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    I. D. Triskele

      Also I’m writing for Grimm.

      (XNXP I'm not joking)
      Writ·ing: Creative Schizophrenia

      Veraza Winterknight


      Even the word hopeless is not entirely devoid of hope.

      Knowledgeful Butterfly

      Gin touched her side lightly, her hand coming back covered in gold blood. “I don’t know. I’ve never been shot by a bullet before.”

      The Red Rider–Keldan–walked over and placed a hand behind her back, supporting Gin, “Never been shot by a bullet? You make it sound like you’ve been shot before. Where’d you get hit?”

      “as a queen, arrows are a hazard that comes often,” Gin said, holding her side. Keldan lay a gentle hand on her arm, trying to peel it away.

      “Let me check your wound.”

      “It’s just a flesh wound.”


      Gin took a deep breath in, but kept a hand locked around her abdomen. “I’m different than you are. For instance, my blood has a higher concentration of gold than yours. My bones are bendier than yours.”

      He raised an eyebrow, “I can figure it out.”

      i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back



      I’m sorry but I’m going to have to pull out of Roleplay and this amazing forum entirely. With four jobs (okay three of those are piano but three different locations) plus manning websites for family businesses I don’t have time to write like I used to and I want to devote the time that I do have to my wips. Ya’ll have been great and I’ve loved my time roleplaying! Thanks and best of luck!


      “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

      Veraza Winterknight

      Aww. Bye, Scarlet! We’ll miss you! I understand, though. It’s good that you realized your business and decided to pull back.


      After a few minutes, Gin relented, and pulled her arm away. Keldan bent down to examine the wound. “Hm… it doesn’t look like it hit anything vital.” But the bullet was still in there. He winced. “This is going to hurt, I need to take the bullet out. Hold still.”

      Gin tensed, but nodded. “A-Alright.” Her voice wavered a bit.

      “I’ll be as careful.” Keldan could see the bullet in a relatively easy to reach place, close to the surface since it hadn’t penetrated too deep. As gently and carefully as possible, he reached in and pulled it out, dropping it on the floor. “There, now we need to bind it.”

      Even the word hopeless is not entirely devoid of hope.

      I. D. Triskele

        Grimm paled at the accusation. He scooped Jinx off of his head and shoved him into his satchel as he took a step back from the girl. How was he supposed to get out of this? He didn’t want to lie to her, but it usually didn’t turn out so well once people found out he was… well…

        “So?” Eina’s confrontational voice cut through his thoughts. Grimm sighed, “I’m here to help, I promise.” He grabbed Jinx and stepped to the door of the young boy… Kai’s cell, allowing Jinx to work on the lock. “Look… I’m not like you… I’ve been around for a while and I’ve learned a lot. The rest… is hard to explain.”

        One final click and the door swung open. “Can we just leave it at that?”

        (XNXP I'm not joking)
        Writ·ing: Creative Schizophrenia

        Veraza Winterknight

        Eina sighed. “I prefer knowing if someone’s going to stab me in the back before I trust them, but I don’t have a choice this time, do I.” It wasn’t a question. After a short silence, she put one hand slightly out in front of her so she wouldn’t smack into anything and walked forward. “If you do betray me, you’ll regret it. Even if I am blind now.” Hopefully she’d find a weapon before then, too. Well, she’d still do it even if she didn’t find one. But it’d be nice. She still hadn’t been able to do anything about the Visionaries betrayals, and this wasn’t going to end up like that.

        *wonders when to have the suits bring cyborg Zane in and find out what happened*

        Even the word hopeless is not entirely devoid of hope.


        Kai bounced out of his cage, “Thanks! What’s your name? Mine’s Kai. Does your cat have a name?” He looked back at the nice lady, whose hands were stretched out so she wouldn’t bump into anything. So she was blind. He stepped up to her, “Miss, do you need me to hold your hand so you don’t run into things? What’s your name? Did they make you blind or were you born like that?”

        I. D. Triskele

          (I’m putting in Jayce. His bio is on the docs, but here’s a link to his basic bio as well: https://www.notebook.ai/plan/characters/840875 )


          Warning: Strong violence and blood.

          Voices… several of them… nearby. Jayce Ryker slowly opened his eyes, squinting against the bright lights that shown from various angles onto his prostrate form. He could just barely make out the white ceiling beyond the brilliant beams. he lay perfectly still as he tried to make sense of the jumbled information in his slowly clearing mind.

          Where was he? What was going on? Where the heck were his clothes?? He suddenly became aware that he was in his boxers with no protection against the cold sterile atmosphere of the room.

          Last he remembered, he had been… running… yes, running from… officers, who else. He had ducked into an alley and into the shadows. Someone had spoken his name and… that was the last thing he remembered.

