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    Macey Bourque

    Hi. πŸ™‚ So, my characters are going on a quest. There are two older twin boys and their younger sister, who is about 6-7 years old. Natasha, the younger sister, has been chosen as a ‘prophecy fulfillment’ kinda gal, and I don’t know how she would react to being ‘chosen’ or going on an adventure to save another realm! Or what her personality would be. Does anyone have any ideas or little kids as characters of their own? I could use some ideas. πŸ™‚

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    Hi! I’m writing a child character myself (actually two of them) so perhaps I can help.

    To me, the Chosen One ‘prophecy fulfillment’ type of plot allows for themes that relate to growing up, maturing and dependence on God and getting the support of other people since it involves the character taking on a responsibility that is much bigger than him or herself. I think thrusting such a responsibility onto such a small child (not a teenager!) can be interesting. πŸ˜›

    I think the first thing you can do is do some research on the different types of personalities/temperaments that children can have. If you have little siblings/know of young neighbours/kids at church, you can just take some time to observe how they behave and interact. If not you can always refer to online resources like this that may help.

    The next thing that I suggest is to figure out what are the themes you wish to touch on in your story. From there you can plan Natasha’s character arc thus decide how she should be at the beginning.Β For example, if you want to explore the dangers of pride etc., you can make Natasha a little spoiled and arrogant in the beginning and then when she learns that she is the Chosen One (and thus “special”), she may let it get to her head and think that everything should go her way and everyone should do as she says.

    Alternatively, if you are going for a “Let no one despise your youth” kind of story, you can make Natasha shyer and more uncertain and perhaps overdependent on her older brothers at the start so she reacts to the prophecy with great fear and doubt and is very intimidated and easily influenced by (sometimes misguided or ill-intentioned) adults. Then as the story goes on she can grow in confidence and strength to show that even children can be shining lights in the world.

    Princess Foo

    @fawxofthecomics I have seven younger siblings, and the youngest is… 8? I think. It’s hard to remember when they were 6-7 because you don’t notice them growing up, but here is what I would say.

    Younger kids around that age with older siblings don’t really know what they like yet, so they like what their older siblings like. If the older siblings like football, the youngest will like football.

    They have personalities like regular people. They do tend to be more dependent on older family members, but they can be talkative or shy, artistic or athletic.

    I don’t think a Chosen One of that age would really understand what that means, unless she is unusually mature. As I said, they are dependent on older people and mimic them to understand the world. They can’t make important decisions on their own yet, and would most likely try and choose what they think will please their older siblings.

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    @valtmy I love those ideas! Personality theory fascinates me!

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    I think you’ve already gotten some really good advice! Also, it could have a little of the dynamics of the siblings in “Series of Unfortunate Events” in that the older ones are very intent on protecting the younger, innocent one.

    Also it makes me think of the Pevensie siblings- Lucy is finding her way and her faith, and her older siblings have to gradually discover she is someone to be respected.

    I like the idea of it going to her head. What if she felt really overlooked, and being “Chosen” suddenly gave her a reason to be special? Because before that she never felt that way.

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