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    Abigail Rebekah


    Hello, Lady Anne 😉  (I love your username btw)

    For some strange reason, I think you like books 😉

    I’m glad to see that you’re a fellow coffee lover too xD

    Just curious, are you sarcastic by any chance?

    Your WIP sounds really good btw.

    Do you like listening to soundtracks or songs more?


    Anyways, I look forward to getting to know you 🙂


    ~ Laugh. Drink Coffee. Smile. And Write ~



    Hello Anne!

    So, Lothlorien is a real place? Or no? Cool name tho!

    So, I’ve heard so much about Wingfeather Saga on this site, never read it… probably should tho. Might be a LOOOOOOOONG time before I get around to it tho. Pretty busy lady LOL

    So, I was reading the list of things you like, and I was wondering why it was SOOO long, and why you had such a good memory about the things you like ( I can never remember when people ask me LOL) and then I realized that every other word was books. ** slaps forehead**. I am SO scatterbrained and need to pay more attention to life!

    Your “blurb” for your book sounds great! It’s cool. I can relate to your character because my character gets in a car accident. Please post when you have some written, can’t wait to read!

    I like Brave (who was the person who mentioned that they didn’t like that? Oh it was you. **looks around sheepishly** I’m not bothered). It’s mainly because she has RED CURLY HAIR!!!!!!!! I have curly hair, I love it! And I think it’d be so wonderful to have Red haired, curly haired little kids running around my house one day! !!!!!!!!!!!! **adds exclamation points because she doesn’t know how to express how happy saying that makes her**

    I like interior design, don’t know if that has anything to do with graphic design… Ends in the same word **congratulates herself!**

    My sister LOVES pride and prejudice. I do too. Sometimes her obsessions makes me like them too. 🙂

    Favorite (Disney) movies: I love Moana: all time Disney favorite; Beauty and the Beast live action. (Except the beast is SOOO beautiful, then when he changes to a real man, he’s not handsome AT ALL. Makes me irritated). I like ’em all!

    Really like song Evermore from Beauty and the Beast (another thing my sis loves and it grew on me as well LOL) and I like the Moana songs (well, these last 2 paragraphs are WAY to similar LOL)

    Ummm, books. I like all books. Someone Named Eva is good. Author’s last name is Wolff. Mysterious Benedict Society series by Trenton Lee Stewart is really good. There was this book I really liked, but I can’t remember what it was… so me… typical.

    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



    Does it sound really weird that I want to sit down and play with your hair for a while? It sounds so beautiful!

    No, and thank you! I play with it too. (: I have a friend named Liberty who just walks up and starts to run her fingers through it when she talks to me.

    What’s her name?

    Ericka (the name I gave her)…Jordan (the name my father gave her, because my mother wouldn’t let him name my little sister that)….Midnight-Star (my mother’s name for her, because she likes frilly words) 🙂

    She goes by Ericka though, unless she’s in trouble. Then it’s ‘Ericka Jordan’. (:

    I also sometimes call her ‘Aria Jo’

    And what’s your sister’s name? Is she older or younger?

    Bethany is her name. Bethany Isabelle. 🙂

    She’s happy she wasn’t named what my four-year-old self wished to call her…Diamond. (: I’m pretty happy my parents turned me down now too.

    Thank you for answering my Jesus questions!

    Good answers. I liked you before…But now I really like you. I would like to be friends/get to know you better. 🙂 What do you want to do with your life? Do you want to get married? How many kids would you like? Do you want a career, or be a stay-at-home mom?


    Esther! Yes!! The irony, the brilliance of God!!! How He masterminded the most amazing plot, that would have made any author crazed with joy over the characters! In real life! Wow. What an account.

    What’re they about?

    ‘The Mark Of A Lion’ It starts with the destruction of Jerusalem, and Herod’s Temple. A girl is taken captive to Rome, and sold as a slave. It delves deep into the wickedness of Rome (humanity) but still has a bright light shining in the darkness. The book is about this light (MC) and how the darkness reacts to Christ’s unconditional love.

    Very good.

    Have you read it?


    Here’s one of my all-time favorite collages so you can get an idea…

    It’s very beautiful.

    Big Hero 6

    Yes! So beautiful! (Zootopia is also pretty good.)

    Pretty much all the Pixar’s are great as well, except Brave. Sorry if you like one, but I thought it wasn’t that good.

    I didn’t even know Pixar did ‘Brave’? I saw it in theaters when it came out. My mom didn’t like it, and I haven’t been allowed to watch it sense. I don’t feel the urge to watch it (if I’m not allowed, why desire?) And I don’t remember anything about it, except images. (I can recognize pictures, and know it’s from ‘Brave’.)

    Though warning…there are a few swear words


    My brothers and I are actually going to a coaster park soon, at the end of August and I am sooo excited!


