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    Hi, my name is Kayla. I am 29 and live in Indiana. Still live at home. Want to be a writer but I can never seem to finish a book.

    i am a non-outliner and want to try editing as I go since ignoring my inner editor never takes ne to the end of a book, or if it does, I am overwhelmed by the thought of going back over and editing things.
    i also want to use my writing talents for God. I want to know how to write a romance or fantasy that is wholesome and biblical, but not like today’s modern Christian stories or modern secular stories.
    oh, I am totally blind, I am a Christian Goth, and love to read and hang out online.

    K. A. Grey

    @kayla13892  Hello, Kayla!  Welcome to Story Embers!  I’m K. A. Grey.  I joined Story Embers a few years back, but I took a big break from it for awhile, so I’m just now getting more involved again.

    I think that’s great that you want to write wholesome romance and fantasy! I think we need more Christian writers who can write wholesome stories without compromising quality writing. So what are some of your favorite books or authors?  Do you have any hobbies?  Also, totally get your struggle about that pesky inner editor, haha.  Mine won’t let me write without wanting to fix something immediately, either.

    By the way, I hope you won’t mind my saying this, but I’m actually writing a short story from the point of view of a character who is blind, but i want it to be an accurate portrayal.  Would you mind helping me with that?  Maybe answer a few questions or give critique?  Only if you want to though.



    I suppose I don’t mind helping, but not just yet. Well, I mean I guess I can tell you what I know. I am sorry. I am being rude. What is it you need?

    K. A. Grey

    @kayla13892  No, no, you’re not being rude!  I guess I should apologize for being a little too forward. You don’t have to answer questions if you don’t want to.

    I was just wondering about like common pet peeves or stuff like that, but I get it if that’s too personal.  I can post some of the story I’m working on if you’d be interested in reading it.


    It’s just that I just want to make friends first and not have my being blind be so…I don’t know. I am sorry. Pet peeves for me might not be the same as other blind people.

    always being thought of as doing everything amazingly. I hate that.

    people think we’re all sheltered and aren’t up to date with the current trends.

    saying words like “see” and “watch” I know what I mean, but sighted people don’t.
    i guess those are some things.

    K. A. Grey

    @kayla13892   I understand. Looking back, it was probably really insensitive of me to bring that up without trying to get to know you first. I’m truly sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I was getting really excited about my idea for a story, and when you joined it seemed like a great opportunity to get to someone who was blind, but I kinda came across like a jerk.  Sorry if I made things awkward.  Thanks for what you shared, though!

    But let’s start on a new slate.  Hey, so, you mentioned being a Christian Goth and want to write fantasy.  What is your all-time favorite fantasy book or an author you really look up to?  Do you have a writing project that you’re working on now?



    I like a lot of authors and a lot of genres. I was working on a children’s historical novel, but I am losing interest and currently battling Covid-19. Currently reading fantasy like the Redwall series and The Enchanted Sonata. I need to finish a series.

    yes, I am Christian and a Goth.

    what do you do for fun? How old are you? Are you part of any subcultures? What do you read?

    do you work? I don’t, but I want to, as a writer.

    K. A. Grey

    @kayla13892   I love Redwall!!!!  I introduced it to my sister a couple years ago, and she’s obsessed, lol.  I’ve never heard of the Enchanted Sonata, but I think I’ll check it out. Do you like C.S. Lewis?  I’ve read all the Chronicles of Narnia, and I’m reading another one of his books right now.  I’m also reading Fawkes by Nadine Brandes.  Because I never read one book at a time like a normal person.

    I like crafting.  I enjoy stuff like crocheting and art journaling and stuff like that.  No, I’m not part of any subcultures, except maybe being a crazy writer, haha.

    Also, sorry to hear you got Covid.  I hope you feel better soon!


    I need to get around to reading Narnia. I hope I will get better, too.


    @kayla13892 Welcome to the group! I’m Isaiah, 24, live in New England. I haven’t finished a writing project either, but hopefully that trend doesn’t continue for too much longer.

    Redwall is great, I think I’ve only missed like two of the books. They’re fantastic for younger audiences to get some “meatier” stories. Taggerung is one of my favorites, maybe right next to Outcast of Redwall.

    I’m not goth, but maybe closer to Alt? Dyed hair, a total of 7 piercings, and a tattoo (yes it’s a cross.) Christians can have individuality and different style choices, certainly doesn’t mean we’re any less of a Christian for it.


    "Only a Sith deals in absolutes"
    -Quipmaster 2005


    I don’t know if you guys are still here or not. I guess I just abandoned this group for a while. Sorry. Well, lol, I am obviously recovered from Covid. I still haven’t finished a draft. Very nice to meet you Isaiah. I don’t feel so much like an outsider now.

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