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    I. D. Triskele

      So, Elaine, I know I’m not very faithful with writing, but I’m on now…. so

      (XNXP I'm not joking)
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      I think Elaine is at school 🙁

      I am a writer. If I seem cold, it's because I am surrounded by drafts. -Unknown Author



      Good morning, guys! What did I miss?


      Veraza Winterknight

      Not much, I think…

      I dunno I’m at choir and not really thinking straight.

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      David panicked, but fortunately only his eyes were dark. Darkness from the streets approached him rapidly, but instead of taking over completely it formed a scythe. So Nemesis was feeling dramatic. At this rate he was going to attack his own teammates.

      Deep breaths. Stress was not good. Think about chicken noddle soup and hot chocolate.

      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.



      So Hildan is mad at Phoenix and John wounded the dragon and Hildan told Phoenix and Carmin to aim for the mouth but Phoenix prob won’t move because he wants to protect Carmin

      I am a writer. If I seem cold, it's because I am surrounded by drafts. -Unknown Author


      E. Veryone

      Vicq stared at Aiden glassily as he pressed a fresh newspaper to his wound. The pain still radiated from her shoulder deeply, and her brain was only on the corner of awareness.

      “Alpha,” she mumbled weakly, “Why is your blood turning black?”

      He looked up at her, then said, “I told you to call me Aiden.”

      Vicq’s eyes felt so heavy, but her Alpha was bleeding out across from her. Vicq lurched upwards and pulled off her tunic, the tight tank top underneath covering her. She sat next to him and wadded up her tunic, pressing the fabric against the wound. Eyes growing even heavier, she fell asleep quickly

      characters are like geodes: you must break them to see what they're made of


      The Fledgling Artist


      Avery stared helplessly as Karra collapsed into violent sobbing. Despite being off his guard he managed to catch her just before her knees hit the rough stone floor.

      He didn’t know what to do. What did you say to someone in Karra’s current state?

      He stroked her soft white hair as her sobbing eventually quieted.


      Karra wiped her hot tears away. She was too exhausted to be embarrassed.

      “I know, trust me, I know nothing makes any sense right now.” He couldn’t do it anymore. For some reason it was really hard to sound confidant in front of her. “It feels like it’s been an eternity since everything was normal.” He tried to push away the longing he felt for his companions. he would have given anything to hear one of Oswald’s obnoxious remarks, or to see Jake and Elli’s mischievous grins as they got him in trouble with his father.

      Avery blinked, not quite sure where he was going with this. “Honestly, I don’t think I can do this. Not by myself.” He stood. ” But I promise you. ” He offered a hand to help Karra stand again. “I will do what ever I possibly can to make this right.” The hurt in Karra’s eyes was almost more then he could handle, but he realized that she was the only reason he could keep trying.

      "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."



      @countryboy77 @e_elaine_soup5 Just so you guys are aware…David is with your characters…just hanging out…eyes solid black…about to attack them…just an fyi


      Marnin limped over to Finley and Gwyneth. “Are you alright?” he asked, bending down worriedly. “Is the EMP wearing off any?”

      This was so strange and hard to believe. But they needed to get on their feet and figure out what exactly was going on.


      David shook, the last bit of control seeping out of his mind as the darkness closed over. Darkness clouded his eyes as he spotted the two. Sport. Raising the scythe, Nemesis charged.

      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.



      Here’s a small creator fic/backstory for Marnin because I’m procrastinating….


      Marnin bent over the stove, flipping the edge of the pancake up ever so slightly to peek underneath. Perfect. Withe the flipping skills that would make a famous chef envious, he quickly had the pancake browning on the other side. Humming to himself, he limped over, placing a lid on the bacon before depositing it on the table.

      A very special breakfast almost ready for his very special lady on their very special day.

      Sliding the last pancake onto the plate he sat it down before moving to the orange juice to pour the cups. He could hear her footsteps on the stairs. Just in time.

      “What’s this?”

      Marnin smiled, turning around to face his wife, Sherryn. Giving her a grin, just as goofy and love-stricken as the day he had proposed, he motioned to the table.

      “I made breakfast for us.”

      “Oh,” Sherryn made a tight-lipped face.

      Not the reaction he was expecting. Frowning slightly he limped over. “What’s wrong? Do you not have time?” he glanced at the clock above the stove-top.

      “No, I have time.”

      She brushed past him, Marnin managing to get in a peck on the cheek before she sat down. Something wasn’t right. She looked as if she had been crying. Had he done something wrong?

      “Where’s Gwyn?” Sherryn asked, popping the lid off the maple syrup.

      “Safely with her grandparents who will do nothing but feed her sugar for the next twenty four hours before delivering her just in time for the sugar buzz,” Marnin took the seat across from her, fingering the two tickets in his pocket.

      “Oh good.”

      Marnin fidgeted, what was wrong? He was certain something was by now. Wait their anniversary was today, right?

      “Happy anniversary,” he tried after minutes of silence.

