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    Emma Starr

    Hey, guys! Lately, I’ve been experimenting with some silly poetry. (It’s sort of half bad poetry, half good poetry…I’m not sure how to explain it). I’m interested in your opinons. 😉

    ALSO, if any of y’all have been writing silly poetry, showcase it on this thread! Weirdness and silliness are welcome!!

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    A Tragic Tale or

    George McMearly’s Rooster


    There once was a man,

    A Scot hailed George McMearly,

    And he had a pet rooster,

    Whom he loved dearly.


    In the night, when the rooster

    Perched on George’s bed,

    Cardinal comb sagged on his breast,

    All bad dreams fled.


    When light kissed the rooftops,

    The rooster dashed out his doggy door,

    And mounted on the rusty rail,

    Letting his vocal range soar.


    The neighborhood would rouse

    After the rooster’s first stirring notes,

    Then George would stumble out

    To feed his cows and his goats.


    Breakfast between these two

    Was a never a pompous affair;

    George was fond of cornflakes,

    And the rooster spilled them everywhere.


    George was never angry

    With his noisy, clumsy rooster;

    George had his own flaws,

    Like neglecting to clean the juicer.


    Their life was paradise:

    Companionship at its best.

    But when George’s rooster fell ill,

    Their life became filled with unrest.


    Tending at the rooster’s bedside,

    George would never leave.

    When the rooster’s tail began to droop,

    George sobbed into his sleeve.


    At long last, the rooster lay still

    With foggy, unseeing eyes,

    And though George had tried everything,

    He knew his rooster had died.


    After that dire day,

    George dug a tiny grave.

    Weeping, he buried the body

    That he wished he could have saved.


    And now every morning by the rail,

    As first light appears above,

    George McMearly plays his bagpipes,

    In honor of his rooster, whom he loved.


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    Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂

    Leon Fleming


    XD!!! This is very well done! I love it! It’s kinda like a poem written in a serious tone – as if it’s all normal – but all about something totally ridiculous. It’s a masterpiece of humour!

    You know, that’s a good idea; I might try it sometime.

    -This is REALLY enjoyable to read!-

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    @emma-starr AAAAughhh

    It’s so good! XDXD

    I love it!

    K. A. Grey

      @emma-starr   Ahahaha!  Bagpipes. 😆  Well done!

      Another silly one for you:

      I found a caterpillar in my meal.

      (I’m sure they’re not good to eat.)

      ‘Cause when I was swallowing

      my last bit of spinach,

      It tickled my throat with its feet.

      "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
      “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”


      @emma-starr Aw, that poem was so sad… I started reading intending to have a good laugh, but my heart ended up sobbing with poor George….not that that’s a bad thing, though – it’s such a sweet little poem 🙂 I love it, Emma <3 It’s been forever since we’ve talked, but I’m so glad you tagged me.  I’ve been inactive on SE for too long 🙂

      @k-a-grey Haha, that such a cute poem 🙂 I love the last line – your ideas are so creative!

      I wrote this a long time ago, but thought I’d share it for fun.

      Burnin’ n Bakin’

      A pinch of this, a dab of that
      Into the mixing bowl,
      Then stir until you cain’t no more,
      With all your heart and soul.

      This recipe to good success
      To many lives has bring’d
      A sense of hope with smells o’ joy—
      When baking tunes is sing’d.

      The scent o’ sweet fresh bread, homemade
      A loner’s heart can cheer
      It saves him from the pit of gloom
      And from the shame of beer.

      So here’s to yous a message plain
      To all who burn and bake
      Keep up your work and think to put
      Some love in what you make.

      "Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

      Andrew Schmidt

        @emma-starr: awesome and humorous poem! I really liked the rooster. Great job!

        @k-a-grey: the caterpillar in the meal, I love it!

        @libby: “This recipe to good success” – great poem! Very creative!


        I really like all your poems, Emberlings! 😀

        ISFP. Artistic, redheaded, nature-loving, crazy writer! The Red Fox - favorite animal of mine in Indiana.

