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    Quinn O’Fallon

    Moonwatcher, my poor little serial story that I’ve been posting over on my blog, has been begging me to find more readers for it recently. So, since, you all like to read, who better to ask! Moonwatcher is a YA mishmash of sci-fi and dystopian with a healthy dose of action thrown in. If you’re interested, here’s the link to the first chapter and here’s the blurb:

    Even those who guard secrets don’t know them all.

    On the eve of her initiation into the Watchers, the religious order that governs the city of Jahan, sixteen-year-old Roshni accidentally allows a condemned heretic to escape. Determined to regain her mentor’s trust, Roshni scours the ancient mountaintop city for any sign of the runaway, but this heretic isn’t like the ones she’s hunted down before. He knows far too much about the Watchers–and about Roshni.

    As the mysterious heretic continues to evade capture, he leaves a trail of clues to a discovery that decimates everything Roshni believed about the Watchers. Roshni’s mentor is still demanding the fugitive’s execution, but Roshni isn’t sure she wants to turn him in anymore. However, her refusal to do so could cost her everything she’s spent her life trying to achieve. Trapped in the crossfire of a silent war, Roshni must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice in exchange for truth.

    But when everyone you trust is a liar, is the truth still worth finding?

    Thank you to everyone who takes a look at it! I hope you like it. Comments and constructive criticism welcome!

    @wordsmith @corkybookworm @seekjustice @missfaeriekaiti @dekreel


    Chelsea R.H.


    I’m really sorry! I keep meaning to read your story (the little email comes up in my inbox every Friday morning :D) but my involvement in blogs has just been so down lately (study, work, writing…it’s endless, my friend)

    I’ll do my best to check it out as soon as I get a few spare moments.

    Mahalo keia huiʻana


    Quinn O’Fallon

    @seekjustice I know what you mean. I started college this fall and it has been eating my writing time. 🙁 Thank you so much for still being willing to read my little story.


    Quinn O’Fallon

    Oops, just realized I forgot to add the link…

    Moonwatcher – A Serial Story



    Dudes, yes. College. Kills. Time!!

    Sorry I’m late to the party! Getting caught up on SE notifs over the next week! So, I’ll check into as soon as I can! You may want to post this in the critique folder, too!



    Buddy J.


    Hey! Thank you for thinking of me… Sadly… I gotta say no. *sighs* Again, thank you. But for now I am needed elsewhere. In otherwords… my time needs me.

    Adios, and fare well.

    -Wordsmith- Author of short stories, Reader of many books, Student in writing, and Lumenite!


    Ariella Newheart

    @quinn-ofallon Just by reading the summary, I like the story. I’ll take a look at it for sure!

    Fantasy writer, illustrator, citizen of Parimi Alca

    *disappears into the shadows*


    Lynn Renard

    @quinn-ofallon I’ve been debating whether or not to read this because (well, aside from the time issue that is eating us all alive) dystopias aren’t usually my thing. I’ve read the Hunger Games and a couple others and appreciated the experience, but they’re overall a bit dark for my usual reading tastes, and I don’t want to discourage you by reading your story and not being as excited about it as it deserves from its target audience. That said, if you’re okay with that potentiality, I’ll add your story to my to-read list! n_n

    Lady Authoress: INFx.


    Quinn O’Fallon

    @corkybookworm @ariella-newheart Thanks, guys! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. 🙂 I’m thinking about editing it some more and self-publishing it after I finish posting all of the chapters, so any critique you could give me would be great.

    @wordsmith I understand. Sadly, there’s only so much a person can do in one day.

    @missfaeriekaiti I’m totally okay with that! I won’t be offended if it isn’t your cup of tea. I debated for a while whether or not to call it dystopian, because while it has dystopian elements, it definitely has a lighter tone than something like Hunger Games. Moonwatcher is kind of a mutt and dislikes being labeled, no matter how hard I try.


    Lynn Renard

    @quinn-ofallon Cool, I’ll check it out when I get the chance, then! ^_^

    Lady Authoress: INFx.


    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    @quinn-ofallon OOooh! Just read it!! SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

    You can't live for long living for nothing-Hector Griffin


    Jenna Terese

    @quinn-ofallon Oh my word this sound so cool. I’m definitely reading it! 😀

    "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." -Martin Luther


    Quinn O’Fallon

    @missfaeriekaiti @emberynus-the-dragonslayer @jenwriter17 Thanks guys! Hope you like it 🙂

    I posted the link after I forgot to include it in the original post, but in case anyone has trouble finding it, here it is again:  Links to each chapter are on that page.

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