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    Well, sorry to come in uninvited, but I just needed to point out the lies someone has been spreading all over the forum (by that I mean my Introduction). @the-fledgling-artist, you said you WEREN’T A VERY GOOD ARTIST… lies!

    Also, when I came in here out of curiosity and saw all of your artwork I was just so impressed by everyone. I will try not to be jealous, but keep up the great artwork! I am inspired now… brb XD


    PS. I’m not going to try and tag everyone…

    Ariel Ashira

    @calebonline You gonna do some artwork?  That would be great!

    "No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how hard you fall, you are never out of the fight."

    The Fledgling Artist

    *pokes head in*
    *choking on dust*

    Hello art frens. I found myself redrawing some art, and after seeing such a dramatic improvement thought I’d post it here! :’ ) If anyone else is even half as encouraged by it as I was, then my mission is accomplished.

    So… This is more so me learning how to do digital art than general improvement, but there is definitely some of that too.
    These were both done in Krita. The file on the old one says it was created almost exactly a year ago, however it’s possible that’s just the date I moved the file off of my computer and onto a thumb drive. :’ ) So.. I’m not exactly sure on the gap. I haven’t had krita for too long though, so it couldn’t be more than a couple years old at most.
    Ok. I’m done talking. I’ll show you the stuff.




    *tip toes back out of thread*

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."


    @the-fledgling-artist WOAH GIRL

    THAT’S SUPER IMPRESSIVE. All the improvement here, this is so inspiring!!

    The lines look super good too aaah<3

    “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”


    @the-fledgling-artist Ugh! THAT IS AMAZING.

    Makes me want to go pick up a pen. 😉

    The Fledgling Artist

    DO IT!! 😀

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."


    @eden-anderson @evelyn @the-fledgling-artist

    I know this is late, but I love going through these art threads and seeing what people do…

    But I just looked through this one and saw all the “Well here’s my old bad drawing!”  thing…

    I nearly died laughing just now. I’m still laughing when I think about it!! Oh my stars… That was so stinking funny!!!

    Especially your really weird face @eden-anderson I think I scared my mother because I was laughing so hard (she thought I was looking at something else that she had worked on and was thinking I found something horribly wrong with it).

    And y’all are so brave, I don’t think I’m brave enough to show my drawings from when I was 12… *Shudders*

    Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!

    eden anderson

    @ericawordsmith Hey you! *squishes you in a hedgehug* Long time, no see! 😍 How goes the life?

    Haha, yeah well. *covers face* Tell your mother I’m sorry.

    "But how could you live and have no story to tell?" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky



    I’ve been needing a hedgehug… That was perfect timing!! Well, life has been… busy. XD We’ve been moving and I think we’ve worked harder than we ever have in our lives before, but it’s been good!

    How have you been doing?? <3 <3

    Oh it’s fine!! I got a good hard laugh out of it. I was about to have tears pouring down my face I was laughing so hard. XD XD XD

    Tek an ohta! Tek an cala!

    eden anderson

    @ericawordsmith Really? *smothers you in hedgehugs* 😍

    Ooh, wow, I can imagine that moving is hard and stressful! 😬 Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible! Did you move out of state?

    I’m doing wonderful, thanks! Since it’s summer I have lots of free time to write, so that’s cool. 😀

    Well, at least you got a good laugh out of it. xD

    "But how could you live and have no story to tell?" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky


    @ericawordsmith Yay! Glad to make you laugh. 😀

    Oh yeah. Moving is a lot of work. And while having a big family means you have more stuff and more people to tow around, it also means you have more hands to help! …unless some of your siblings are pretty young. Then… well. I’m sorry. xD

    Thankfully for me when we moved nine months ago (or was it eight… hmm) everyone was old enough to help except me lil sis. We even completely moved ourselves. (Is that what you guys are doing?) Another upside of moving: I got muscles ha ha ha lol

    I actually got to the point of carrying two boxes of books up the stairs at one time! And carried my dad’s big heavy wooden desk up the stairs with only one other guy. Also learned how to take apart and build up furniture on my own. Ha. Impressive right? 😛 Not the brag or anything. 😉

    Moving was crazy for us (middle of a hurricane, no power, cars breaking down, hosting peeps amidst it) but it was also crazy fun! I hope it is the same for you guys.  <33

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