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    Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)

    So I noticed that the announcements look different. At least, I think they do. Maybe I don’t check there often enough. Here’s a picture.

    They’re all golden/yellow and there’s only ten. What’s that about?

    The only reason I’m asking is because I see mine on there.



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    @thewirelessblade I think it’s because they are announcements. They are highlighted so they stand out compared to the others on the recent activity page.

    Thomas (CrØss_Bl₳de)


    Yeah, that’s probably true considering what’s been happening to my family lately. Thanks.

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    Jane Maree

    I believe Evelyn is on the money with that.

    Quick suggestion: next time you make a topic like the one you did in the announcements section, I’d put it in the general forum under ‘General Writing Discussions’ because it’s not really general site announcements, which is what that section is for. 😉 (Don’t feel bad for putting it there though — it’s no big deal, really. *thumbs up*)

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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