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    You’ll often hear negative references to annoying characters such as Jar-Jar Binks (Star Wars). I want to make my sidekick very annoying (although he has a redemption arc). Is that bad?

    I suppose there is a difference between making him annoying to other characters and making him annoying to readers. But I kind of want to make him annoying to my readers as well –or at least feel the MC’s pain of having to put up with him. Any suggestions?


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    Hello, Tabitha!! Fun fact: did you know your new means Gazelle and Gracious? (I was trying to copy your tag since I’m too lazy to type the extra 7 letters and I accidentally hit translate instead of copy XD)

    Ok, back to the point. Before even reading your post, I, out loud, went “absolutely not!!!” To your title. No, I don’t think it’s bad to have an annoying side character. It definitely makes that character worth remembering, doesn’t it?

    However, if you are second guessing yourself, you could always make him that funny annoying type such as Screech Powers from Saved by the Bell. If you have no idea who that is because I’m very old school unlike most people, another example would be Zazoo (I think I’m spelling that right) from The Lion King. He’s annoying but he adds a lot of humor to the movie. Screech is still the better example, but I haven’t met too many people that know who I’m talking about.

    I think it’ll be great no matter which route you go! I think you could totally get by with having an annoying side character. There also aren’t too many books with annoying side characters to the reader. I think that could be a lot of fun to write. That character could do no wrong!

    I hope this was helpful, and it’s good to see you around!

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    Hey Tabitha, I’m totally behind that course of action (especially if you have an arc that changes them, I’m working on a character just like that).

    I would recommend you hint at their ghost (reason for being annoying) and/or give them a quality that makes them at least slightly likable.

    If a side character is annoying the main character, they should also be annoying the reader (to an extent). I would recommend you chose an annoying trait that isn’t at the level of almost childish silliness as Jar-Jar, but there are many annoying traits or down right obnoxious ones that can add a lot to the story.

    One I do not like (personally), is the mean bully trait (even if changes later). It’s doable, but maybe something along the lines as a facetious fop, cowardly hedonist, or bombastic, arrogant snob would be better. Those are just some ideas that I think would work great as an annoying side character.

    What’s the plot of your book/series about?


    Thank you for the advice. The examples were helpful too. I’m getting the idea that it’s fine if my sidekick is annoying –what matters is HOW he is annoying.

    Here’s the blurb for my story because I’m not good at summarizing it (probably because my plot needs some major work), so here’s the formal thing I’ve worked up:

    In the world of Doxiparakwle, where sylphs dance the sunset into existence every night and the Sun Tyger roars during the day, Blaze accidentally kills a young girl. Fifty years ago, after the last murder, the Thunder Keeper destroyed the entire town. With the Blood Moon about to rise, Blaze must find a way to appease the Thunder Keeper’s wrath, protecting his family and the town that now hates him. Meanwhile, the neighboring chief is hiding secrets from the rest of the coalition about the beasts he is luring out of the mountains, his affair, and Blaze’s father’s disappearance.

    (I did know my name meant “gazelle”; it’s a footnote in my Bible in Acts 9, but it’s fun to know that someone else found it interesting.)

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    "Those who look to Him are radiant with joy." --Psalm 34:5

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