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    Like i’ve said.. poetry is not my thing… so this may be really bad.. XD

    Lonesome Christmas

    Snowflakes falling

    Carolers calling

    Twinkling lights

    Darkening skies

    Christmas cheer

    For all to hear

    Then why do I sit

    So quiet, so stiff?


    Present wrapping

    Family laughing

    Holding hands

    Snuggling close

    Ornaments tingling

    Bells jingling

    Then just me

    Nowhere near.

    E.B. Raulands

    I think this is a good start for a poem! I like the short line lengths and the fact that you have parallelism with the -ing words throughout the poem! Did you have any specific concerns about this portion of the poem? Will there be additional stanzas?

    (Oh, just in case you were wondering who this person is who just came barging into the thread, I’m Bree.)

    To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.


    @e-b-raulands Thank you!

    Um… i don’t know, like i said i don’t know poetry. And there was supposed to be more.. but i quit on it.

    (Hehe, that’s fine, you didn’t barge in, i’m happy for someone to at least read it. Ah, okay. Nice to meet you Bree. =))


    @katthewriter I LOVE this poem! The rhythm is very unique and adds a nice flavor to it. The words get you into the vibe of Christmas, but then you get this little sadness at the end of each line. I love love love it!!!

    Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂 https://sevenbillionsmiles.home.blog


    Aw, thank you @Emma-starr !! 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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