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    @sam-kowal That sounds like a seriously cool premise for a book!

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.


    @josiah Thanks, Josiah!

    My favorite business lit (right now) is anything by Jon Acuff or Laura Vanderkam. (I guess LV is more of a productivity expert, but I lump them together.) I can’t recommend Finish, by Jon Acuff, and 168 Hours, by Laura Vanderkam, enough!

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.

    Josiah DeGraaf

    @naomijackson Cool; thanks for the recommendations! Since I’ve ended up becoming an unexpected entrepreneur these past couple years, I’ve been trying to read more business lit lately. I’ll add those to my list. 🙂

    Lit fanatic. Eclectic reader. Theology nerd. Writing fantasy at https://josiahdegraaf.com

    Sarah Narnathron

    Hello, Naomi! Nice to meet you!

    Congratulations on having an actual published book! What’s it about, if I may ask? Also, highfive for a fellow former-child-published-in-Highlights. 😀

    Welcome to the masquerade.


    @sarah-narnathron *high fives back*

    My first book is about a girl named Liz and a boy named Tim, who find a magical portal and discover that Liz is the queen of Lufrednow. So, you’re typical portal fantasy, but I had a lot of fun making a whole bunch of fun places and characters. 😉 *is really bad at self promotion*

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.



    Hi! Randomish fact: I also squish spiders for fun. Then chase my sister around with its guts on my finger/paper towel. It’s surprisingly fun. 😀

    Florida! THAT’S SO COOL!!! I’ve never been to Florida before, but I’m planning on moving there soon 😀 (I’m 12, by the way) What’s your favorite place/beach there?

    You’re not bad at self-promoting! That sounds like tons of fun! When I was just a little younger I used to dream of finding portals into other worlds and I loved reading books like that (and occasionally still do, actually!)

    You started writing when you were seven!??!! That’s CRAZY!!! I started writing at 11 and I was the earliest writer I’d ever heard of… but seven?  That’s awesome girl.

    Anyway, welcome to Story Embers!!! Have you gotten into a guild yet or are you still waiting?  (also, are you in any other writing community’s?)


    I just realized I never said hello to you on here, Naomi! Hi!


    INTP. Writer of fantasy and sci-fi. Wannabe artist. Anime geek. Merakian.


    @ashlyvye Howdy!

    hmmm…choosing a favorite place/beach in Florida is WAY TOO HARD. I love Harns Marsh, 6 Mile Cypress, Bowditch Point, Fort Desoto, Captiva…etc etc etc. Is your family moving to Florida soon or is Florida just on your list of places you want to live? Where do you live now?

    I did start writing at seven! I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have dated papers and my dad’s testimony. I’m all like…wow. I was SO AMBITIOUS. XD Actually it wasn’t ambitious so much as just NEEDING to write. Writing for me is like breathing. I have to do it, or I get sick. 😉

    I am in Avensbeck! You?

    I’m not in any other writing communities, but I do hang out a lot on my Instagram. (Don’t we all….)

    It was great getting to *virtually* meet you! XD

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.


    @elizabeth Hey! I bet you can tell I’m on Instagram waaaaay more than on Story Embers, lol. XD

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.



    I’m in Rillumen, but I’ve heard that Avensbeck has some awesome people in it, good luck on there!

    My family is in Canada right now, so far away from Florida but I do live on a beach here in Canada (I live on a beach where I can see the US on the other side, on Lake Huron I think)  and now I’m obsessed with beaches, and my family is planning to move there soon so… 😀

    (super hard question coming up…)  So, what’s your current WiP?


    @ashlyvye Wow, Canada to Florida is a big move! What part of Canada are you looking at moving to?

    I love Avensbeck!

    That is a hard question because I have several projects going on at once. 😉

    1) My book Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are is coming out in paperback in August, so I’m up to my eyebrows in prep.