    Martin Hospitality

    I put it on my list of books to buy. (:

    Lord of the Rings…

    You caught me just in time. A girl was over tonight, and her birthday was a few days ago… I almost asked her if she’d like them for her present… Then I remembered asking you to change my mind? So I didn’t. (: I will read them. ‘You have conquered me.’

    I get that it can be daunting to start a three book series of astronomical proportions and flowery language,

    No, the size is great. Flowery language? I can get used to. (: Have you ever read ‘Winnie-The-Pooh’? I was stuck talking like a stuffed-animal until a few days after I finished them. At some points I caught myself thinking like a stuffed animal…

    Have you seen the movies?

    I saw the movies a few months ago…a bit too graphic in the well-deserved gore and vile-lookingness for me. Where I liked the story-line, I wouldn’t want to watch them again because of that.

    My favorite movie of them was the second Hobbit.

    And, yes, in almost everything, books are better than the movies. (:

    Okay, don’t get scared by the crying.

    I’m not. I’ll let you know when I start to read them…and if I cry. (:

    But I’ve only cried over a book twice before. Twice on movies. Why? I’m the type who reminds myself it’s all fake, to keep myself from crying. (My father would no doubt tease me about crying over fictional characters…) I would tease myself.

    One book I shouldn’t have cried about, it was fiction, but, a puppy was being abused and… Yeah. The other was ‘Matthew’. I’m fine crying over the Bible. (:

    The movies. One was a true account of a puppy, abused again… Oy. The other was a fictional one, at the point a baby dinosaur was drowning…

    I have cried over characters in my stories though… When I’m disappointed in them, or they’re grieving…or they die…


    Passion = A Willingness To Suffer


    Welcome back, Anne! (Except it’s not really welcome back for me, as I’m meeting you for the first time.)



    Hello and welcome again! I’m there from March or April, though I still feel new sometimes 😉

    Bible questions! What are your…

    • favorite character – Like, besides Jesus? 😀
    • favorite verse? No cheating- Just one! 😉
    • current study?

    From where are you? How is the place? What’s interesting about it?


    You don't need to see the wind itself in order to hear the rustling leaves.

    Wingiby Iggiby

    I’m The High Queen….

    Yes! I don’t really know if I’m a good Throne Warden, but I try. I’m just glad my siblings aren’t fangs, lol. And boy-song-maidens are called Song Masters — don’t worry, I forgot that and lore wains before, as I forget a lot of things.

    Where do you live now?

    We lived near Atlanta Georgia, but now we just moved to North Carolina. It’s a little flatter, which I like 😀

    I might look up those books. Historical fiction isn’t my top favorite, but I do enjoy it.

    Just letting you know you might enjoy Rifles for Waite better, because it has more action. 😉

    Some of my favorite Andrew Peterson songs are ‘World Traveler’, ‘Labor of Love’, and ‘Mystery of Mercy’. What about you?

    I like ‘The Rain Keeps Falling,’ ‘Dancing in the Minefields,’ and ‘All Things New.’ I definitely need to check those songs out, though!

     Isn’t it just so awesome to have people that love it as much as you?!?!!

    Yes! Yes! YES! And I LOVE those characters so MUCH! And yes, poor Gnag! His story is so sad! “Just because the stories aren’t real doesn’t mean they’re not true, and when you realize that, it’s the beginning of something amazing.” And that quote is purely amazing. Amazing. 

    And your description is PERFECT! I LOVE it! You are really good at that 😀

    And thank you! I really felt quite proud of that quote, although all I did was change one word, lol. And books ARE good! That’s the wonderful thing about the quote: you can change it to fit yourself.




    I light the arrow, pull the bow,
    Shoot that fire right through my soul.

    Anne of Lothlorien


    Huh. I don’t really know why you got the impression that I like books, but I do actually! That’s awesome you were able to figure it out with so little to go on.

    Sarcastic? Me? Whaaaaat? Noooooo…. okaymaybeyesdefinitelyyes. 😀 I’m pretty sure sarcasm is my third language, after English and Quotes.

    Soundtracks or songs… I’d honestly say they’re about 50/50, truly. Soundtracks probably get listened to more often purely because that’s mostly what I have on my computer. I need Youtube for most non-movie music and we don’t have internet at our house. But both can be equally awesome!

    I look forward to getting to know you too!

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

    Anne of Lothlorien

    That is an awesomly unique pet name! I once had a goldfish named… Squishy the Invisible Nazi Killer from Quebec. Yup. You read that right. 😀

    Well, at least you wanted to name your sister a real name… my younger sister wanted to name my youngest brother ‘Pizza Man’. XD XD XD

    What do I want to do with my life… You want everything I want to do?? Just kidding, cause that’d be way too long a post. Right now I’m just about to quit my waitressing job to stay at home and teach my brother first grade. I’m going to look into online college classes for writing and Special Education, and I want to start volunteering at a therapeutic horse back riding center near us.

