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    Gabrielle Pollack

    Hey friends! Gabrielle here, SE’s Pinterest Manager. 🙂 I come to you with an announcement.

    *drum roll*

    I’d like to start a collaborative Pinterest board specifically for Story Embers subscribers! 😀 This way, those who use Pinterest for platforming can expand their reach, and those who use it for fun can discover content from other SE subscribers. 🙂

    However, I don’t know what the board should be about and could use some ideas. What do you guys want the group board to be about? Helpful blog posts/articles on writing? Writing prompts? Character inspiration, plotting tips, etc? If we come up with more than one board idea and have enough contributors, we can create more than one. 🙂

    A note for the SE artists out there: If we have enough artists interested, we can create one geared toward you guys as well. 🙂

    I searched the forum and found a few people who (I think) are on Pinterest. If you guys know other forum members on Pinterest who may be interested, feel free to tag them! @snapper @catwing @selah-chelyah @hope-ann @sarah-inkdragon @morreafirebird @jenwriter17 @mariposa @cindy @lady-iliara @seekjustice @joysparrow @samantha-pen @emily-joy @michelle @brooka3 @ashira @scarletimmortalized @rosemarylouise @millennium-m @skye @christieaton @wishingwell13 @esjohnson @kate @theswordinthebook @devastate-lasting @emma-starr @cowlick @pookiemonster @gabrielle

    The Fledgling Artist

    @gabriellepollack I have a Pinterest account. ^-^ If any of the other artists are interested in it I would love to get involved. (I’d probably follow the writer boards too.)

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    @gabriellepollack I’d love to join and help with this! My Pinterest usage is more on the fun side of the spectrum, but I’d love to help in any way I can. I personally would love to see blog posts, articles, tips, and prompts. Also I’m not much of an artist lately, I haven’t made much time for it, but I am interested in the idea of an artist board too.

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    Ariel Ashira

    @gabriellepollack great idea!  I would love to be apart of this!  I am a writer and artist, so both kinds of boards are great.  Character, writing, and setting/scene inspiration, as well as prompts and humor boards are a few ideas that come to mind.

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    @gabriellepollack I’m also mostly on pinterest for fun, but I’d love to see a SE board! I’d be one to enjoy writing prompts and character inspiration. Just my two-cents worth. 🙂

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    Sarah Inkdragon


    I have a Pinterest board, and though I have no idea what exactly a collaborative board entails, having never done one before, I’m on Pinterest quite a bit and would be happy to help some. 😉 I personally love character inspiration boards, or clothing/world-building inspiration boards, and those would be something that I can help put together a lot easier than an article board to. But I’ll help whichever way you end up going. XD Also, if you need me on Pinterest I’m Inkdragon.

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    R.M. Archer

    I’d love to join! Unfortunately, I don’t have any particular board ideas. What y’all have mentioned sounds awesome, though. 🙂

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    Selah CJW

    @gabriellepollack  Awesome idea! I agree with @ashira, writing, inspiration, humor, etc for different boards. I am Maiden USA on there.

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    Me too!

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    Hope Ann

    A blog post one would be cool. And prompts of course. 😉 Promps are so much fun. Also writing memes/writing humor.


    @gabriellepollack I vote that it should be for story / character inspiration. A thousand writers’ piling their ideas in one spot sounds like an amazing source of inspiration.

    ie. the holy grail.

    *melts chair*

    Jenna Terese

    @gabriellepollack OH, awesome idea! I’m totally in 😀 I agree with Danielle, story ideas/inspiration/characters would be a cool board (at least, those are my favorite kinds of boards) 😉

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    Selah CJW

    @snapper  “holy grail”  That is hilarious, but I agree! 🙂

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    K.M. Small

    @gabriellepollack Love this idea! I vote for a board with writing articles. Though half my motivation there is so we can promote our own posts as well *coughs* 😉

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    Gabrielle Pollack

    Thanks for all the ideas, guys! It’s really helpful to see what you all like. 😀 So far, I think the most mentioned categories are writing prompts, character inspiration, and blog posts/articles/writing tips/writing. I’ll wait for a bit to see if anyone else wants to give input before settling down on a topic, writing up some rules, and throwing around board names :D.

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