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    What are the theological ramifications of (relation)shipping two baby Christian characters? In my opinion it’s better than a mature believer and a baby Christian, but I’m wondering if it should be done at all? Thoughts? Comments? I’m really open to discussion here 🙂


    Cassandra Hamm

    @skye I’m down for it. Like you said, it’s way better than a mature Christian and a baby Christian (which I see waaaaay too often -_-). I don’t see a problem with it. People who are at the same spiritual level are the best people to be together. Then you grow together. Yeah, baby Christians are going to make lots of mistakes (which is why they’re some of my favorite characters to write, haha), but that’s life. Everyone makes mistakes. *shrugs* hope that makes sense. XD

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    Couldn’t help but overhear this. Must say, I read the title in all the wrong ways at first… eh heh. X’D

    Just wanted to say that if you were to run with this, it’d be very natural for a lot of young-Christian-struggles to arise in this relationship. It’d probably run its course with lots of tests, trials, highs, and lows. Lots to work in the ways of faith, character, and relationship. The need for faithful counselors is real.


    Anne of Lothlorien

    @skye – I do agree with the others in that it would be better than getting married to someone who is extremely more mature than you, but I also think that if you’re both at the baby stage, you might not want to get married until you mature more and grow in your faith. Starting off the second most major commitment in your life without fully understanding the most important one could lead to some very bad consequences. If you have two characters that are baby Christians and falling in love, which I also I think is very natural, then I would suggesting having them hold off being serious or getting married until they’ve had time to mature and grow in Christ first.

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    Anne of Lothlorien

    @skye Also, I totally did what @-i-david did. Thought it was like, like, deporting little Christian children or something, and then I was thinking something to do with the Catholic church and how they baptize babies… context is everything! 😀

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    @anne-of-lothlorien Yes, but in a story not everything has to be “perfect”. Characters make mistakes in stories and they fall short of our wisdom and expectations. The point is to be realistic and honest about what such relationships usually entail. If you’re shipping (marrying) two baby Christians, be honest about the tensions and struggles of that relationship. For example, when they first get started in their marriage, they will likely relate to each other like a pair of unbelievers in their marriage. They will have a lot of idols to sort through. Their relationship may even be toxic where one partner demands something of the other that the other person won’t give, and they may have to sort through the consequences.

    The same is true of a mature Christian marrying a less mature Christian as well – the more mature Christian will likely be unsatisfied in their marriage and try to “fix” the less mature person, to the less mature person’s resentment. Quarrels will result. Another problem may be that the less mature partner lashes out at the mature one for being too legalistic. Etc. The less mature partner may drag the mature one into sin!

    The problem becomes when you don’t portray these relationships realistically, which is tempting (especially for the romantic ones, those chemicals are little liars) and do the “two baby Christians got married and everything is great and everyone lives happily ever after!” bit. Nobody lives happily ever after in a marriage, even one between two mature Christians, for one thing. For another, these relationships tend to have the problems described above, and they will come up – the sin nature is what it is.

    However, if you portray the romantic faults of the relationship realistically, it will serve as a cautionary tale against such ill-advised marriages, and your story will be God-honoring, for you may save some poor soul some pain and trouble.

    As for theological teaching on marriage, the gold standard is here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+7&version=NASB Please note the actual statement of the passage that it is actually better for two baby Christians to marry (and brave the relationship fires above!) than it is for them to descend into sexual immorality! That’s the biblical wisdom on the subject – if they can wait and grow up in Christ before taking the plunge, they should. If they can’t, though, it’s okay, and God will honor their choice to evade immorality and control themselves.

    Here’s a rule of thumb that I use for writing my stories: if evil, be honest. Evil is okay to write as long as you’re honest about its effects – don’t lie to people and say that it’s good for you. Show the reader where the evil you’re contemplating really ends up.

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    I absolutely agree with @myclipboardismyviolin and the context of what Scripture says about this. Right on!

    And I took this title a totally different way, as well. Lol! All kinds of really weird ideas.

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