      Sharryn sighed heavily before getting up from the table. “I thought I could do this, but I can’t drag this out any longer.” She retrieved a stack of papers dropping them in front of him. “I’m sorry.”

      Marnin blinked at the letters sprawled in cruel cold ink across the page. Divorce papers. A blank line waiting for his signature.

      A divorce for their anniversary.

      Clearing his throat, he looked up at her. “Sharryn…I thought we worked past all of…”

      “Don’t give me that again,” she shook her head. “We’ve talked, got counseling, consulted trusted friends, but you just never keep your promises. You work ridiculous hours spending no time with me or your daughter. You aren’t being a husband or a father.”

      “I…” Marnin blinked, feeling everything shutting down in his mind.

      “And don’t try analyzing the situation,” She raised a hand. “My decision is final. I expect those to be signed when I get back.”

      “Where are you going?” Marnin choked.

      “To pick up Gwyn, we had planned to do some shopping today. I’m not going to disappoint her. Thanks for the breakfast, it was nice.”

      She rose from the table, leaving her half empty plate, and headed for the door. Soon the car pulling out of the driveway could be heard. Marnin sat, stunned, at the table. Where had he gone wrong? He pushed the papers away, bending down and pressing his head against the table, wrapping his arms protectively around. A stifled sob escaped his lips.

      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.


      I. D. Triskele

        (Calla’s there too, btw.)

        Aiden gazed down at his sleeping beta. Her head rested against his shoulder, her hand still clutching the wadded up tunic. Ever so gently he pried her hand off of the fabric and laid her on the ground as he stood. He bound the tunic around his waist, forming a tourniquet which would hopefully stop the bleeding long enough for him to heal. He pulled off his jacket, revealing his raven black wings, and slipped it over Vicq’s bare shoulders as a barrier against the cold night air. “We need to find someplace to lay low for the night,” he said quietly to Calla. An abandoned warehouse that had caught his attention on the way into town would be perfect. He leaned over to pick up the silent form of Vicq, when a figure appeared in the alley’s entrance. It was the guy that had been with them the whole time… David was his name. Quiet, didn’t say much, but now his eyes were a midnight black as he grinned evilly at the three. Aiden’s eyes flashed blue as he noticed the large scythe in his hands. He sighed, great, just what they needed. He stepped forward, his claws extending past his fingertips as his canines filled his mouth. “I hope you’re good,” he glanced back at Calla as David charged.

        (XNXP I'm not joking)
        Lisztomania: A need to listen to music all the time.


        E. Veryone

        Finley groaned and she tried to sit up. Barely being able to lift her head, she groaned.

        “I can move a little now,” she said quietly, “I think I can walk if you help me upright.”

        characters are like geodes: you must break them to see what they're made of



        “I’ll do my best,” Marnin nodded. He bent slightly, using his cane to balance as he slowly helped her up.

        “Where are we?” Gwyneth bounced around. “This place is amazing! We are so high up! I could touch a cloud!”

        “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.


        E. Veryone

        Finley smiled at the little girl as she got to her feet and leaned against a stone, “I don’t think so, Gwynnie,” She said smiling, “Clouds are high high high in the sky, and they’re not much fun to touch. Very cold.”

        Gwyneth’s face turned into a pout, and Finley tried to fix it, “Though, one thing that i never ever seem to get used to, are the stars. I’ve been in dozens of space cruisers and stars are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. Even from down on my planet.”

        characters are like geodes: you must break them to see what they're made of



        I turned to Carmin. “Well, my plan was to hit the fragon and then win a medal or something, but…I guess, like all well-rehearsed plans, it went wrong.”  She stared at me disbelieving.

        “You really are hopeless,” She said.

        I winked. “It’s one of my charms.”  I peeked around the rock and saw Hildan and John fighting the dragon.  Seriously, was no one going to address the fact that there is a dragon?!?!  It was taking all my willpower not to freak out right now.  I heard Hildan tell John to aim for the mouth.  But the dragon seemed to be on to them and wasn’t opening it’s mouth.

        “We need to get it mad!”  Hildan shouted.  I smirked.  Now that was something I could do.

        I turned back to Carmin and plucked the knife from her hands.  “Stay here,”  I ordered. I didn’t want to have to worry about her getting fried.   I raced out and waved my arms, getting its attention.  “Hey dragon!”  I yelled.  “Your mom was a gecko!”  From all I’ve read about dragons, they could understand me, and I was desperately hoping that was true.  I continued hurling insults until it opened its mouth to make me Phoenix toast, but just at the moment Hildan threw his dagger (does he have a dagger? I’m making himhave a dagger)  into the dragon’s mouth.

        The dragon continued opening it’s mouth wider, and I prayed this would work.  Something must have heard my plea, because right before I was toasted, the dragon started twitching and fell over dead.  I wiped off the sweat from my forehead and turned back to Carmin.  I raised an eyebrow. “How’s that for a plan?” I asked.


        Sorry I don’t know how a dragon would die 😉

        I am a writer. If I seem cold, it's because I am surrounded by drafts. -Unknown Author

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