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    Okay, so I am kinda near the beginning of my book and we are encroaching on the inciting incident. I am three chapters in. Why is it taking so long? I really don’t know. The original sketches for how many chapters lead up to the inciting incident were…one. Why? Just why?! *long sigh* Yeah I soon realized that some of the characters needed more introduction. All that has been said and done, and so now it’s time for the inciting incident, the shocking detail that propels the unwilling victim onto their quest.

    But right now I’m trying to write the scene that leads up to the inciting incident. And I’m running into problems (go figure). For one, up til now, I’ve been able to keep the story relatively interesting with some conflict, while not actually going into the main conflict itself just hinting at it. So for the scene before the plot twist, I think I need to go with something a little easier. In just three chapters my heroine has tussled with a dragon (long story, don’t ask), been creeped out by a traveling storyteller, been knocked unconscious, stopped someone from taking something they shouldn’t have, had a chase through the woods at night, and established the cuteness of her pet wolf (again long story). Sooooo yeah a lot of external conflict has happened. It’s time that the hero takes a break for once and do something relatively normal (or at least normal in her world).

    What I want is for the hero to be having a relaxing walk in the park before I hit her out of nowhere with the little shocking detail. The question is…how do I do that without making it boring? 

    I’ve already used external conflict, and as for internal conflict…while the whole external thing was going on I also hinted at my MC’s internal conflict (#all is not as handy-dandy as she’d like it to be). Characters have been introduced, my MC’s future plans (or at least what she thinks are going to be her future plans) are being laid out as we speak, and on top of all this I’ve already dropped some hints about the inciting incident, sooooo again how do I have a stroll in the park while not making it boring?


    P.S. I provide free virtual cookies for any who at least attempt to answer.

    Zachary Holbrook

    Emphasize the contrast between the protagonist’s crazy life and the normalness of walking in the park. Maybe she’s exhausted and really, really wants some time to herself, but that pesky plot-inciting twist steals that from her.

    おはいよう. 日本語は好きです .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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