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    Alabama Rose

    I’m trying to develop my main character’s personality and ran into a problem.

    I’ve narrowed him down to ISFJ and INFJ but can’t decide which one yet. While I was doing research about those two, I read that both types are gentle and avoid fights. And this definitely is his general personality.

    However, he lives on the street with his sister and the only way to survive is to steal money from the smaller children. So he has to pick a fight with people in order to get money (his main purpose for survival is his sister).

    I’m confused about how to keep him true to his personality while still bullying kids on the streets… is it possible that an ISFJ or INFJ would do something similar in this circumstance?

    Anyway, if anyone has advice I’d love to hear it! I’m kind of stuck lol

    Courage, dear heart ~ Aslan


    Ooh I could actually contribute to this!

    I’m an INFJ so I’m just going to answer from experience more so than psychological knowledge. I tend to avoid most conflict, BUT if something or someone I care deeply about is challenged, I do consider it my duty to act.

    So for your character I could imagine it be the same; his general demeanour might be pretty non-confrontational and gentle but if you give him a passion or purpose that he feels sworn to (such as protecting his sister), it’s certainly conceivable that he might act differently to protect that.

    I think honour and idealism are generally quite important to INFJs, so I might reconsider exactly how he goes about getting this money. It might be a twisted conclusion of stealing from bullies or con-artists or someone else that he could sort-of justify.

    Just some thoughts, all the best!


    Alabama Rose


    Awesome, thank you! This definitely clears up some questions. And gives me some ideas. 😁 Thanks!

    Courage, dear heart ~ Aslan

    E. K. Seaver

    Okay, so I’m an ISTJ, which shares two cognitive functions with an ISFJ.

    Not to get too deep in cognitive functions, but here’s the stacks for the two you’re considering:

    ISFJ- Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

    INFJ- Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

    Fe, or Extroverted Feeling, is very compassionate, wanting the best for the group (e.g. How do they feel about this situation. To quote MBTIfiction.com, they are:

    Morality derived from without, based on convention and what you’ve been taught.
    Motivated primarily to stay true to the group.
    More in tune with other people’s emotions than your own.

    Both types you have use high Fe, which would explain the confusion. The difference is the Si/Ni. Now, don’t believe what stereotypes would tell you about sensors not being creative. It’s false. Sensors would just be much more in tune with their environment (internal or external) whereas Intuitives are stuck more in the ideas and what could be.

    To quote MBTIfiction again, about Si:

    Experience life as a series of memories, constantly comparing the present to the past.
    Has a traditional approach and relies on experience for decision-making.
    In tune with how physical environments affect the memory (“this smell reminds me of my childhood”)

    Si also is much more detail oriented.

    And Ni :

    Narrows the focus to a few ideas and sees them through to completion.
    Isolates potential problems.
    Focuses on long-term goals as realities.

    Ni is much more of a big-picture thinker.


    Anyways, hope that helps. Another good site is Psycology Junkie for studying the types a bit more.

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    E. K. Seaver

    Also, about what Corine said about the honour, INFJs can be honourable, but not all of them are. I have an INFJ character who will straight up murder people if they’re in his way. He has the end goal in mind– destroy the Alliance (bad government)– which is the same goal that my main character, Em has. However, because he has the end goal so clearly in mind he allows himself to do such as kill people. It’s justified because it’s what he believes he must do. Em, who’s an ISTJ like me, sees the details and the people he’s killing, and because of her Fi (introverted feeling) her personal morals won’t let her team up with someone who’s willing to murder people. Not to say ISTJs can’t be bad guys too. Darth Vader is often typed as an ISTJ.

    For more info on good/bad of each type I’d suggest this link: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2017/07/31/evil-versions-every-myers-briggs-personality-type/

    Sometimes pinpointing his negative traits can be the most helpful in figuring out his type.

    Alabama Rose


    First off, sorry it took me so long to reply! I’m not on here very often. 😝

    Thanks for the information! I think I get it, but this is one of the first times hearing of the cognitive functions.

    Ni and Si are both introverted, but the difference is intuitive vs sensing, right? So I need to narrow him down to one of those?

    Courage, dear heart ~ Aslan

    E. K. Seaver

    XD It takes time to understand everything about it. Took me about six to eight months to get a good grip on all the functions, etc., and it’s still not the easiest at times. 😛

    Yes, that would be correct. Here’s another link that you might find helpful in figuring it out: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2016/12/15/si-user-ni-user-difference-introverted-sensing-introverted-intuition/

    Kayla Skywriter


    So, I absolutely love to talk about MBTI and my family can attest to that fact. I’ve not delved into the functions yet, but I do have some experience with the personality types you’re talking about.

    I am an INTJ so not what you’re looking for, however both my mother and sister are ISFJs, so that’s where I spend a lot of time looking. I do know two people with INFJ personalities, but I’m just going to stick to ISFJ.

    Both my mother and sister dislike conflict, but I wouldn’t say they shy away from it. They dislike conflict because it hurt people, not because they don’t believe in standing up to defend someone. Where as I am more likely to fight than my sister, there have been times where someone has said something less than favorable about me, but as I didn’t care I ignored it. However my sister fought back and defended me.

    So I’d say that while both types really care about people and dislike conflict, ISFJs just want to support people and see conflict as non-beneficial. If it helps people they’re all for it.

    If I’m wrong or someone disagrees with what I’m saying that’s fine. I’m not 100% sure on any of this anyway.

    Another way to tell the difference between the personality types is to look at the letters themselves. There is only one letter difference between the two (which I’m sure you know) so all you need to do is figure out if your character is an N or an S. And I think E. K. gave you a way to do that.

    Hope this helped.

    How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for



    *bursts in totally ready to throw my personality type under the bus*

    Hi. Stereotypical INFJ here. Conflict between people I love never fails to make me cry. I wish I was better at picking fights, tbh.

    But if I were thrown out on the street with one of my younger brothers (I don’t have sisters so 😝), I would 100% be down to doing whatever it took to keep him safe and sound. Starting a fight would be fair game. So, yep. 😁

    (that sounded so terrible and dark)

    I ask where he got these crazy ideas anyway
    He just smiles and says, it’s the way that I was raised


    Just to throw in another few cents to the conversation:

    There’s a difference between being honourable in your own eyes and the eyes of everyone else. So an INFJ might not be doing something particularly ethical in the eyes of society/God/readers, but if they can justify their actions as having purpose (e.g. for the sake of a suffering sister), then they’ll be able to reconcile their actions to their own principles.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that, because INFJs are characterised as thoughtful and not rash, you need to be sure that your character can at least justify his own actions to himself (or that he suffers internal conflict because he can’t).

    E. K. Seaver

    (He can be rash under stress though, he’ll rely on his last function: Se)

    Alabama Rose


    Cool, thanks for the links! I’m definitely going to look into the functions more.


    😂 Don’t worry, I get what you’re saying, so it doesn’t sound terrible. Haha!


    Ohh that makes so much sense! I didn’t think of it that way, but it totally makes sense.

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    Courage, dear heart ~ Aslan

    Alabama Rose

    Where as I am more likely to fight than my sister, there have been times where someone has said something less than favorable about me, but as I didn’t care I ignored it. However my sister fought back and defended me.

    That’s so interesting! I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

    Courage, dear heart ~ Aslan

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