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    Taylor Clogston

    If you’re not aware, ProWritingAid is one of the big web-based editing tools out there. It’s ordinarily a subscription-based service, which is terrible. Today they’re selling a lifetime license at 50% off, for $120, here: prowritingaid.com/en/Landing/Promotion/V3r1r

    This isn’t a referral link. I use ProWritingAid for everything I write at my desktop, and strongly recommend it to literally everyone. Beyond just being a glorified grammar check, it has some really cool features I’ve found amazing:

    • A “word explorer” that gives you contextually related words, rhymes, alliteration and collocation, and examples from many songs and books. My favorite tool for building up a nuanced paragraph that becomes more than just the sum of its parts.
    • Explanation for many grammar rules as tooltips when it detects poor grammar. A fantastic step for newer writers to take before sending a manuscript full of novice’s ignorance to a dozen beta readers and being overwhelmed by the same pedantic highlights of every grammatical mistake a dozen times over.
    • Detection of repeated phrases and close repeats in general.
    • Visual graphs showing sentence length.
    • Custom house style guide support. Create your own rules and be notified when you break them!

    Unfortunately, a lot of the younger people on here for which premium PWA would be amazing don’t necessarily have a spare $120 lying around, but it’s still something to check out for the future and maybe look at saving toward when a sale comes around again.

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