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    Hello Everyone! I’m beginning my search for beta readers for my next novel. It’s a romantic suspense novel, (a little heavier on the suspense than the romance) set in a fictional, somewhat dystopian environment–the war-torn nation of Sevia.

    This book continues the story of Boris and Anna, the young Sevian couple who met and fell in love in Wrong Place, Right Time, the first book in the Shards of Sevia series. Now, nearly two years on, things aren’t going well. The simmering ethnic conflict in Dor continues to shadow their lives. Anna’s expecting their first child, and the prospect of motherhood in wartime fills her with dread. A split-second decision lands Boris in the worst trouble of his life, and threatens the whole family’s survival.

    Obviously, the characters aren’t teenagers, but the series is aimed at a Christian, Young Adult (18-25) audience, so I figured this site would be a great place to look for beta readers. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me at: btznvntATgmailDOTcom


    So I won’t bump this again if nobody’s interested, but I thought there might be a few people here who would be but hadn’t seen it yet…

    Taylor Clogston

    @zee I’m really sorry, but romance is the only genre I don’t read =P I wish you luck getting readers. The premise sounds interesting.

    The one thing that stood out to me is I was under the impression the YA demographic ranges from about 13-18. Has that changed in recent years?

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    @taylorclogston, you know, I think the more technically correct term may be “New Adult.” And thanks for the encouragement! I’m happy to say that I’ve already found a few beta readers elsewhere.

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