    I would love to be married one day, but I’m working on being okay if not. It’s hard sometimes, but ultimately I want what God wants for me, and if that’s being single forever… okay. I don’t want to be married just because it sounds nice. If I got married and had kids… I’ve never really thought about a specific amount… just more than one, because I think being an only child would be lonely. 🙂

    A career… not in the normal sense. If I was a guy, my dream job would be a document analyst for the FBI. I looked into pursuing that path a couple years ago, but because of the schooling and job requirements it would mean fifteen or twenty years of my life towards that and pretty much shutting out the possibility of a family and being a stay at home mom, and I don’t want to do that.

    What I’d love to do is write books and volunteer at places that help people with disabilities and handicaps. Maybe even adopt some special needs kids one day. If God brings a husband and kids into that equation, then that sounds like a pretty awesome life to me. 😀

    I’d love to get to know you better too! Would you mind answering all the questions you asked me? Kinda copycat, but a good way to learn about people. You asked good ones! ;D

    I’ve added The Mark of a Lion to my everlong list of TBR’s. 🙂

    Yeah, Pixar did Brave. It’s the only Disney Princess movie that’s a Pixar and one of the… I think four Pixar movies with people as the main characters. To me, beyond the issues I have with the content, it just doesn’t have that Pixar… feel, you know?

    YAY YOU’LL READ LORD OF THE RINGS!!! YAY YAY YAY! Oh, and if you read the Hobbit, the prequel, it’s a much easier read. It’s more a quaint adventure story. That’s my beef with the Hobbit movies, which I don’t think are anywhere near as good as the Lord of the Rings movies. They tried to make the Hobbit into an epic adventure like the Lord of the Rings, but it’s just different and I think they spoiled it by making the movies like that. But I promise you won’t regret reading them. 🙂 🙂

    We’re pretty different in the crying department… I cry over book and movies ALL THE TIME! I can’t help it… I can’t convince myself it’s okay since they’re not real… for the moment, they are to me, and it hurts. So I cry. :’)

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

    Anne of Lothlorien


    Hey! Lothlorien is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series. It’s a beautiful forest realm where elves live. In my imagination, one of the elves Legolas, found me and adopted me as his younger sister. So I am not actually an elf, but I live there a lot. 🙂

    I understand pretty busy. XP But you should seriously try to read Wingfeather as soon as you can. It’s amazing.

    I do love Merida’s hair! Out of the eight other people in my immediate family, only one brother has red hair, but I’m still hoping there’s enough of it in my genes for some of my kids to have red hair. Or maybe I’ll marry a red-head with strong genes. 😛

    Interior design is actually another of my hobbies! I don’t get to practice it much, only when we decide to reno part of our house, so mainly it’s me looking at magazines and books and drawing up plans in my head. I’m really excited though because I’m getting a new room to myself in our basement and it’s a chance for me to come up with a whole new design for my room!!! All centered around my three bookshelves, of course. 😀 Graphic design is actually a huge part of interior design now… graphic art and design uses a computer to create art, but it can also be used to create floor plans and rough ideas of room decor. There’s all sorts of software out there now that interior designers are using to help them go through ideas of designing rooms without having to switch furniture around all the time.

    The live action Beauty and the Beast was pretty good. I actually just saw it again at a drive in movie theater last week. YES, the human prince was… so weird looking. When I’d heard they got Dan Stevens for the prince, I was like… ‘um, he’s kinda good looking, I guess, but… good thing he’s a beast most of the time’ XD

    Oooh, yes Mysterious Benedict Society! Have you read the newest one, ‘The Riddle of the Ages’?

    I’m glad you think my book sounds interesting! Actually… I’ll post the part of the bike accident, if you want to read it. It’s in the second chapter of the book…

