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    Emma Walker

    Hey y’all!

    I really love diving into the history and meanings of names, so that I know sometimes what I’m giving my characters. (Sometimes I just completely make up names too.)

    I thought it would be cool to discuss names and meanings of our characters, maybe create a list of names we’d like to use in the future?

    Who’s with me?

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    This sounds really cool! I will definitely do this, but not tonight. I will have plenty of time tomorrow though! Thanks for the tag

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    Grace Benham

    @emma-walker yesssss I always go way too in-depth with my names!!  And I try to make them the right country of origin too

    Right now I have a character who’s rather on the large side and his last name is Piccoli which means “small” XD


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    Emma Walker

    @erynne Cool!

    That’s really funny!

    I just did Cassidy’s full name.

    Lord Caiside Daniel Blaine-Karson

    Cassidy – Irish
    -Derived from Caiside, which means “curly haired”
    -‘Nicks: Cass, Caddy

    Daniel – Hebrew
    -Derived from Daniyyel, meaning” God is my judge”

    Blaine – Scottish
    -Derived from Bláan, which means “Yellow” in Gaelic

    Karson – English
    -Variant of Carson, a Scottish surname of uncertain meaning.


    Whats funny is his hair is blonde and a little curly, and I made him before I knew the meaning of his name! XDc

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    Joshua Scheele


    Sure! Though I often make up my character names.

    Emma Walker

    @storysmith That’s cool! (Then you get to make up your own meanings, and that’s also fun!)

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    "If your goal is purity in heart, be prepared to be thought very odd." -Elisabeth Elliott

    Joshua Scheele


    This is will be very helpful for feedback for what I come up with. I will probably end up cooking up names and then giving them meaning after I have fully figured out my cultures.



    Cool idea! I choose my names based on a couple things. Is it a pun? Does it have any deep symbolic meaning that can be connected to the themes? Could it be a pun? XD

    My favorite names I’ve chosen so far!

    King Hakan

    Meaning of name: King (Turkish)

    Every time I remember his name I have a bit of a laugh because I literally named him moon moon XD

    Nebiah, daughter of Malkiel.

    Meaning of name: Prophetess. (Hebrew)

    … Guess which character recieves visions halfway through the story? Yep, we have a second moon moon situation! XD

    Her name was actually originally Keturah, which means something like “perfection” which was based off how my MC percieves her. Her story role is very much to be the perfect foil for my messy, flawed protagonist. Thankfully, she rather grew beyond that role.

    My MC is named Liorah, which means “Light upon me” in Hebrew. This was kind of an accident initially but I leaned into it a lot for symbolism.

    Many of my names don’t have any specific symbolism or just sound cool XD


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    @rose-colored-fancy That’s really cool!

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    For most of my characters, I look up names that defined them or some of their major traits.

    My MC: Cahira:

    Gaelic origin

    Meaning: Warrior


    American-English origin

    Meaning: Strong Warrior


    Irish-Gaelic origin

    Meaning (there are several, but this is the one I’m going for): wise advisor or counsel

    The best word to describe him before his character arc is sly not wise.


    Welsh origin

    Meaning: Liar (I literally looked up “Boy names that mean liar”)


    variant of Eliora; Hebrew

    Meaning: the Lord is my Light



    Ok, I’m back. My answers are going to be so stupid but here goes nothing.

    Kimberlin- I named my MC after my most favoritest actress/ politician, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer. (Emu,  I just found out a couple of weeks ago she does a lot of work for CF. She’s donated to CFF and does the CF walks) I just looked up the meaning for this name and it means “Bold family” which is incredibly fitting. It’s also British which is amazing

    Ryder- It’s got kind of a western vibe to it and it’s for a cowboy. It means “horseman, cavalrymen, or messenger”

    Jack Anthony Patterson- ok… this dude is totally named after my celeb crushes and an inside joke between me and my bestie 😂😂😂 Jack is the name of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from the Titanic, Anthony is Robert Pattinson’s middle name, and Patterson is the inside joke (derived from Robert Pattinson) so there’s my heterosexual pride moment for the day, @this-is-not-an-alien

    Rose- I named her after the beautiful (inside and out) @rose-colored-fancy it means “famous type” apparently. Of course, it’s also a flower

    Tae- it’s a nickname I invented for Teressa and since I invented it I get to come up with the meaning. It was derived from the medieval time period and means “that of a black fox”

    Ok, literally the only character I named because of the meaning,

    Libelle- it means “dragonfly” and I really liked that for her

    So there’s that XD

    My first ever story would have been perfect for this. The theme, I guess (I know, anti-theme Erynne having a theme sounds super hypocritical doesn’t it?) was actually names. Everyone in the story had a name with their role as a meaning. It was kinda neat

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    Joy Calle Martinez


    Sounds fun!

    For my historical fiction novel, Where Faith Remains, the main characters’ names just came to me without any thought, so I wasn’t thinking about their meanings or anything.

    For my MC, Eliza, her full name is Elizabeth Jaeda, which I think is beautiful. Elizabeth means “God is my oath” and Jaeda means “wise” according to my Google search. Eliza’s father’s name is Russell, which means “red” according to another search. XD

    For my Life of Sacrifice Series, my Biblical fiction series about St. Paul, a couple characters do have very symbolic names. My MC, Paul’s sister, is Temira, which means “tall” which is funny since she’s quite small. XD I just chose the name because I liked it. For Temira’s son and Paul’s oldest nephew, Reuben, his name means “behold, a son” and Temira chose this name for him because she’d struggled to have a child and when she finally had one, her shame was taken away. Like Leah, who named her son Reuben for the same reason (Genesis 29:32). For Seth, Temira’s adopted son and Paul’s adopted nephew, his name means “anointed; compensation.” Which is extremely symbolic because Seth was anointed by God to save his uncle’s life and consequently the lives of many in the Roman Empire, because Paul was able to minister in Rome later (Acts 23:16). The “compensation” part of his name is also extremely symbolic, but I can’t say why because that would be a spoiler. 😉 Seth, of course, is another Biblical name – Eve named her third son Seth because he was her compensation for Abel after Cain killed him (Genesis 4:25).

    Funny thing about Reuben’s and Seth’s names is that I actually originally chose both just because I liked them, and I was shocked when I looked up the meanings and saw how well they fit the characters and the story. XD



    so there’s my heterosexual pride moment for the day

    Oh my goodness, I just about died with this 🤣

    Ok, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this topic but my mom’s in the hospital right now can you guys pray for her? ❤️

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    Oh no, what’s going on???

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    I’m so sorry to hear that hun❤️ i will storm Heaven with prayers for your mum🙏🙏🙏💖💖

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