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    Heyo heyo. Some of you might remember me from wayyyy back when lol

    It felt illegal to revive any topics that’ve been dead since the pandemic, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start a new topic, haha

    Feel free to share any bits of poetry you’ve found yourself penning in the recent days. You don’t have to be a poet to post! I know that I’m really the farthest things from a poet; I enjoy it, but I only dabble in it here and there. I write fiction most often, however, I find myself writing the odd poem now and then, and I wanted to have a place to share with others without pressure or expectation.

    So here’s a piece of my odd poetry.

    I hope you enjoy it, haha

    Feel free to interact or leave it be, or post a piece of your own. I’m not active almost at all anymore, but I’d love to come back to see everyone’s love of the written word and life around them put down onto the page.





    I wanna live with you

    Move in with you

    Make home with you


    I wanna come home from class every day and find you there

    Doing dishes at the sink

    Or making a snack for yourself

    And I want to curve my arms around your waist

    Lean in close

    Say hello

    And pepper little kisses to your neck


    I want to be there when you come home from work

    Tired and hungry and wanting love

    I want to rise from the couch

    Cross the room

    And let you fall into my arms

    Dinner is ready

    And I’ve got all the time in the world

    Just to take care of you

    Just to love you


    I want to steal your pretty clothes here and there

    And give you as many gifts as I can

    And cuddle you for hours on a couch that belongs to us

    For as long as it takes for us both to feel human again


    Every night I want to fall into bed

    And you’ll be there too

    Snuggled up close

    As we talk about our day until we finally drift off to sleep

    And never once will we wake up, gasping for air

    Scared and alone

    Because we’ll be there for each other



    I want to wake up

    And the first thing I see is your beautiful face

    Right next to mine

    Still sleepy and sweet

    And ready for the day ahead


    We can handle today

    Because we’ve got each other


    I wanna go grocery shopping with you

    Make funny jokes as we wander the aisles

    Never unlink our hands

    Never stray to far from the other

    Making the most of our domestic little life

    I’ll kiss you on the cheek

    And you’ll crack a joke in the produce section

    And things will be so grand


    And people might look at us weird

    But I know I for one could care less

    Because I’ve got you

    And you’re my everything

    And nothing can hurt me when I’m with you


    I wanna do chores with you

    Make the most mundane things in life enjoyable

    Listening to our favorite songs

    Played on our turntable

    Echoing through our apartment

    As I do the laundry

    And you sweep the floor


    I wanna buy you flowers

    And find pieces of jewelry that I think you’d like

    While out thrifting in my favorite places

    And be able to bring it home to you

    And not worry about the cost of shipping

    Or think about the distance between us


    Because you’re right there

    And that’s all I need

    And I can love you here

    And not hide under my blankets at night and think about the days

    When we spent the nights together

    Snuggled close to keep warm in the basement

    And watching our favorite shows

    And missing you so greatly

    It feels like a hole is tearing itself in my heart


    Because you’d be right there

    And I’d be right here

    And our space would be shared

    Because this is our home

    I wanna live with you

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