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      This question is probably for you or Josiah.

      I’m starting a t-shirt business, and I wanted to do ones for writers. I liked some of the ones NaNoWriMo had, but I didn’t really want to support them much because I don’t agree with some of their principles.

      It didn’t look like you guys had t-shirts or other merchandise for Story Embers. Is that true? If so, would you mind me making some?

      It’s just a thought. I’d like to hear your opinion and ideas.

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      Josiah DeGraaf

      Hi @arindown!

      We’ve largely stayed away from creating T-shirts/merchandise here at Story Embers since in our experience at other sites, we haven’t found that they’ve been worth the time & cost for us–though we do offer some exclusive merch options to our supporters at Patreon! I don’t know that we’re looking at licensing the use of our brand to third parties at this time unfortunately, so we’re probably going to have to pass on that offer, but I do think that creating T-shirts for writers in general would be a great idea! Thanks for asking, and I hope your T-shirt business goes well!

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      Brianna Storm Hilvety

      @arindown As Josiah explained, we don’t have any current plans to branch into merchandise, but if we ever do, either I (as graphics director) or Mariposa (as the graphic designer under me) would likely create the items. Thanks for the offer, though.

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        @Josiah @briannastorm

        Thanks guys, I totally understand. I’d like to see you guys do t-shirts in the future though…I’d wear my support of how awesome StoryEmbers is.😉

        Live doing what you love. Die doing what you love. Do what you love for the Master.

        Selah CJW

        @arindown  @josiah  @briannastorm

        I would, too! If SE gets big enough or has the ability to do so in the future, that’d be way beyond cool. And I’d wear them everywhere! 🙂

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      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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