        Emma Starr

        @w-o-holmes Thanks!! I’m so glad you liked it–I can see that you understand the poem and thought behind it. 😀

        @evelyn I’m glad you enjoyed it. ;P

        @k-a-grey I LOVE IT. XD When I read the last line I was like, oh no…OH MY.

        @libby I’m sorry it made you sad!!! I didn’t mean to make you cry!! lol I like your poem–it’s cute and sounds like a poem a Southern momma might quote. 😉 Do you blog anywhere? I just started a blog in May!! (If you would check it out, I would be SO happy to see what you think.) Also, if you want to stay connected outside of SE, I’d be happy to share my email. 🙂

        @andrew Thanks!



        Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂

        Leon Fleming



        K. A. Grey

          @emma-starr @libby @andrew   Thanks!

          @libby   What a sweet poem!  Makes me hungry for a slice of bread. 😉

          "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
          “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”


          @andrew @k-a-grey @emma-starr Thank you guys 🙂

          @emma-starr Don’t be sorry – I love your poem a lot <3 😉 Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m following your blog XD I don’t blog, though I’ve thought about starting one before.  Right now, life is a bit busy, but I might think about it during Christmas break 🙂
          I’d love to keep in touch with you!  Here’s my email:

          "Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

          Emma Starr

          @libby Yes!!! Thank you so much! Your support means a lot to me. <3 <3 <3 <3

          If you start a blog, I’ll be your first follower. 😉

          I’ll shoot you an email!

          Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂


          @emma-starr  Very good! I really enjoyed reading it, with it’s blend of humor and pathos. Go girl! 🙂

          @libby I really like yours!! 🙂

          @k-a-grey And yours was funny!

          It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you guys @libby @emma-starr.

          Psalm 119:11
          Your word I have hidden in my heart,
          That I might not sin against You.

          K. A. Grey

            Planting a Garden

            Mommy and Daddy decided to plant a garden,

            And they made me help.

            I didn’t wanna help, and I told them so.

            I said maybe we should harvest kelp

            Like the people who live by the sea.

            But they said no.

            They never listen to me.


            So we planted beans and tomatoes

            and squash and cabbages

            and cucumbers and peas

            and eggplant.  I hate eggplant.

            I said we should have planted potatoes

            Because I like french fries.

            But they said eggplant is good for you.

            I said french fries were good for me, too.

            But Mommy shook her head and Daddy frowned.

            So I just began to dig up the ground.


            And we planted ’em in rows.

            “Keep those rows straight, son.”

            And we watered ’em with the hose.

            “Davy dear, don’t make mud.”

            And we waited and we waited

            And we waited for ’em to grow.


            And we pulled weeds

            And plucked the caterpillars off

            And I put some down Mom’s back and on her hat–

            But I got spanked for that.


            And the vegetables all grew and grew

            And they finally got ripe,

            And I was so happy we didn’t have to

            Weed ’em and water ’em anymore,

            But then we had to pick ’em

            And can ’em and cook ’em;

            And then when that was over

            I was so happy we were done

            So I could get back to my fun.


            But you know what my parents did?

            After all that work for those vegetables,

            After I helped plant ’em,

            and weed ’em and water ’em

            and pick ’em and can ’em,

            You know what my parents did?

            THEY MADE ME EAT ‘EM!

            "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
            “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”

            Leon Fleming


            This. is. hilarious! What made you think of it? Did this come from experience…? When did you write it? If it was in the box for that long then why didn’t you bring it out?!! Wait…pardon; you didn’t tell me when you wrote it *weak laugh*

            K. A. Grey

              @w-o-holmes    My dear fellow, you mustn’t jump to conclusions. I posted almost as soon as I wrote it out.  😏

              Yes, it is partly from experience.  Our family has planted several gardens over the past summers, although we haven’t done so for a few years.  My mom was talking about wanting to plant another one, and my sister and I protested.  That’s when I came up with the line, “No way!  All that work, and then you’ll make us eat them!”  So that’s the story.

              "Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
              “Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”

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