trembled as she grabbed his hand, ‘we don’t have much time. tell me!’

      David could feel the little stolen treasure burn in his pocket. The tsar that lived at the heart of the misty valleys had all his men looking for him. Just because he had stolen a little piece of technology that was worth more money than the entire country he lived in.

      Adelaide pinched his arm even harder as dark clouds hovered over them.

      ‘Yes,’ he blurted out.

      She sighed in relief and loosened her grip, ‘they’re coming for you. I’m going to have to send you back now. Your pursuers can walk into my portal just as easily as you did.’

      Portal? Poral to where?

      ‘This will be the future, David. If you don’t do anything to stop it.’

      No. That was impossible. This couldn’t be the future. Everything looked like it came out of a fairytale. He barely heard the crackling of the trees as his thoughts ran wild.

      Then Nature turn Her back and trees and homes abruptly fall. I have so much I want to tell you. There’s no time. Ainsley, guide him, take his hand.’ Adelaide’s voice was nothing but a whisper as Ainsley’s burned hand glided into David’s.

      A flash and David was back where he started. Gone was the luscious meadow and back were the dreary rainclouds. Before him lay a dark forest and behind him were the steeps cliffs. The only proof of what just happened was the little girl who’s scarred hands held onto his.


      “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”



      That ended up a little longer than I thought it would. Sorry guys…

      @i-david Your turn!

      “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”


      I, David

      Understood. Thanks, @lin!

      "Lately, I've been- I've been thinking... I want you to be Happier... I want you to be Happier."


      E.B. Raulands

      @i-david, @lin, @thewirelessblade, @ericawordsmith, @introverted-elf, @bama-rose, @emgc, @dekreel


      To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.


      E.B. Raulands

      Sorry, didn’t mean to barge in or shout, but I’ve been following the story and just realized it’s been awhile since the last addition.

      To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.


      I, David

      GooDNESS, it was my turn, wasn’t it?






      It’s been too late for me. My chance passed. Whoever’s next can take the reins (and better than myself, I might add).

      "Lately, I've been- I've been thinking... I want you to be Happier... I want you to be Happier."




        What? No, unless you’re busy, you’re the one who coined #stillin so you need to be #stillin. This is your second turn to skip and I must say I’m feeling rather stern towards this skippishness.

        Just teasing. XD

        @whoever’s next if @i-david doesn’t want to go/doesn’t have time, step up to the plate… I don’t remember who that is…

        And thank you @e-b-raulands , I keep thinking that I needing to figure out who was next, so thanks for doing it for me. 😀

        Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!


        I, David

        Not busy, just… bad?

        Yeah, I’m sorry for that, I just feel so lost with the story and unable to helpfully contribute. I’m more of a #stillin moral support, I guess, so you’re teasing isn’t wrong.

        Many apologies.

        "Lately, I've been- I've been thinking... I want you to be Happier... I want you to be Happier."


        Bama Rose

        Yay! This is up and running again!

        Here is the list order of people.

        Story-Go-Round (SE forum) Participant Order
        1. E. Grace
        2. Erica Wordsmith
        3. Thomas
        4. Lin
        5. I, David
        6. Introverted Elf
        7. Bama Rose
        8. Rae Marie
        9. Michaela
        10. S.F. Dekreel

        So… Introverted Elf is next! (Sorry, I don’t know your tag! 😝)

        @e-b-raulands thanks for the reminder!

        How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great. -Bill Bennot



          #StillOut. I’m taking a break off of writing in general; I’m not quite caught up in the reading, but I’ve been enjoying your story a lot! Great job, guys!

        Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 174 total)

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