    2) I’m writing a rough draft for a fantasy/sci-fi/steam punk novel. It’s NOT something I’m really supposed to be working on right now…I’ve been working on it off and on for eight years, and it’s gone through…hmm…27 incarnations (that I can count off the top of my head). More of a pleasure project/ongoing hobby than an actual WIP. 😉

    3) A book code-named Operation October that’s supposed to be published in October 2019 (and that I’m SUPPOSED to be working on!!!!!!) It’s a magical realism/fantasy set in Florida. 😉

    What about you?

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.


    @naomijacckson  I’m going to assume you mean what part of Florida I’m moving to, in which case I believe it’s somewhere in Sarasota, or on the outskirts of it.

    Oo, those sound really cool!  Are you keeping everything about Operation October a secret, or are you still waiting for the right title to come to mind?

    My WiP is a novella I’m calling (for now) The Powerless, because when I started writing it I thought the main character was going to have no superpowers, then I gave her powers, then I switched the main character to someone I thought would be like the sidekick.  I just realized that sounds very superhero-y, it’s not!  Everyone in this world has powers, so there are no superhero’s or cliche powers… For a while now I’ve been calling the genre a Dystopian Science-Fantasy, but I just realized it’s actually called High/Epic Fantasy.  But I’m going to call it Epic Fantasy, because of the Reckoners Series by Brandon Sanderson… *hem*  Have you read The Reckoners series or anything by Sanderson?  If not (or if so) then who’s your favorite author?

    Sarah vdH

    Hello @naomijackson

    I have to agree with you about the forums 🙂 Yet here I am!

    Anyway.. It’s so cool that you have a book published! I once got a tongue twister published in Highlights, but that is the extent of my writing ‘career’ so far.

    It's a dangerous business, going out your door... who knows where you'll end up.


    @naomijackson Hi! *waves* It’s super cool that you’re not a procrastinator like so many of us and that you actually have stuff published. When I read about your Wip coming out in October 2019 I thought the name of it was Operation October and I was like ‘that’s a cool name.’ Then I realized that probably wasn’t actually the name… o_o

    Nola? AZELINE!!! For ChristWard!


    @ashlyvye Hahahaha, yeah, I meant which part of Florida! XD Sarasota is a great area, we go there on day trips to museums and gardens! I’m in the Fort Myers area so less than two hours away. 🙂

    Your work in progress sounds so cool! And I sympathize with the genre confusion…I never know what genre to call my books. *sigh*

    I called my WIP by a code name because…if I tell the mass population (read: people who don’t write themselves and/or don’t understand the process) I end up getting WAAAAAAAY too much unsolicited advice. Also…the book I planned on publishing in October 2019 may very well not be written then, and a *different* book may take it’s place in the publication schedule. So I didn’t want to release too many details cause it could get super confusing.

    The book I’m HOPING to publish (and what I originally code named Operation October) is a magical realism with the real title Secret of the Glades. It’s set in Florida and deals with what it would be like if the Water of Life was real and is being protected by WindWalkers (mythical Tequesta warriors). It combines my family lore, Florida lore, and Aztec lore. Plus a little Irish legend because–Suprise!–there are Irish Werewolves involved. (The Irish Werewolf legends pre-date and are much different than the modern horror/macabre lore that started coming to the fore during the 1920’s silent movie era. In Ireland, the werewolves were seen as benevolent spirits that would protect the forest and/or widows and children who became lost there. So, super cool dudes. XD)

    You’re now in very deep on this secret project! But I do like talking about my projects…just with people who will understand. (I told three people outside of my normal writer friends about this book and all three told me I shouldn’t have werewolves because kids won’t read books with werewolves. Yeah. I didn’t even want to explain how not true that was…)

    Okay, book ramble over! I haven’t read anything by Sanderson, but I’ve been hearing more and more about him so I’m putting him on my TBR. My favorite author? I’m going to have to go with C. S. Lewis. Always and forever, Narnia. 😉

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.

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