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    Chelsea R.H.

    Well, hello. I’m an INFP, but the first time I ever heard of the MBTI I mistyped myself as an INTJ.

    I fulfil a lot of the INFP stereotypes: dreamer, always seeing the best in things, hopeful, artistic and empathetic. However, I initially thought I was INTJ because I fulfil a lot of those stereotypes as well. I have zero tolerance for ignorant and annoying people, I’m blunt, practical, cynical (I expect the best of people, but people don’t usually give their best, so eventually you become very cynical) and I’m plotting the downfall of….individuals. I’m also rather closed off and while I tend to know what my emotions are, I don’t necessarily know the cause and I very rarely communicate them with anyone else.

    I also like debates and plain old common sense.

    But I still am very much the INFP. I want hope and meaning, I like sad things and genuine things. And basically every other item on Kate’s list 🙂

    Ceud mile failte


    Every MBTI test I’ve taken has labeled me an ENFP. I mostly fit the stereotypical dreamy, scatterbrained, emotional, friendly stereotype, but a few things that bug me are:

    -ENFPs make friends with everyone.

    Nope. I get along with many people, but ENFPs are capable of holding grudges and not liking certain people.

    -ENFPs are never shy and thrive in the spotlight.

    This is true sometimes for me, but other times, I’m terribly shy and hug the wall.

    I’ll probably think of more later, but I’ve encountered these the most.

    ENFP, hobbit, MK. May wave pom poms, fangirl, and evaporate into a cloud while reading.

    Daeus Lamb

    @m_corinnemusic Cindy tells me ENFJs and INFJs burn down the world together. I kinda like the idea. 😏

    👖 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Maya Wylie

    @daeus-lamb She is totally right 😀

    INFJ | singer/songwriter | swimmer | it's an underscore, people!!


    @rmarcher @kate @anne-of-lothlorien @seekjustice I am another INFP.
    But I’m not really sure of what the stereotypes are, so I shall respond to the stereotypes y’all said. 🙂
    Dreamer [Check]
    Ridiculously idealistic (sees the best in everyone and everything and believes that everyone is capable of redemption and achieving their dreams [*cough* Yep. Wanting to redeem nearly all of my characters that I developed. *cough*])
    Literally in love with the stars [Meh. I do like the idea of flying [without a plane]]
    Will personify (and name) any and all inanimate objects such as teacups, paintbrushes, computers, and kitchen appliances
    Often prefers sad things to happy things, not because she’s depressed but because sad things are often more genuine. [Occasionally. But I think I tend toward funny things…]
    Has a million and one random memories of faces, moments, thoughts, emotions, and words, but literally cannot remember what she had for breakfast. [*nervous laughter* Random memories, check. Not remembering certain things that happened that day, check some days… I think…]
    Will dance crazily and sing at the top of her lungs as soon as she’s perfectly alone. […I actually will do this…]
    Has probably written a poem for every human emotion in the dictionary.
    Understands way more about people and the way they feel about things than anybody suspects, because though she’s always head in the clouds she’s also paying more attention than you’ll ever realize. [*grins* Yes.]
    Bookworm [*raises hand*]
    Cannot express emotions verbally.
    Old soul with a child’s heart. [*nods* I think so.]
    Easily hurt, but not easily offended. [Yeah…]
    Timidly courageous— realizes she’s terrified of everything and forces herself to do it anyway because human experience. [Sometimes I can’t force myself to do it though.]
    100% more likely to believe in her friends than to believe in herself. [Maybe not 100%, but yes.]
    Hopeful. [Yep.]
    I don’t like ignorant or annoying people. [*grabs head* *groan*]
    I like riddles and logic. Mostly.
    Something from 16 personalities, I don’t like phone calls. But prefer communication in person or writing.
    But unlike what it says, I don’t excel at learning other languages. Unless you count animal languages. 🙂

    Also things must be fair. Or it is very upsetting.

    When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

    Hope Ann

    INTJ here *smirks* You guys deal with the emotions. We’ll keep you all alive. Might even come to care about some of you while we’re at it.

    Though, yeah. I pretty much agree with what @ethryndal said about emotions. The heartless stereotype provides no end of amusement but with almost all my friends being feelers I’m a bit more in touch with emotions than what the stereotype calls for. At least I recognize them as valid and can take them into consideration as needed instead of always ignoring them.

    but the death glare is great. XD And Loki is awesome. He’s also not an INTJ though, so… 😛

    The one stereotype I do love about us is the constant planning, back up plans, back up, back up plans. Because it’s so true. And awesome. And I love planning and do it instinctivly. It helps me relax, so… yeah.

    Victory in the march. Hope in the destination.



    I actually fit a lot of the stereotypes, except being able to tell when people are lying and organizing. I’m your friendly neighborhood therapist (totally awesome rates: free) and I am the extroverted introvert. I love to take charge of friend events and plan things out, but I have anxiety attacks over getting to know you games 😂. Whenever friends get into a disagreement you’ll find me (dying) in the middle. I’m emotional, but yet I have no sentimental attachment to anything I own (except my books, don’t touch my books). Basically a walking contradiction 😉

    “Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.


