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    Leon Fleming


    Yep. But still, not to be purposefully BRUTAL to animals, or anything. I mean, I’m not like that at all. The only time I’ve said “Ouch, sorry bird” was when I shot a little tweety-bird practically straight up; it broke its leg, went up through its body, an destroyed its beak and one eye. I felt kinda sorry for it because I couldn’t find the bullet…oh well. It probably died without any pain, anyway. XD Poor bird.


    Lucky!!! I’ve only listened to clips…But they sounded great.

    A’ right! I mean, I don’t mind (pictures), but…sure! I hope all goes well there! Have a good time! Au revoir, amiga! Seeya lader! And allll that other stuff. XD

    Talk to ya later Will. Bye for now.

    See ya later, Becky. Until then. 

    Natural instinct, ya know?


    Alright, Anne.

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    Leon Fleming

    Not Anney?


    Anne of Lothlorien

      @h-o-holmes – Oh, believe me, Turner, I would never call you Bill. It’s also one of the most boring names out there and I’ve always loathed it as a name since I was young. (No offense to anyone truly named Bill. It’s not you, it’s your name.)

      @holly-anne You should definitely look up SaL!

      Yeah, I think my excitement at singing with them would override my ‘aaaaaah there’s a thousand people watching me!!!!!!!!’ 😀


      I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
      No, I didn't draw my profile pic.



      @holly-anne Yeah, I like all of the songs I’ve heard from it, especially “Father”.

      Psalm 119:11
      Your word I have hidden in my heart,
      That I might not sin against You.


      Jenna Terese


      This is a cool topic! 😀 I am VERY musical: I listen to a lot of music and also play different instruments. Helen Jane Long, Audiomachine, and Lauren Daigle are some of my favorites. I get a lot of writing inspiration from instrumental music: the emotion that a song gives inspired a story or reminds me of one of my current ideas. Music also helps me get in the story’s mood when I’m writing. 🙂

      "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." -Martin Luther

    Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)

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