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    Oh! People say Batman is an INTJ. Also I’ve heard that Sherlock Holmes from BBC’s modern take on it is an INTJ, though I haven’t seen it, and the original Holmes is an INTP.

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    J. Dekreel

    See, this is why I need to come to Story Embers more often, so I’m not late for topics like this one. 😛

    I’m an ENFP-T (although I think I’m slowing turning into an INFP). I’m no EXPERT on MBTI stereotypes, but it annoys me how people seem to think that we’re all “BUTTERFLIES and UNICORNS and RAINBOWS and CANDY!” I’m certainly not quite that… “cute,” or arbitrary.

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    Haha. Thank you for pointing that out @dekreel. So true, I am an ENFP too.

    Jessi Rae

    @elizabeth I’m also an INTP-T! And I totally dislike how we’re portrayed as always loving science and math – I do not like math, or any science that contains it, and neither I am I good at it. *crosses arms, scowling* I am, however, rather analytical and overthink absolutely everything, and I do like solving problems…involving people or logic (or the lack thereof, as the case may be XP), not numbers. Also, I do fit the procrastinator stereotype, unfortunately…


    A couple other notes:

    1. Though I’m an introvert, I can actually get energy while in large crowds of people – as long as I’m with the right people. For example, I always get so hyped when drama season in my homeschool group starts up again.

    2. And I’m a perceiver, but also a control freak (as I’ve heard INTJs can be). So, however that works…

    3. I do love some of the INTJ stereotypes, and some of them actually fit me.

    4. I do have emotions, but half the time I have no idea what I’m feeling unless I’m feeling it in the extremes. And the rest of the time I’m feeling way too deeply. Maybe that’s the result of shutting down most-if-not-all feelings for a few months a couple years ago, and then trying to feel again several months after that? I don’t know. *shrugs*

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    Andrew Schmidt

    I once read this book, and I never knew exactly why I liked the character so much. After a little while, I think that she may have possibly have been an ISFP too. That may have been why…

    Oh, and speaking of that, I’m still writing this WIP, and I had somewhat the same feeling about the character. Sometimes characters are so unique that I can’t discover their MBTI type, but I’m starting to think that this one may be an ISFP too. Partly what she does, how she gets angry, her emotions, etc.

    I think that’s because I gave her some of my elements, but whatever. Just thought that was interesting.

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    I’ve heard a lot of people from movies and books are ENTP…Or maybe it was ENFP?? I think ENTP. Joker, Iron Man, Willy Wonka….

    I also heard something interesting though, a friend (who’s been studying the MBTI system for seven years) said that your type has nothing to do with the test…It has to do with your cognitive functions. LIke, the test will ask you “where do you stand at a party?” But what really matters is WHY you go to parties, and WHY you stand in that particular place…Like Extroverted has nothing to do with being social, it’s the way an Extroverted person’s brain works that makes them extroverted, and Introverts aren’t always hermits…Introverted people can be very social, outgoing people. Really interesting stuff. Not that I want to spend 7 years studying it, but it’s still cool…And kind of frustrating that a large percent of people will get their type wrong because the test is super duper innacurate.

    BUT long story short, if we’re going off the test I’m ENFJ, which I imagine is horribly innacurate. I’m definitely not Feeling or Intuitive

    No one reads these anyway

    Daeus Lamb

    @samuel Yeah, right on. It’s all about your brain much more than your actions. The tests do get a lot of people right but they get a lot of people wrong too.

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    @kate Cool – thanks for explaining!  And yes, I do know all of those characters.
    As for being overdramatic, I’m not so sure about that – for me at least 😉  I am highly an introvert, love to hang out with the right people, but hate crowds, much less being the center of attention.  However, I really enjoy public speaking and I love one on one conversations – contradiction?  I am a dreamer and I hate conflict.  I feel things deeply – but when something happens to make my mom worry, I’m usually the steady one (unfortunately getting upset at her worriedness, too.) Does that sound right for an INFP-t?  Not quite sure of everything here.

    @daeus-lamb I’d agree with you.  The why behind everything makes all the difference.

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    @Kate Thanks! Enjolras is cool. I could enjoy being the same type as him. XD

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    @NCStokes agreed. Enjolras is everlastingly cool. 😉

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    Sarah Baran

    @Dekreel Belief it or not, I know an ENFP whose motto is literally “SPARKLES AND GLITTER AND PURPLE AND SWIRLS!!!!”

    It’s really strange when humans fit their MBTI box so perfectly…

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    Sarah Baran

    @ncstokes I’ve never been so proud of my type as when I heard Enjolras was also one… *dangles red banners from every window of her house* Long live the revolution.

    (Even though I still have literally no idea what it was for, even after reading the book…)

    INTJ ➸ https://thesarcasticelf.wordpress.com/

    Aislinn Mollisong

    So I just popped in on the last page of this discussion with no idea what’s been going on because I haven’t looked at SE for four months and I’m just going to say



    Hero with an overactive imagination

    J. Dekreel

    @ethryndal  . . .

    I’m just gonna let them think what they think. . . XD *slips back into steampunk and Dr Who dreamworld*

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    @jessi-rae @elizabeth @brooka3 yay INTP’s! I’m an INTP-T. I’m surprised there’s this many of us on here.

    Most of the stereotypes are pretty spot on for me. For instance, I’m a huge procrastinator. I have a 3 page paper about Cicero and St. Augustine’s view of foreknowledge due tomorrow. I’ve only written the introduction. Oh, I also have an advanced biology test I haven’t studied for. But even though I procrastinate, I always turn in my homework on time and study my tests extensively. Sleep is typically the thing that gets sacrificed.

    I’m absent-minded as ever. I zone out while I’m performing on stage and finish long division in my head. Or I’ll think through story ideas. Muscle memory is a life saver when it comes to solos.

    I’m also a huge nerd. While I understand how frustrating the math and science stereotypes are, I really like the subjects. To be fair, I like English and History more. I’m definitely not a math/science genius. I just find it relaxing.

    The one big difference I have with my type is that I’m sensitive to other’s emotions. Most of my friends are feelers (ENFJs and INFJs) and the girls in my family are also feelers. I believe the truth is of utmost importance but it doesn’t have to be told in a rude way. Logic isn’t rude. Facts aren’t rude. It just depends on how you interpret it.


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