          And now he was, he turned his head just a little, in some sort of operating room. Low voices approached and the masked face loomed over him. Jayce’s blood ran cold as the very sharp point of a needle descended towards his bare chest.

          In a flash, his hand shot up, grabbing the figure’s gloved hand. For a moment, it was as if time froze. With a muffled yell, pandemonium broke loose as masked figures dressed in long white lab coats rushed towards the small hospital bed.

          Jayce yanked the one with the needle forward, lashing back with his elbow as it slammed into the man’s jaw. He attempted to swing his other hand and found it securely handcuffed to the handrail. Instead, he extended, the back of his fist sprawling the doctor onto the sleek white floor.

          Blocking a second needle swing with his bare foot, he wrapped his legs around the figure’s outstretched arm, pulling him into a downward swipe of his heel. Jayce turned over just in time to launch himself into the air for a split second, a desperate needle swipe passing narrowly underneath him.

          He fell back onto the firm bed, quickly sliding over the edge. He cringed as his bare feet hit the cold floor. A movement behind him, caused him to spin, kicking one of the operation lamps back into the oncoming figure. Before he could react, a foot lashed out, kicking the bed forward and causing Jayce to lose his balance.

          He fell to his knees, a searing pain shooting through him as something hit him hard. Gasping for breath, he tried to rise but a fist slammed into his jaw and sent him staggering into the wall. The boy’s head was slammed into the wall again and again as the fists continued to beat him senseless. Blood streamed down his face as he managed to duck a poorly timed blow and grab a pair of surgical scissors from a nearby cart.  Spatters of blood and sweat clouded his vision as he lashed out at his attacker. Ripping fabric followed by a scream of pain attested to their accuracy as he plunged them deep into the man’s side.

          Having a moment to spare, Jayce turned his attention to the handcuffs that bound him to the small cart they called a bed. He placed his foot against the plastic railing and, placing all of his weight onto the hard plastic, snapped the railing with a loud crack. More movement, Jayce dodged a kick and slammed the edge of his newly acquired weapon into the doctor’s stomach, followed by a swift downward blow to his head.

          Jayce grit his teeth in pain as the razor-sharp blade of a scalpel grazed his arm. A quick jab to the forearm and the scalpel clattered to the floor as Jayce rammed the jagged corner of the piece of railing into the coated figure’s throat, using his free palm to hammer the railing deeper until he finally let go, allowing both the railing and the body to fall to the floor.

          A growl came from his right just as something barreled him, hurdling him towards a large mirror that Jayce was positive was two way. At the last second, he launched himself into the air, planting his feet against the glass. With the nimbleness of a cat, Jayce ran up the glass, vaulting himself over his assailant and sent him crashing into the already damaged glass. With a sickening crack, the glass shattered, revealing a second smaller room that appeared to be some sort of observation area with chairs situated towards the mirror.

          Without warning, the prostrate figure grabbed a handful of the broken glass, taking no notice as the shredded his hand and hurled them at Jayce. The shards nicked and sliced his unprotected body as tiny streams of blood ran down his chest and arms.

          Jayce barely felt it as one more figure crashed into him, both of them hitting the floor, the masked doctor landing on top of him, his eyes glimmering with pure hatred as he inched the wicked point of a Liston knife closer and closer towards Jayce’s chest as the boy’s resistance began to falter. With a final thrust, Jayce writhed to the side as the knife scrapped the floor. His foot hooked his attacker’s as he twisted around, rolling the coated figure over so that Jayce was now on top. With a vicious strike, the man’s wrist snapped, releasing its hold on the weapon a cry of agony resounded from his throat but was quickly silenced by the Liston knife in his heart.

          An arm closed around Jayce’s throat but, with a lunge, the boy’s hand closed around the cold metal handle of a Cephalotribe. Hissing in rage and desperation, Jayce turned, burying the forked instrument into the man’s neck. With a final jerk, his lifeless body fell backward to the floor.

          Jayce Ryker slowly sank to his knees, his bloodied and bruised body shaking from the adrenaline and probably the beginning of a panic attack. His chest constricted as he heard voices approach. He tried to rise, but his head pounded him into submission as his vision clouded. The last thing he saw before he succumbed to the grip of unconsciousness was a tall young man in bright red armor…

          (XNXP I'm not joking)
          Writ·ing: Creative Schizophrenia

          Knowledgeful Butterfly

          Gin sucked in air between her teeth in pain. The bullet fell to the floor with a slight “clink”, making her shudder. Gin looked at Keldan, her eyes widening.

          “All I’m wearing is this blanket, Keldan,” her voice was quiet, almost a whisper. His face reddened but the knight nodded.

