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    Brandon Miller


    My name is Brandon.
    I am an extrovert.
    I am a writer.

    Turns out, that is possible.  (Or I’m really good at faking it.)

    What else should you know about me?  I’m an OYANer.  (Anyone else?)  I’ve drafted seven novels.  My used-to-be/will-soon-be active blog got me a spot on the KP writing team a few years ago, and that amazing journey has brought me here.

    Other than writing and reading, I love sportsing (go Broncos), English Country Dancing, and chilling with friends as often as humanly possible.  (Remember, extrovert in the house.)  I’m going to college for a degree in Computer Science, and hoping to abandon that knowledge as soon as publishing becomes a thing in my life.  (But enjoying CS while I can.)  Also, getting to work at the hometown railroad on some networking stuff, so that’s fun.

    I’ve really enjoyed being part of the journey of bringing SE to the world, and I can’t believe it’s here!

    Here’s to many excellent, world-changing stories in the hands of our almighty God!

    Brandon Miller

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,
    Brandon Miller -- Wesley Turner

    Daeus Lamb

    Someday I need to actually meet you.

    👖 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Mariposa Aristeo

    @brandon-miller Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading your articles on KP and I’m looking forward to seeing your work here on SE. 🙂

    What’s your extroverted personality type?

    I think dinosaurs are cooler than dragons. 🦖

    Gabrielle Pollack


    An extrovert!? :0 Inconceivable.


    Brianna Storm Hilvety





    (Actually though, I could tell you were an extrovert from your writing style. Editors are perceptive like that. 😉)

    Wielder of a Red Pen | TheLiteraryCrusader.

    Grace Livingston

    @brandon-miller  Ahh, an extrovert. That explains a lot. 😛 I tease.

    But now I’m super curious…what’s your full type?

    SEVEN NOVELS?!? Dude, how in the world. XD

    "I'd like to add some beauty to life," said Anne dreamily.

    Rolena Hatfield

    I love these introduction things cause I get to learn new things about the staff too. *facepalm* The Broncos?! Why, Brandon, why?!!

    Also learned you’ve drafted the same number of novels as I have. Way to go! Seven is a lot.

    Brandon Miller


    Broncos bc did you see what they did to Cam Newton in SB50?  That was fun.

    Actual reason is that there’s not a home team here in Omaha, and I have really happy memories rooting for the Broncos with my Grandma so now they’re my team.  (Who’s yours?)

    Also, yes, seven is a lot.  But I’ve been stuck on seven for… a long time.  Making progress again though.  Really hoping to be done with it by OYAN SW.  That’s gonna take work though.  We shall see.  😀

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,
    Brandon Miller -- Wesley Turner

    Rolena Hatfield


    Packers. 🙂 Can’t argue because that’s the best reason ever. In the college football world that’s why I root for the Huskers. Because of my grandpa.


    Brandon Miller

    I was afraid you were going to say Packers.  Oh well, I guess we’ll see you in the Super Bowl sometime.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,
    Brandon Miller -- Wesley Turner

    Christine Eaton

    @brandon-miller Hey we need extroverts around. You are the ones who have to drag us introverts out of hiding every once-in-a-while. 😀

    I’m really excited this forum is a thing. You are all my favorite people.

    “I feel a loneliness for my Creator that pulls me like a migratory bird in the Fall.”

    Sam Kowal


    Have you ever studied Propositional Logic (I think that’s what its called. Or maybe its just Traditional Logic. Can’t remember.)

    Your first statement fits well to form, and has three premises. However, it cannot possibly be true. So it is no good.

    Just kidding. I’m an extrovert, too. Leastways, that’s what MBTI tells me. 😀

    *nom, nom, nom* *eats donuts*
    Oh, are you hungry? *begins weeping*
    I would have saved you one!

    Ben P

    @brandon-miller Hey!

    I’m also pursuing a CS degree. What do you know?

    The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think on

    Brandon Miller

    @sam-kowal Propositional logic && I != friends.  But yeah, I’ve taken it.  And HEY MORE EXTROVERTS YAY!

    I’ve got a handle on Java, taking C right now.  Almost done. Have dabbled in python.  But basically, not much.  You?

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,
    Brandon Miller -- Wesley Turner

    J. Dekreel

    Hi, @brandon-miller, fellow extrovert writer!! I don’t think we’ve met yet… *shakes hand*

    ENFP-T. Cartoonist, "half-writer", wolfish.

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