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    Zachary Holbrook

    I missed out on the Story Embers film discussion last month, but I finally got around to watching Run the Race and wonder what thoughts other Emberlings might have.

    My thoughts (spoilers):


    The death of David Truett has no place in this film. It’s tacked on and completely irrelevant to almost everything else happening in the plot. The characters hardly react at all– yes, they’re sad for a few moments, but when we next see Zach he’s completely moved on with life. He says that it was not David’s death, but the way he lived his life, that changed him– which explains exactly what’s wrong with the film’s ending. Throughout the film, we see that Zach and David are more than just brothers– they’re two strands of a mighty rope, intertwined with each other, supporting each other. The loss of David would change Zach, and put his newfound faith through a soul-shattering storm. Unless the film was going to spend an additional hour diving into all the implications of that, David really just should have lived.

    The only good thing about David’s death was something mdwriter pointed out on the Patreon film discussion, that it ties in neatly with the ‘Christian life as a race’ metaphor– David and Zach were both finishing the race at the same time.

    Prayer is portrayed realistically.

    The plot is very predictable– not all bad, but still, I was wishing the film would throw me a curveball the whole time I was watching it.

    おはいよう. 日本語は好きです .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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