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    Hello y’alls!

    So, an interesting topic has been brought up in several of the conversations I’ve had with people on SE.

    Stories that we wrote when we were children.

    I’m inviting you all to post some of the hilarious story ideas of stories that you started when you were little! Or finished. (In my case, I never finished a one.)

    Please, have fun!

    Most of the time, these stories are really… strange, to put it in a good light. Funny, random, weird, confusing, filled with plot holes, etc. That’s why this is so humorous 🙂

    I’ll start. (P.S. I don’t really have titles for much of this cause, ya know, couldn’t think of one and never finished the story so didn’t really matter…

    The Secret Cave and the Magic Stone: LOL. I actually got through like 7 chapters of this!!! WOW. I was so pumped about it. Then I lost the notebook. Never found it… “slaps forehead”. I’m notorious for losing things. Anyway… It was supposedly about this family who goes on vacation around the US and they go to this cave (I think) and they meet this 2 foot tall man (when I was little I totally remember thinking about that and being really excited haha) and somehow they find this magic stone… yeah it’s great! lol

    NO TITLE 1: So it was about this girl with horrible behavior so her parents sent her to this home/school… yeah. Umm. about a chapter, tho I thought about it and worked on it WAY more than that. I kept changing stuff. But I had like a whole page and more where the head lady is telling her the schedule. I really like being super organized so I had fun planning that. lol. Only now do I realize that my readers would have gotten bored super fast :).

    That story believe it or not (and a lot of my childhood ones) were based on dreams (as well as the secret cave one) LOL.

    What was gonna happen was that this girl was still super bad so they sent her to a different school a year later and all I remember is that in my dream they slept in these cubicle things with stairs… don’t even ask. I have no idea. =)

    (a lot of my stories are named chapter one =)) I’m sure you can understand

    NO TITLE 2: This one was about this girl. She did all these things (I’m being vague… lemme see here). The whole beginning of the second chapter was devoted to what she got for her birthday for like 10 years. My poor readers…

    But she had a horse and tons of pets [like a ball python and a lizard (I loved those animals … still do)] and she knew this girl that was homeless and she gave her food in a barn. I dunno how to explain this…

    I think I had 3 and a half chapters.

    NO TITLE 3: 2 and a half chapters. I really liked this one… It was about this boy who was a servant to a prince but the prince was really mean so he got sent to this other castle to be a messenger. He got training then my story ended.

    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


    Nice story plots! Hmm, lemme see if there’s any ideas that I remember from when I was little.

    1. A story about a family of dogs that adopted a kitten. I finished it, but MAN I was bad at writing then, so it turned out pretty bad.

    2. This one was about a little boy. There was a house on his street that everyone believed was haunted, and no one ever went in it, therefore no one actually SAW the ghosts they said lived there. When his older brother sees an old man in the house through a window, the boy and his best friend decide to investigate. . . and that’s as far as I got before I ran out of paper. Who knows? Maybe I’ll revisit that idea one of these days, though I probably have WAY too many WIP stories right now, lol.

    Hwæt! Wē Gār-Dena in geār-dagum, pēod-cyninga, prym gefrūnon, hū õā æpelingas ellen fremedon!

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