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    Ryker Dawson

    Hey y’all.  How many of you listen to music while you write?  What are your favorite genres/artists?  I mainly listen to Imagine Dragons or Disturbed.

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    The Piano Guys! 😀 I typically don’t listen much to songs with words when I write, mostly because it distracts me. There are exceptions to this, however – usually when I know it so well it kind of just becomes white noise. Instrumentals are the best, especially if it’s video game music – at least in my opinion. Classic Sonic the Hedgehog stuff is quite lovely.

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    @ryker-dawson Well, you opened the door, my friend…

    Twenty One Pilots. Favorite forever. |-/ ||-//

    NF. Just amazing songs… love it.

    Imagine Dragons. Classic.

    Of Monsters and Men. A band my family likes. I really enjoy their style.

    Tryhardnina. Who no one will probably know about, but I think he’s great at what he does.

    And then there’s many others I dabble in… music’s just such a great blessing God let us have to enjoy!


    E. Grace


    Ooh, fun!  I’d have to agree with @h-jones here, Piano Guys are the best! I definitely prefer instrumental music, too.  I like some orchestrated video game music, too, like Legend of Zelda. I also enjoy movie tracks, or arrangements of movie tracks.  Like, HTTYD, Narnia, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc; I’m sure there’s others… but I can’t think of any for the moment.

    While writing, I especially enjoy listening to epic fantasy music– like by Brunuhville and Adrian von Ziegler.  It creates a nice atmosphere for inspiration.   🙂

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    I guess for me it depends on what I’m writing about, if it’s upbeat, action packed writing I usually listen to broadway musicals. Otherwise it would be something instrumental.

    Nola? AZELINE!!! For ChristWard!

    Ryker Dawson

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    Oh, Twenty-One Pilots!  They’re pretty great.  I don’t listen to them as much as I should.  I actually know some people who used to go to church with them.

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    Writer, ENTP, Chaotic Good. Things about to get crazy.

    Ryker Dawson

    If my comments seem somewhat clipped, it’s because I’m writing on mobile.  My laptop is KIA.

    Writer, ENTP, Chaotic Good. Things about to get crazy.

    Ryker Dawson

    Has anyone heard of Two Steps From Hell?  Name aside, it’s some of the greatest Epic Orchestral/Soundtrack Music I’ve ever heard.

    Writer, ENTP, Chaotic Good. Things about to get crazy.


    Oh yeah! I sometimes listen to Toby Mac’s new album The Elements when I write but most of the time when I write, I listen to instrumental or soundtracks such as Prince Caspian, Piano Guys ( @h-jones 😉), Star Wars, and HTTYD ( @emgc 😉).

    (@ryker-dawson, I see your a Ranger’s Apprentice fan, I like RA too! I’m up to book 4.)

    Ryker Dawson


    Ah, good ole’ John Flanagan. What’d you think of the end of The Burning Bridge?  Classic.

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    I was actually surprised that Halt didn’t save Will. But still, it thickness the plot!

    Selah CJW

    @ryker-dawson  Oh yes! Two Steps From Hell is amazing music!! (At least almost all of it…)

    I listen to a lot of music while writing, usually from my MP3 Player. Some favorites are are the soundtracks to Beyond the Mask, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarrron (the instrumental songs), The Prince of Egypt, etc….  Also Sight and Sound Theaters music, Piano Guys, + lots more! The Narnia soundtrack, or at least the parts that I have heard, is epic! Heard any of these?

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