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    Lynn Renard

    Hey, friends! =D You can call me Lynn (or Kaiti, since I originally entered a username with my actual name in it xD). I’m a writer of Christian fantasy, and here’s the logline for one of my WIPs:

    In world where only the evil now display magic, an empathic noblewoman must defy both society’s hostilities and her own past mistakes in order to redeem a creature of Darkness.

    ^I finally have a completed draft of that novel-length story, and I’m trying to let it simmer in the back of my mind for a bit before I get started on the next draft. The ending to it is kind of terrible (the characters feel more like puppets of the plot than drivers of it), but I keep reminding myself that at least itΒ has an ending and that you can’t edit a blank page. xD

    In other news, I enjoy reading (especially fairytale retellings, like K.M. Shea’s books), walking my dog (husky-shepherd mix), playing video games (farming-based on handhelds, Sims 2 on my laptop), and doing the occasional craft (I crochet, cross-stitch, draw, carve, make jewelry – but all of these are sporadic at best and very amateur xD). I also – gasp – enjoy writing! Bet you never saw that coming.

    Pleasure to be here with you all!

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    Greetings @missfaeriekaiti! A pleasure to meet you. Your story sounds intriguing; I can’t wait to see how it turns out! πŸ˜€

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    Lynn Renard

    Thanks, Corissa! Pleasure to meet you, too!

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    Rolena Hatfield

    Hey @missfaeriekaiti !

    “You can’t edit a blank page” Mmmm… how true. That’s a good way of putting it.

    Husky/Shepard mix! Awww. Husky’s are the cutest dogs.

    You’re quite the crafter! Someday I should learn to crochet but for now I can only knit. πŸ™‚

    Welcome to the Guilds!

    Lynn Renard

    Thanks, Rolena! It’s one of very, very few longer stories I’ve managed to “finish,” so I’m very proud of it even if it’s kind of terrible. xD And yes, my family adores our gorgeous doggy~ <3 Also, after watching one of my college acquaintances knit, I think I can say with confidence that the basic stitch of both knitting and crocheting is surprisingly similar. o3o ^__^

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