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    Josiah DeGraaf

    If you haven’t seen it on the banner yet, the Christian Storytellers Manifesto is officially released and available at this link! 😀

    The manifesto represents our hopes and dreams at Story Embers for what great Christian storytelling can look like. We packed a bunch of concepts into many of these statements, so I thought it would be helpful to have a thread where we can discuss and unpack the different resolutions in the manifesto.

    We can go a bunch of different places in this thread (discussing what certain resolutions mean, what it looks like to pursue those resolutions, or even if you disagree with any of the resolutions). And I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of those topics! But let’s kick off the discussion with these two questions and then see where the conversation leads:

    – What resolution from the CSM resonated the most with you?
    – What resolution do you think most Christian writers need to work on the most, and how can we do so as a community?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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      I was super thrilled by the Manifesto. I loved it. It captured so much of what I have wanted to be as a writer. I was also excited to see that Nicole Sager had signed it, first of all because I’ve read some of her books to my siblings and really enjoyed it/sort of know her and have mutual friends. I’m putting my name on there!!!

      Probably what I loved the most was the emphasis on quality going hand-in-hand with glorifying God. That is something that I really want to see more of in Christian writing, everything from plot to characters to description, writing style, everything. It’s hard when you love a book for its plot, but you are put off by the perfectness or total depravity of the characters. There’s no room for them to grow, unless they transform into angels. I’m a fantasy writer, so I’ve been scoping out Christian Fantasy, and I find myself discouraged. The two authors that I just love and adore the most after Lewis and Tolkien would be Rachel Starr Thomson and Andrew Peterson (hey, while I’m on that topic, if somebody would wholeheartedly stand behind any other Christian Fantasy, let me know!).

      Anyway, I just find that I am really excited about the Manifesto!!!

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      Jessi Rae

      @Josiah This is so cool! 😀 I signed it and sent a copy to a few of my friends, and I’m going to frame the printed copy and hang it on my wall.

      I think the resolution that most resonated with me was the last one – especially the part about remembering my worth is in being a child of the King, not in my authorship. It can be so easy for me to feel discouraged because the quality of my writing doesn’t match what my inner perfectionist says it should, or because I don’t seem to have much to show for how long I’ve been writing.

      Anyways, thank you so much for the Manifesto! As someone whose mind is constantly all over the place and thus finds it hard to concentrate on one thing for very long, I think this Manifesto will help me keep these principles closer to the front of my mind. Ah, I hope I’m making sense and not rambling… 😛

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      R.M. Archer

      I was going to say the same thing, @jessi-rae. I’ve been writing for so long that it’s become what I am, in my head, and I tend to beat myself up when I’m not writing and wonder if I’m doing something wrong (like, I dunno, not devoting it to God? When I stop to think about it that seems like the most obvious thing.), but if I think about giving up writing then I wonder what else I’m supposed to do with my life. Obviously I need to put my worth in Christ, not my writing, and devote my life to Him, but I don’t really know what it means to do that (despite having been a Christian for nine years). How does one practically devote their life to God and put their worth in Him? 😛

      I guess really all of those related to keeping God the center of my life and writing, because I tend to stink at that. 😛

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        Wow! Really loved it. I’m definitely trying to put all that into my writing.

        I’m also trying to sign it but it doesn’t seem to be working…?


          I’m also trying to sign it but it doesn’t seem to be working…?

          Never mind, I got it to work. 😉

          Ariel Ashira

          @josiah I agree with everyone!  I LOVE the Manifesto!  Its the best thing I have ever signed.  When our printer works again, I am going to print it and hang it somewhere.  I really appreciated the part about praying over our writing, and reading Scripture.  It’s easy for me to forget to consult the greatest Author.  Thank you so much!

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          Selah CJW

          @josiah, this is AMAZING. I love it! Thank you so much for inspiring writers of the things that can too easily be forgotten. Phenomenal idea for sure!!!

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