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    This sounds like a great idea!! Don’t have time to read up on the posts, but I’d love to be involved. 😀

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    Selah CJW

    @gabriellepollack  And humor boards! Like, writing-inspiring humor! 😛

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    Gabrielle Pollack

    @morreafirebird Hey, that’s a legitimate motivation. XD If this board can help SE and SE subscribers gain more exposure, then that’s awesome! 😀

    Haha, that one was mentioned a bit, too. 🙂


    @gabriellepollack, I’m still getting my Pinterest account sorted out and when I do, I’ll join this!

    Right now I’m drooling over SE’s Character Inspiration section on Pinterest!


    @gabriellepollack          I’m very active on pinterest. I currently use it for personal use but I’ll be switching to pro soon.

    A collaborative Pinterest board is a great idea!

    🤔 If I got this right, you’ll be making a board and adding different themed sections to account for people’s different interest.

    Other than the ideas already mentioned, some sections I would like to see are creature inspiration, writing tips, world building and reading recommendations.

    I don’t call myself an artist, more of a casual doodler. But I have a board dedicated to tutorials and references. If need be, I’d be happy to help with the art section.

    (งᴗᗝᴗ)ง Oh and btw I love organizing, so if you ever need any help, just ask. Just thought I’d put that out there. 😁

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    Linyang Zhang

    @gabriellepollack I’d love to join in. I know that @corkybookworm has an account, too.

    As for ideas for boards, as I was looking above, I already have three boards for writing: one for character inspiration, one for prompts, and one for random writing thing.

    Also the idea for different sections sounds like a great idea.

    I like having interesting facts for different writing situations that could possibly come up. But currently I don’t have anything else to suggest.

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    @gabriellepollack I mostly use Pinterest for procrastination fun. 😛
    I think this is a good idea and would like to help. Everyone has some great ideas. 😀

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    @devastate-lasting This sounds like such a great idea! Thanks for making me aware of it!

    Yeah, I have boards of creatures that help me with world building and a few that are like picture prompts and one for character inspirations, too. Love this idea!!




    Gabrielle Pollack

    @millennium-m Cool! 😀 Yay, I’m glad you like them. 🙂

    Though I have used sections for SE boards, I’m not sure if I’d like to create a sectioned group board. It would make it harder for me to regulate, and I haven’t seen sections in many popular group boards. However, it’s a good thought so I will look into it. 🙂 And thanks for the organization offer. 🙂

    *just realized there are a few other Pinterest people I haven’t tagged* *Facepalm* @Jane-maree @Jes-penrose @epicaddie2 @overcomer @livgiordano @faith Just so you all know, I’m working on setting up a collaborative Pinterest board for SE subscribers and forum members. More info is in the original post. 🙂


    @gabriellepollack, I am now on Pinterest and am joining this.


    I’m in! I have a Pinterest page, and I am with anyone who wants character inspiration. also writing prompts.

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    I’d love to join!

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    This sounds like an awesome idea, @gabriellepollack . I’m very fond of Pinterest and like to pin unusual words, scenery, prompts, and other writing inspiration. I would be happy to help if I can. 🙂

    Selah CJW

    @gabriellepollack  When are you planning to set this up?

    Assistant Guildmaster of the Phantom Awesome Meraki
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    Gabrielle Pollack

    Thanks for all your feedback, guys! 😀 This is how it’s going to work:

    I will set up two boards dedicated to writing. The first will be for writing tips, posts, articles, etc. so we can compile cool articles and promote each other.

    The second will be dedicated to story inspiration. 😀 I think we will center it around character inspiration, scene inspiration, writing prompts, costume inspiration, etc.  (I will type up better descriptions for each board when I start them. 😉 )

    Here are the rules:

    1. You must be either a Story Embers subscriber or forum member.

    2. All pins must be PG. No language, no inappropriate stuff, and no graphic content.

    3. High-quality pins are preferred.

    4. Story Embers has the right to remove any pin or member that does not abide by the guidelines.

    I’m setting up the boards within the next few days, and I need to know who’s who on Pinterest. If you leave a link to your Pinterest profile or your username, plus which board you would like to be a part of (you can choose to be in both 🙂 ), I can add you when I get this set up. 🙂

    For my artists: Would you guys like a board where you can share cool art that either you have made or that others have created for inspiration? I can set one of those up, too. 🙂

    Thanks again for all your help! 😀

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