    @elizabeth, I am an INFJ-T. As of late (last fall) I have become more of an introvert. I also had a thread about this running a while back. Check it out here

    INFJ, Child of God, wannabe author, writer, dreamer, fan of DR. Who, Star Wars, NCIS-LA

    Ariella Newheart

    I’m an INFJ, though I suspect I have a little ISFJ in me, too. (Surprising, right?)

    I relate so much to what the other INFJ’s are talking about. I do happen to be an extroverted introvert, which means I can appear to be extroverted when with friends but am really very private and need to be alone sometimes.

    And I’m too enigmatic for my own good. I like what @m_corinnemusic said here:

    I both love and hate the fact that I’m hard to get close to. People can’t read me easily. People who know me well can make educated guesses, but I can still fake them out. I love it because it makes me feel safe, because no one will know what I don’t want them to. I can read people really well and they can get close to me without me having to get close to them. I hate it because I can feel alone, and like people don’t understand my feelings. I’m thankful to have some great friends who keep me from feeling too lonely and misunderstood.

    Yeeeep. Sometimes I wish people would dig deeper beneath the surface, to show that they really care.


    I actually fit a lot of the stereotypes, except being able to tell when people are lying and organizing.

    Hmm…I can often tell when people are lying or acting, and I have a good memory to help with that.

    I’m your friendly neighborhood therapist

    Oh, I wish. xD I’m not very tactful. I never know what to say.

    On that note, INFJ’s are said to be “astonishingly good orators, speaking with warmth and passion.” Yeah, no. Orating was never my strong point. Pretty much any speech is terrifying for me. I’m not a good speaker, even if I’m just with friends.

    Another thing about INFJ’s is that we do not like conflict. Conflict makes me nervous, and act irrationally sometimes.

    For ISFJ, I mainly relate to this personality type because of the “procrastination” aspect. I’m not at all “decisive” and “able to follow through on ideas with conviction, willpower, and the planning necessary to see complex projects through to the end” like INFJ’s are said to be. I tend to really procrastinate on a lot of things, especially if there is a deadline, since I’m a perfectionist. But like ISFJ’s, if I have said I’ll do something, I will make sure to do it.

    Okay, I think that’s about it. *wanders away into the topic to take notes*

    Writer, illustrator, Parimi Alcan

    Check out my new blog! https://arbitraryfairy.wordpress.com/

    Sarah Inkdragon

    @hope-ann Yes, the death glare is epic. As for Loki… I’d still rather be him than Palpatine. Funny story though–I own a black hoodie with an extremely deep hood, which I usually use to creep random people out with. I’m also a lifeguard. And one day, when I was sitting up on the high chair with my hood up because it was raining, the children swimming dubbed me as Palpatine. It stuck.

    As for planning everything… yup, that’s my life. Have fun with your life, extroverts. I have it on very good authority(every extrovert I’ve ever met) that you guys prefer to jump first and look later. So, yeah. While you’re regretting pulling out that loan in college, I’ll already be planning my retirement. XD

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis

    Maya Wylie

    @sarah-inkdragon Oh my gosh! That is an awesome story 😀 I’m on a swim team, and the higher levels of it help coach the younger levels sometimes. So one day my friend and I were coaching the younger kids. I’m a redhead, so I burn within 5 minutes of sun exposure. So my friend and I were hiding under his towel as a hood of sun protection, and we looked like a two-headed Palpatine XD My younger sister did not hesitate to point that out and photograph it 😀 The thing is, I’m a Sith Lord and he’s a Jedi. *rolls eyes* Uggh, Lightsiders. XD

    INFJ | singer/songwriter | swimmer | it's an underscore, people!!


    INTP-A here.

    I wholeheartedly agree that INTPs are pro’s at procrastinating lol. As for the stereotype I can’t stand, it’s so annoying how it’s always assumed that INTPs are science genius’ *facepalm* cause I totally ain’t

    infp-t // enneagram type 4w3
    of the Meraki guild (aka the best)

    Andrew Schmidt

    @daeus-lamb @kate @sarah-inkdragon @catwing @brooka @m-corinnemusic @inkling-for-christ @ariella-newheart @all-of-you-other-people-which-I-don’t-fill-like-writing-down

    I’m an ISFP. I like filling my stories with color (one of the stereotypes about an ISFP which I actually like) though when they say ISFPs are all always warmhearted, easy-going people… I guess you could maybe say that about me, but at the same time, I am totally sometimes NOT  like that!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Kate Lamb

    @Andrew hiiiii! Andrew Schmidt, right? Congratulations on being a Sensing writer. Those are rare. 😉

    INFP-A. If you can't be brilliant, odd will do.

    Andrew Schmidt

    @kate, yes, that is right. I’m Andrew Schmidt.

    Oh, and the funny fact about be a rare sensing writer is that my personality type is not actually rare. That made me laugh, well, in my head, anyway. But nice to meet you (online, anyway).

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

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