    ” A cheap hotel may seem like a good idea when you’re exhausted and poor lighting can’t reveal every little dirt smudge, but in the morning when the sun is filtering through the ratty curtains, it looks a lot less like a good idea.
    I scrambled away from the crumpled bed-covers that looked like they hadn’t been washed in weeks and gingerly picked up my bags from the floor. My clothes and shoes were still on, due to the fact that I was too tired to change last night and didn’t have any pajamas with me anyways. I was more than eager to leave this place.
    Leaving the key on the check-in desk, I mumbled an evasive reply to the desk worker’s question about my satisfaction and walked out the door, praying my bike hadn’t been stolen. It hadn’t, so half an hour later I found myself once again on the road, riding one handed while I ate a greasy breakfast sandwich from a fast food place that turned my stomach almost more than the hotel. But I had to eat, and the flavor wasn’t half bad.
    I biked for miles again, skipping lunch simply because I didn’t find any other place to eat. I called myself an idiot again for not getting something I could take with me, but I excused myself from the lack of forethought because of what I’d been through.
    The sun blazed down on me like it was intent on burning me to a crisp before I could find another place to spend the night. The trees all seemed to be leaning away from the road, offering no shade as I pedaled exhaustively along.
    I started to sing to myself, an attempt to keep from being lonely. I changed my voice, singing lower or higher to make it seem like it was somebody else, but my lungs needed all the air for cycling, and eventually there was none left for even talking.
    Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. No more ‘Welcome to our town’ signs had appeared, and a clearing with a few large trees to my right tempted me. I dragged my bike into the field and hunkered down against a huge oak tree. I wiped at my brow and upper lip, but the sweat was only replaced by more. I picked the worst time of year to be kicked out.
    I laid my head down on my school backpack and heard a crackling sound. I shot up and shoved my hand into a side pocket, pulling out a crumpled but still entirely edible granola bar.
    “Glory, hallelujah.” I wanted to shout it but was too tired to do anything but mutter.
    I rested for as long as I could, but I knew all the time passing brought the day closer to night, and I did not want to be out on the road in the dark. Not even sure I could, I mounted my bike again and pedaled slowly on.
    It seemed as if the road had no end. It didn’t turn, it didn’t change. No signs, no houses, nothing. I fell into an almost trancelike state, pedals churning a slow, heavy rhythm.
    Tires rumbled behind me and I veered closer to the shoulder. A van trundled past, suitcases strapped to the top, blue paint shining, and a heavy beat thrumming through the air. Happiness and irritation spilled out with the exhaust fumes and lingered in puffy little clouds over the pavement.
    Funny how you can have two totally different feelings at one time, like you can divide your heart into parts for a few moments. Unfortunately, my attention didn’t seem to have the same quality. I was so busy watching the feelings drift behind that car, I didn’t see the pothole until it was too late. My front wheel hit the edge, my back wheel churned the air, and I was thrown into the sky.
    It was the best accident that ever happened to me.
    I flew off that bike right into the arms of holes-in-his-blue-jeans-heart-on-his-sleeve-Irish-eyes Clay Dawson, and my life was changed forever. For the better.”

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

    Anne of Lothlorien

    @zee Thank you! Any welcome is welcome to me! 😀 Nice to meet you!

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

    Anne of Lothlorien

    @eitan Hello and thank you again! 😉

    Favorite Bible character… EstherDanielRuth. Okay okay, that was three. I suppose… Esther. It’s so hard to pick on single favorite though!!!!!

    Favorite Bible verse… only one??? Not fair!!! I can’t say top favorite, because it’s so hard to narrow down, but one of my favorites is Joshua 1:9 – “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage. Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

    Current study… I’m going through the book of Genesis. It’s awesome to see basically the set up for the entire world. 😀

    Your turn to answer those questions! Favorite Bible character, verse, and what are you studying now?

    I live in the state of Indiana in the U.S. We’re famous for corn, basketball, and racecar driving, none of which I’m interested in. XD XD It’s a pretty flat state, boring in that way, but with pretty good weather year round… no hurricanes or earthquakes. We have lots of natural parks and in the capital, Indianapolis, there are some really cool museums, including the biggest children’s museum in the U.S, I believe. It’s not my dream state to live in, but it’s interesting enough. 😀

    What part of Israel do you live in? How is it there? The cities, the people, what you do? I’ve never known anyone from Israel before. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    Your name… it’s a boy name? I don’t really want to guess, but I like knowing if someone’s a girl or a boy when I’m talking to them.

    How old are you? Are you finished with school? What do you want to do in the future? Ever want to come visit America? 😀

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

    Anne of Lothlorien

    @wingiby-iggiby My friend just moved to North Carolina last year. She says it’s gorgeous! And I’ve seen pictures of the views #jealous

    I don’t think I’ve heard any of those Andrew Peterson songs – I’ll look them up!

    I do like that quote. Most of what I say in everyday life isn’t that spectacular, but once in a while I amaze myself and have to write it down so I’ll remember my genius for later. XD

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.


    @anne-of-lothlorien, @melodyjoy

    Let me just say I agree with y’all about the prince in Beauty and the Beast! 😂

    And welcome, Anne!

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.



    You should be Anne of Avonlea instead!  I’m kidding, I’d rather live in Lothlorien personally. 🙂  It’s my FAVORITE place ever!!!

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

    Anne of Lothlorien

    @writergirl101 – thank you!

    Actually, the Anne in my named does come from Anne of Green Gables. My best friend calls me Anne sometimes because I do love the Anne of Green Gables books a lot. I just decided to cross it with Lord of the Rings when I started an online profile a couple years ago. 😀 Because yeah, Prince Edward Island is gorgeous, but between that an LOTHLORIEN?!??! MAGIC ELF FOREST ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    I'm short, I like words, and I love people.
    No, I didn't draw my profile pic.

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