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    @jane-maree WOW i didn’t expect THAT  much of an answer, so thank you!!! 😀

    Oh okay, so i personally like the idea of Traditional publishing, because then you can actually get it in stores.. but lots of other writer friends like the idea of self publishing.

    But thank you soooooooooo much! i’ll look into all those things!! Though first i actually have to finish a book that sounds good enough..




    Okay, thank you @josiah.  i’m not to the point to be working at publishing yet, just was clueless about it, and wanted to know more about it.


    @faith_blum so is that all digital stuff? and not a real copy?

    I just like the idea of going to a book store, and can point out that there’s my book. other than some just special websites, that you have to send people to if they want to buy it.

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    @morreafirebird okay, thank you! 🙂

    Gabrielle Pollack

    Yup. I’m not even going to try to add on to any of that because I don’t know a whole bunch. XD I’m glad you got some answers from the smart people. 😉


    @katthewriter, thank you for starting this thread. I keep forgetting to ask questions of my own about publishing. I thought I had it all, but today proved me wrong. I will keep looking. You know I remember reading once that there is this great big writers market book that can only be found at the library. that has lists and lists of agents. I guess I need to do more studying of my own on agents and stuff.

    @@jane-maree how would one start a platform? I don’t have enough time to blog…nor the know how

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    @gabriellepollack I did get answers, but you are a smart person too Gabby!! <3


    @inkling-for-christ hehe.. i just asked that question on a new topic/post. XD

    would you like the list that Mrs. Mackall gave me? of Christian publishing companies?

    And.. you’re welcome.. iguess.


    Jane Maree

    @inkling-for-christ you can check out Kat’s other topic here where she asked a similar question. 😉

    Other than that, starting a platform is basically just starting up a blog (you could start a blog on blogger or wordpress, whichever you prefer) and starting to comment on similar blogs. Connecting with people.

    Whether or not you have time is a matter of priorities. If you want to publish a book in the future, building a platform needs to be a big priority. You don’t have time? Then make time.

    Some publishers and agents will actually check to see what sort of a platform you have to help them decide if they’ll accept you or not.

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    Josiah DeGraaf

    @inkling-for-christ Glad to know I helped you dodge a bullet on that one! Jane’s got some pretty good recommendations on that front. As a rule, if a publisher asks you to pay them to be published, run the other direction. Legitimate publishers don’t ask you to pay them money to publish–and they’ll actually pay you money up front in the contract because they want your book.

    With regards to platform, I write a post on this for Kingdom Pen that you may find helpful: http://kingdompen.org/why-young-writers-shouldnt-wait-to-build-a-platform/ I’d certainly recommend a blog if you have time, but if you don’t, guest posting on other sites (particularly if you have a static website and mailing list plugin you can send them to) can also be very effective for beginning to build a platform. 🙂

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