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    The Fledgling Artist

    Greetings members of the blogosphere. And greetings to anyone else who has stumbled upon my PLEA FOR HELP.


    As you may have guessed, I am looking into setting up a website for myself, however, I’m actually looking to create an art portfolio, not a blog. I was wondering if any of the websites you use to host your blogs seemed to you like they might work for a portfolio? What site do you use, and is it compatible with what I’m trying to do? And if not, are you aware of any that would?
    I’m pretty clueless, so anything you guys can give me would be really helpful. xD <3



    and @lin
    (Any ideas on how to start a portfolio??)

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    @the-fledgling-artist Well I use WordPress.com (apparently at least slightly different than WordPress.org I found out. I know it’s kinda weird. Like what with that? *Shrug*)
    I looked at the themes and there are some that look like they might work for an artist portfolio. (I think. There are some that center on pictures at least. Like this.)
    I used to use Blogger/Blogspot. I had trouble with pictures when I did, so I dropped it until I revived it on to WordPress.
    I’ve also heard of Wix. But I know nothing about it. 🙂

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    Christine Eaton

    @the-fledgling-artist I don’t have any experience with blogs at this point, and while I haven’t put together my own professional portfolio yet, I do know a couple things about it. I’m happy you are doing this.

    The biggest thing is to be sure that you select pieces that really show your own style, that are full, completed pieces (one or two sketches if fine but you really want to show off your best work. Select pieces that also show off your full range of styles and talents as well.

    One thing I would do is look at youtube videos of artists showing off their portfolios that got them hired. I know the Youtuber and Disney animator Laura Price has some good things to say on the subject.

    Hope that helps!

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    AAAH That’s great Fledge<3 I’m so glad you’re looking into it cause your work is so good!

    As for my portfolio, I use wordpress! Which can be a bit tricky when getting started because it’s mainly build for blog posts and doesn’t work like an online gallery. However there are ways to make it work, I watched lots of youtube videos and there are (free) themes that are especially designed for portfolios! You can also use tons of pluggins like slideshows or other things to make your website fun. A lot of artists use wordpress and I must admit I don’t know of many other websites to host your portfolio, but this has worked for me thus far (:

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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