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    Hello, my poet friends! So, I recently wrote a poem for school, where I was supposed to take a fairy tale and write it from a different character’s perspective, as opposed to the main character’s. I chose Jack and the Beanstalk by Joseph Jacobs (this is the version I used), and decided to write it in poetry form. Since this is officially my first really lengthy piece, and also one of my first “poem stories,” I guess you could say, I have a few questions. Particularly, how did the end make you feel? Do you feel like there were things left uncleared?

    Here’s the link, if anybody is interested. 🙂

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    @h-jones That is a really neat prompt! I’ll have to try that sometime! 🙂

    I thought you did a good job, and I enjoyed reading it – especially since it was from a different character’s perspective. It was an old well known story, but talking about the woman’s life made it feel newer and more interesting. The ending, (to answer your question) I liked – again especially from the woman’s perspective. I had never really thought about how Jack’s actions effected her. Great job!

    And you have a blog? I don’t remember you ever mentioning it before, is it new?


    @evelyn Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it. 🙂 And yes, the blog is new, haha. That poem is currently the only thing on it. xD

    Secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.

    Katherine Baker


    I loved the poem! How cute, and certainly enjoyable to think of it from another perspective. I also liked the ending. Great job!

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    Thank you @kb-writer! Glad you enjoyed it as well. 🙂

    Secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.

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