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    @jane-maree @jillifish @parker @esther-sears @e-b-raulands   @mariposa  @andrew   @writercatherine  @daeus-lamb  @wordsmith @serenity @ericawordsmith   (If you are not interested in poetry, than ignore the fact that I tagged you. I just tagged a bunch of you (most of you I have previously interacted with on SE ) so there would be a ‘ multitude of counselors’. If you know anybody would be interested in this, please send them over.)

    OKAY! (deep breath) I’m going to launch a new poetry thread for those who have written more lyrical poems. Feel free to add yours. All poetry experts-feel free to critique and encourage.


    So here’s mine . . .  “No Other Way but This”

    If the path to Calvary I pass by,
    Heaven’s glory shall never brighten my eye;
    To reach the new Paradise and its bliss,
    There is no other way to walk but this.
    Rugged is the way and rough is the cross
    Yet I must take it up or all life is lost.

    If the kingdom of heaven I would seek,
    I must serve as a servant, lowly and meek.
    To reign in the kingdom of His bliss,
    There is no other way to work but this.
    Serving for my King-’tis nobler a part;
    So please give me a truer and nobler heart.

    If the crown of eternal life I’d win,
    I must conquer the tyrant of self within.
    To rest in the land of perfect bliss,
    There is no other war to wage but this.
    Mighty is the foe and long is the race;
    Yet I must endure all, for naught can replace.

    If to claim only Christ seems a harsh creed,
    Remember that the rewards shall far exceed.
    To reach the new Paradise and its bliss,
    There is no other way to walk but this.
    Rugged is the way and rough is the cross;
    Yet I must take it up or all is lost. 
    Feel free to speak up, point out any flaws or make any suggestions ( or give any praise) you like.

    For my Audience of One, all the glory be!


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    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Andrew Schmidt

      @dakota, nice poem! 🙂

      Tagging some people: the-fledgling artist, jenwriter17, @nuetrobolt, evelyn, @wordsmith, @carolyn-matthew.

      "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

      Andrew Schmidt

        Tags I misspelled because of my Mr. Bad Habit: @evelyn and @carolyn-matthews

        "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain


        @andrew Thank you- for your opinion and for tagging Wordsmith for me! 🙂  For some reason my computer wouldn’t tag him.

        Psalm 119:11
        Your word I have hidden in my heart,
        That I might not sin against You.

        Andrew Schmidt

          @dakota, you’re welcome. 🙂

          "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

          Andrew Schmidt

            Grhhh. *just realizes* I forgot to tag these tags right too: @jenwriter17 & @the-fledgling-artist.

            It seems I have been doing things like this recently. I’ll try to prevent it. But oh well. I did really well in grammar, but here I am making mistakes… and I would edit the mistakes, but I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that.

            *straightens* Now enough of that. I’m not trying to make my all errors known to SE. *rolls eyes at the keyboard, then continues writing*

            "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain


            @andrew It’s ok. Trust me. I’m not a professional anything, much less a typist or orator.  🙂

            Psalm 119:11
            Your word I have hidden in my heart,
            That I might not sin against You.


            @andrew Mr. Bad Habit is an annoying being!! Just don’t send him my way… I run into him waaay too often. 😉

            Great idea to start this thread. I love your poem by the way! It’s beautiful and reminds me of the dying art of hymns. I wish our culture as a whole would write and sing more hymns. They are just so beautiful and rich.

            The majority of my poems aren’t very lyrical, but I have tried my hand at songs before. I just wish I had the voice and talent to sing and create music to go along with them!! Haha, maybe I’ll get my brother’s band to add it to their Ep. 😉


            The Fledgling Artist

            @dakota  That was great, thank you for sharing it with us! I agree with Evelyn, it would make a beautiful hymn.  How long have you been writing poetry? You’re quite good at it!

            "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

            Parker Hankins

            Oh, this is so beautiful!!! I love it!!!!!

            Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.

            Jenna Terese

            @dakota This is BEAUTIFUL! 😀

            "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." -Martin Luther

            Jane Maree

            @dakota I love this!! Have you put it to music or anything yet?


            This is one of my songs that I’ve written, I’m thinking about recording it at some point too. 😀 It’s called Be Still.


            See the glory in the heavens, majesty proclaimed
            Endless hallelujah, all the earth shouts His name
            His handiwork declares his grace
            Creation rises, singing praise



            So be still and listen
            All creation points to Him
            Lift your eyes and see His grace
            Creator, Artist, Author, King



            See the wonder in the sunrise, colour echoing
            A thousand shades of beauty, singing glory to their King
            Manifested all around
            Shout aloud a glorious sound


            See the peace in the twilight, glory up above
            Never-ending galaxies, like never stopping love
            And he knows them all by name
            They together sing His fame


            See the pow’r in creation—a mountain tow’ring to the sky
            And the tiny lines of detail that lift his name on high
            Craftsmanship by heavenly hands
            Spread his love like grains of sand

            Writing Heroes ♦ Writing Hope //


            @dakota, that’s beautiful! I cant wait to see more of your stuff!

            lover of our Lord, words, and music as his writing tools


            @jane-maree Your song is so…beautiful!  I love the chorus, most of all this line: Creator, Artist, Author, King.  Just making the connection between all of those attributes and characteristics through your song is so neat.

            Nice going with your song, too!  It does remind me a bit of a hymn, and there’s a lot of truth packed into it.

            So here’s my song.  I’m afraid it’s not a Christian song, necessarily, but it’s a song I wrote when I visited California in June.  Hope you all enjoy – and I’d love feedback!

            Where the water meets the sky
            Blurring the horizon
            Ships are sailing on the clouds
            To the world above.
            Waves are standing still,
            Waiting until
            It fades away;
            Music from the ocean’s shore
            Calls me now to stay.

            Sailboats sway in a waltz with the sea
            Seagulls laugh as they call out to me
            In the sky, so beautifully free.
            Silently, I watch them fly away.

            Twilight rests upon the waves,
            Dancing in the sunlight;
            Aft, abroad, the seabirds fly
            Down the westward road.
            Sun is sinking low,
            Turning to go
            Beyond the sea.
            Night has ended day,
            Washed far away

            If you wonder where am I,
            Beyond the sunshine’s glare
            Where the water meets the sky,
            You will find me there.

            "Young people, you must pray, for your passions are strong and your wisdom is little."C.H.Spurgeon

            Jane Maree

            @libby Thank you!! It was a song inspired by creation and Psalm 19 “the heavens declare the glory of God.” 😊

            Writing Heroes ♦ Writing Hope //

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