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    Hello, I am Hannah Corey, a teen author, and poet.  I am published in poetry but would like to write a historical fiction book.  I am currently in a Running Start program, which is a two-year program in which the student enters college at age 16, and, by their graduation at age 18, will have both their Highschool Diploma and AA.  In addition to this, I am also in the Honor’s Program.  My Capstone Project, which will be a year-long project that I will begin this summer with a selected mentor, will be the historical basis for a book I plan to write.  I have nine siblings and work as a Swim Instructor at the local pool.  I love Jesus and often don’t feel like I have time to dig into his word.  Somehow, I make it happen (most days).  I try and stay busy writing poetry here and there as a sort of coping.  If anyone else does this, please let me know so I don’t feel alone.



    Hi Hannah!  You’re published in poetry?  That’s so cool!  Are you already writing a Historical Fiction or do you just really want to?  That sounds like fun!

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time either, but I tend to do my best to make time for Him.

    You’re in a lot of year-long whatchimicallit’s for high school/college, they sound really cool, which is your favorite so far?

    The Golden Light

    Hi @hannahcorey51101! Welcome to Story Embers!

    And I, haha, second everything that @ashlyvye said. 🙂

    I am not weird, I'm limited edition. ENFP


    @ashleyvye, I am currently writing Historical Fiction, but am too busy to keep up with it consistently.  That’s why I like poetry so much, because I can work on it in little bits because it is… little.  My favorite thing?  Not sure?  I love all school, other than math and science.  Anything creative-based always makes me smile, and of course, History.  Right now I am taking a History class, and am not doing super good on it.  It isn’t the content that’s messing me up, and I’m not confused or anything, but rather have a difficult time memorizing stuff.  I do better when I have a general idea.  Don’t worry!!!  I tend to talk a lot, too!


    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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