          “We still need to bind the wound so you don’t lose too much blood, Gin.”

          She gulped and nodded. Keldan tugged her along gently, checking each door to see if it was unlocked. They came up on a locker room and shuffled inside. Keldan searched through each locker and found a soft t-shirt and a pair of floral leggings. He shoved the clothes towards Gin and turned around , letting her change. Gin was almost finished changing when she noticed there was no hole for her tail.

          “Keldan, do you have a knife?”

          “What for?”

          “There’s no hole for my tail,” Gin said, her face burning. Keldan shook his head and passed back a knife quickly. Gin made a light slit in the back and pushed her tail through.

          “Okay, I think we can bind it now.”

          Keldan turned around, and, with a torn t-shirt in hand, bound my wound very tightly. So tightly that tears ran down my cheeks, getting caught in my short fur. Keldan looked up and brushed the tears away from Gin’s face lightly. His fingers hovered over her face, his deep eyes staring into hers.

          “Where are you from?” Keldan asked softly, a lull in the high danger that we had experienced letting us breath. He touched my ear, tickling the top.

          “Northern Texas forest,” Gin said lightly. Keldan nodded, but a crash interrupted their small, baby conversation.


          (written right before Jayce, btw)

          i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

          Veraza Winterknight

          His last name’s Ryker??? *dies*


          Keldan whirled towards the sound, placing himself between it and Gin. A door a bit farther down the hall had to be the source. He glanced back, making sure Gin still had the knife he’d taken from one of the downed men. “Stay behind me.”

          Without giving her a chance to argue, he strode to the door. Preparing himself for any number of scenarios, he cracked the door open and peeked through. His eyes widened a bit at the carnage. “Gin, you might want to stay out here.” It looked like a warzone, and most likely all done by the boy who was the only one not fully dressed. Said boy collapsed into unconsciousness within seconds of Keldan opening the door.

          Judging that no one else was getting up any time soon, Keldan went over to inspect the boy’s injuries. They were bad, but not fatal. Yet. If they weren’t taken care of, they could be. He called to Gin as he turned and stood, heading back out of the room. “Go back to the locker room and see if you can find some more clothes. Or, even better, actual bandages. I’ll see if I can find some further down the hall.”

          Even the word hopeless is not entirely devoid of hope.

          Knowledgeful Butterfly

          Gin nodded stiffly, rushing back into the locker room. She opened each locker quickly, yanking out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Throwing that out the door near the boy, Gin dashed back inside to look for a first aide kit.

          “Keldan!” she called, “I have some first aide! I can get his injures.”

          Gin started studiously wrapping up the boy’s wounds, and he woke up slowly. The boy’s eyes fluttered open, but he didn’t move.

          “Don’t move,” Gin tugged her tail over to rest on the boy’s arm. The tendrils shocked him, though, “This will take the pain away. Please don’t move.”

          i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

          I. D. Triskele

            Jayce’s eyes snapped open, his fist tightened as he glanced feverishly around the room. “Don’t move,” a soft voice calmed him a bit as he suddenly became aware of something tickling his arm. His icy blue eyes followed the tendrils from his arm up to a soft pink face and a mane of purple hair.

            “This will take the pain away. Please don’t move,” she spoke again as a strange tingle rippled through his body. “W-where am I?” He muttered, “who… what are you?” He glanced down at the jeans and white T-shirt, “what is this, the 1980s?”

            (XNXP I'm not joking)
            Writ·ing: Creative Schizophrenia

            Knowledgeful Butterfly

            “Easy now, buddy,” Gin said quietly, “I was born in the eighties. Now, can you tell me your name?”

            “Jayce,” he said weakly. She nodded. That was good, if he remembered who he was there was hopefully no head damage.

            “My name is Forest Queen Genevieve, but you can call me Gin for now, okay?” the boy nodded weakly. As Gin babbled, she wrapped and bandaged his various wounds, her own throbbing quietly. Keldan came up behind her, putting a big hand on Gin’s shoulder.

            “He told me his name,” she said softly, rocking back on her heels. Gin’s tail was still attached to Jayce’ arm, but she didn’t have the gumption to pull the soft tendrils off his skin. Keldan looked down at it, his eyebrow high.

            “In small doses, the venom i have in my tail is a pain reliever,” Gin’s voice was still soft, “I really need to pull away soon so it doesn’t make him sick.”

            Keldan responded by pulling Gin standing up by her armpits and setting her on her feet.

            i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

            I, David

            @scarletimmortalized Farewell, friend! Best wishes in your life and journies!

            "See the sunset... the day is ending... let that yawn out... there's no pretending.

            I will hold you.

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