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    Maya Joelle

    I’m looking for fans of the Tales of Goldstone Wood book series to collaborate on a fan site!

    I want to start a site for the Tales, on which site members (“knights of Farthestshore”) would post about the series. Lessons for writers, character analyses, sheer fangirling, etc. We’d also publish fanfiction and fanart, have a page for fans to talk via the comments, and have an explanation of the series for new fans (plus share links to the author’s old blog/fanfic site and the fandom wiki).

    AND the best part of it is that I have the author’s permission to do all this. She even said she’d send me some fan art that she’s been sent since she stopped blogging, for us to publish. (!!)

    So I’m looking for collaborators to help me out. Here are the qualifications you’d need…

    • be a fan of the Tales of Goldstone Wood
    • be willing to contribute in some way (I’m open to suggestions, but current ideas are writing posts, editing posts/reading submissions — if we ever get any, curating fan art, answering contact emails, moderating site comments, etc.)
    • be willing to work constructively with other site collaborators
    • have a WordPress account (because that’s where I blog and where I’m creating the site — this does not require you to have a WP blog)
    • and… understand that if there’s disagreement, I will have the final word. This is not intended in any way to be mean to anyone else who wants to contribute. But at some point, someone has to be able to make a decision. Hopefully I will never have to make a hard decision; hopefully we will be able to work it all out together. But just in case, there’s this requirement.

    If you’re interested, reply and let me know 🙂 I have the beginnings of a site set up on WordPress.com and I can add anyone who’s interested as a site editor.

    If you know anyone else who might be interested, feel free to send this their way.

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    fear no evil | may evil fear you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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