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      Hey Ya’ll!

      I’ve got an idea. What if we started a story-go-round? One of us would write the beginning of a story (maybe a paragraph’s-worth), then someone else would write the second paragraph, etc. until we have a story. We could do it by sharing a word document (or through google docs). I think it would be a fun way to get our creative wheels turning and find out about each of our writing styles!


      S.F. Dekreel

      @mgtask  Oh, that’s a great idea!! 😀 I’m in.

      ENFP-T. Cartoonist, "half-writer", wolfish.


      Introverted Elf

        @mgtask  So, each of us would write about a paragraph each? Either way, it sounds fun. 😀  I’d love to be part of it.  It’ll be like co-authoring a book together or something.

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        I, David

        This sounds very interesting. Count me in.

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        E. Grace

        Oh, we do this at home all the time!  I’d like to give it a try.

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          @introverted-elf Yes, that’s what I was thinking, unless any of you think more would be a better idea.



            So, who wants to go first? Whoever wants to start can make a word or google docs document, write their part, and share it in this forum. Then, whoever’s next can add their part within the document. We could either tag people to go next or they could just pop in at whatever point in the story they want. The question is, how long should the story be? Does anyone have ideas for a word-count range?


            Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)

            Count me in!

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            Introverted Elf

              Okay! I could do Google Docs cuz I have an account already.  But if not everybody does, it could be easier to a Microsoft document.  IDK about a word count; it could get as long as possible, and I’d be fine with that! 😀

              Tolkien/Batson book lover, anime fangirl, TLoZ, SW, SC fan, Stirlingite, Owl Citizen, Team Grimmie \|/



                Could I do it?? My one question… Do I have to give my email for this? Otherwise… I have a no sharing my email online policy…


                Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!



                I’d love to be a part of this!

                INFP-T. Christ follower, music lover, a dreamer of Middle Earth..........



                  @introverted-elf Great! Personally, I vote Microsoft Word, because I have more experience with it and just in case other people (without Google Docs) might join in. I agree on the word count – we’ll just see how long it gets!



                    @ericawordsmith Sure! You don’t need to share your email; we can just share the document hear on the forum.


                    I, David

                    May I suggest an alternative?


                    1. We simply use the thread for the story. I think that’d be all-around easier.

                    2. We take a list of names for everyone who wants to participate. This list would be better on a doc, and could be constantly added to (or taken from) as more people joined (or left). That list of names would be the order in which we go. Quite simple, quite easy for everyone.

                    3. When it is your turn to post–and I’ll bold this for emphasis–you should only get 2 to 3 days to add your part. The reason for this being that if someone doesn’t show-up or post for a while, we just skip them and move on to the next person so that no one really has to wait. Anyone skipped will still get their turn once it comes back around, but this rule would just be here to keep the story going and engaged for everyone.


                    @me if you have any more questions, and let me know what you think about using these rules.

                    "Lately, I've been- I've been thinking... I want you to be Happier... I want you to be Happier."



                    O I love this idea! I agree with @i-david though. Doing it on a thread might be easier for everyone.

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                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 174 total)

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